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The face of a sociopath.

TheTruthHurtsNetwork (real name David Markowski) is a pathological liar who's responsible for causing some of the worst drama and butthurt in The Ranting Community. This guy did enough damage in only a few months to get himself permanently exiled by all the ranters.

Trolling The Troll Posse

One of the first groups of people in the ranting community that David managed to piss off was The Troll Posse. David desperately wanted to be a part of their group, but when he was rejected, he did everything he could to get under their skin. He'd regularly bash members, tell them to kill themselves, etc. The final nail in the coffin was when David began spreading around an image of QueenyMartha's cleavage. He even made a Twitter account with her cleavage as the profile picture and background. This resulted in The Troll Posse calling David's mother, demanding that she punish him.

iMustDestroyAll and TheFrostReview call David's mom.

David and Child Porn

Eventually things settled down and David was no longer fighting with The Troll Posse. However, during April 2013, David recorded a Skype call he was in with a 17 year old girl, where she flashed her tits and masturbated on camera. David couldn't resist spreading this video around, and the girl eventually found out. This video would ultimately lead to David's demise.

Between the child porn situation, and David causing more trouble in general, the drama eventually built up to the point where David held a live stream in an attempt to dismiss all accusations made against him. In the stream he tells many half-truths, blames others for his own actions, and sometimes flat out lies. It's a long video, but worth watching.

Shortly after the live stream, realizing how much of an ass he'd made of himself, David had a Skype call with iMustDestroyAll where he tried to apologize for everything he had done. However, much like everything else, most of what David said was insincere.

David Ragequits The Internet

David knows where you live.
David threatens Razorath.

Eventually, even David's inner circle of friends began to realize he was a manipulative scumbag. However, before they could remove him from their group, David logged in and deleted their group channel. Must like with The Troll Posse, this led to them calling David's house. Luckily, the call was recorded. In the call, David and his former friend (Razorath) duke it out. There's also rumors of a phone call where they told David's mom about the child porn and David ended up crying. Unfortunately, that call was not recorded.

Razorath calls out David.

Razorath and his friends call David's house.

After David's mother found out about all the drama he had caused, including the distribution of CP, she demanded that David close all of his YouTube accounts. He hasn't been seen on YouTube since then.


File:David Twitter.PNG
David argues with UndertakerFreak1127
Google Maps has blurred his house.

Mitch The Bitch Trolls David On Skype

[8:23:35 PM] TTHN: What's your problem?
[8:24:12 PM | Edited 8:24:21 PM] TTHN: Hello?
[9:27:36 PM] Morgan Freeman: You are extremely autistic and not funny.
[9:27:40 PM] Morgan Freeman: Stop trying to fit in.
[9:28:29 PM] Morgan Freeman: Yea keep typing up a novel to me, brah. Won't make you any less boring and unfunny as fuck.
[9:30:26 PM] TTHN: What? LOL. I wasn't trying to be funny, I was beings serious. I never talked. Oh yea, trying to fit in. Talking from the guy who wants to be in the TP so bad but Doodle won't let you. Oh, and what about all those dislikes on your videos? The people telling you that you aren't funny? Seriousnly, go kill yourself. Quit pretending anyone cares about you.
[9:30:52 PM] Morgan Freeman: I'm in the Posse you stupid fuck. Quit making a fool of yourself. Educate yourself.
[9:30:53 PM] TTHN: Typing a novel ass hole? I dare you to say the shit you do to my face.
[9:30:59 PM] TTHN: Oh, totally.
[9:31:08 PM] Morgan Freeman: Lol. You're a fucking weakling. Anyone can take your sorry ass.
[9:31:16 PM] TTHN: What? AHAHAHA
[9:31:20 PM] Morgan Freeman: I'm in the group. And you're not.
[9:31:29 PM] Morgan Freeman: Quit being mad that you're worthless in these calls.
[9:31:36 PM] Morgan Freeman: Quit trying to pull the tough guy card. It does not work.
[9:31:45 PM] Morgan Freeman: Go make a fucking ten minute rant about me on your shitty ass channel.
[9:32:18 PM] Morgan Freeman: Nope. I'm not talking to you anymore. You've already made an ignorant dipshit of yourself. I'm not longer associating with you. Bye.
[9:32:21 PM] TTHN: I'm not worthless in the calls. MY CHANNEL IS SHITTY? HAHAH At least I have a proper fucking intro.
[9:32:35 PM] TTHN: OOHH so tough fagoot. Aren't you you little autistic faggot?
[9:32:59 PM] Morgan Freeman: You're an idiot and you have autism, it's very apparnet.
[9:33:04 PM] TTHN: You look like a twelve year old got face fucked by a horse.
[9:33:05 PM] Morgan Freeman: Bye, child.
[9:33:12 PM] TTHN: Autism? Hell no.
[9:33:15 PM] *** Morgan Freeman blocked TTHN ***
[9:34:08 PM] TTHN: I'm playing the tough guy card? Hahah talking from the pos that made this video
[9:35:03 PM] TTHN: Listen you little shit stain, if I actually DID anything, then maybe I would understand. But the fact that I didn't makes you a child.
[9:35:04 PM] Morgan Freeman: Why do you think you're funny?
[9:35:05 PM] Morgan Freeman: You are not.
[9:35:26 PM] Morgan Freeman: You seem to have this delusion that you have purpose.
[9:35:35 PM] Morgan Freeman: I'm actually in the group. I am well know here. You're nothing.
[9:36:05 PM] Morgan Freeman: You're just a kid desperate for attention, constantly bothering UTF like a panting little bitch.
[9:36:19 PM] Morgan Freeman: And that video you linked is irrelevant.
[9:36:46 PM] Morgan Freeman: I can't wait for your next novel.
[9:36:48 PM] Morgan Freeman: When does it come out?
[9:37:10 PM] TTHN: OH NOES! I'M NOT IN A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO AREN'T EVEN WELL KNOWN! HOW WILL I LIVE!!?!? And it is relevant. I hate UTF with every fiber of my being.
[9:37:25 PM | Edited 9:37:38 PM] TTHN: It's the sequel to this
[9:38:24 PM] Morgan Freeman: Well ya see, you insisted I was begging to join the Posse which is wrong. I've been a member since the reform. If you were informed, you would know that.
[9:38:37 PM] Morgan Freeman: And no, it's not. You're pulling an act. I'm not.
[9:38:55 PM] Morgan Freeman: Trying to seem intimidating makes you very laughable and no one will be scared of you.
[9:38:59 PM] TTHN: You were. Oh, the reform? You know Doodle only has 720 odd subscribers?
[9:39:16 PM] Morgan Freeman: Yea that's pretty relevant.
[9:39:18 PM] Morgan Freeman: Good point, brah.
[9:39:50 PM] Morgan Freeman: Been an associate since late 2011, before the group even formed.
[9:39:55 PM] Morgan Freeman: You don't know shit, lol.
[9:40:17 PM] TTHN: That is, "brah." You think that since you're in a group with a bunch of unknown ass holes that means you're relevant?
[9:40:36 PM] Morgan Freeman: I didn't say I was. There you go again with your autism.
[9:41:11 PM] TTHN: You do know that if I even had autism, it wouldn't alter my thinking process, right?
[9:41:16 PM] Morgan Freeman: You're not very smart are you?
[9:41:26 PM] Morgan Freeman: Yes it would and it is.
[9:41:31 PM] Morgan Freeman: It's very obvious in you.
[9:41:45 PM] Morgan Freeman: You've shown all of us that you can't handle interaction with others appropriately.
[9:41:45 PM] TTHN: How did you draw that conclusion, sherlock?
[9:42:00 PM] TTHN: [9:40 PM] Morgan Freeman:
<<< You're not very smart are you?
[9:42:07 PM] Morgan Freeman: Because unlike you, I'm informed.
[9:43:03 PM] Morgan Freeman: Man we're having such a great time in here and here you are typing up 11,000 novels to me.
[9:43:06 PM] Morgan Freeman: Man, get a life, brah.
[9:43:07 PM] Morgan Freeman: LMFAO
[9:44:01 PM] TTHN: Wow, you're arrogant aren't you? You've pissed off EVERYONE in the TP, including MDA, CDS, SKETCH, AND SKYLER. You have proven time and time again to be a pathological liar. You act like you're somehow smarter than anyone. You're not.
[9:44:27 PM] Morgan Freeman: Once again, you don't understand what goes on here, clearly.
[9:44:32 PM] TTHN: In fact, I'd say you're downright retarded.
[9:44:50 PM] TTHN: No, quit spouting insipid bullshit
[9:45:02 PM] Morgan Freeman: Man, I'm thinking about getting laid again this Sunday. What about you? You got any yet, broseph?
[9:45:09 PM] TTHN: Yea
[9:45:11 PM] TTHN: My ex
[9:45:16 PM] Morgan Freeman: LMAO
[9:45:18 PM] Morgan Freeman: Oh yea.
[9:45:25 PM] Morgan Freeman: How was it?
[9:45:36 PM] TTHN: Really? Want proof? Pretty good BTW
[9:45:37 PM] Morgan Freeman: Was he swell?
[9:45:47 PM] TTHN: She was fine.
[9:46:10 PM] TTHN: She has a new bf now, but here's her fb
[9:46:13 PM] TTHN:
[9:46:43 PM] Morgan Freeman: Lol. Yep that's good proof there, brah.
[9:46:45 PM] Morgan Freeman: I believe you now.
[9:46:47 PM] Morgan Freeman: Lol...
[9:47:11 PM] TTHN: Want me to send you our messages? I can do that too. Get in a call, I'll share screens
[9:47:28 PM] Morgan Freeman: Lol. Oh really? You'd do that for me, David?
[9:47:31 PM] TTHN: Oh wait, you're too busy sucking UTF's dick
[9:47:35 PM] Morgan Freeman: LOLWUT
[9:47:42 PM] TTHN: LOLWUT
[9:47:48 PM] TTHN: You sir, are retarded
[9:48:05 PM] TTHN: Whatevs, I'll send you screen caps.
[9:48:30 PM] Morgan Freeman: How does an autist like yourself manage to get so much pussy?
[9:48:33 PM] Morgan Freeman: It pains me.
[9:49:09 PM] TTHN: I'm not autistic, and in public I function normally. The internet is the only place I can vent my frustrations without consequence.
[9:49:20 PM] Morgan Freeman: LOL
[9:49:25 PM] Morgan Freeman: [9:49 PM] TTHN:
<<<  in public I function normally
[9:49:26 PM] TTHN: I don't know how to spell, so yea.
[9:49:29 PM] Morgan Freeman: You got me there, brah.
[9:49:33 PM] TTHN: I do.
[9:49:37 PM | Edited 9:49:43 PM] TTHN: You've never met me.
[9:49:43 PM] Morgan Freeman: That made my whole fucking Friday night there.
[9:49:52 PM] TTHN: You've never seen me.
[9:49:59 PM] TTHN: You don't know me.
[9:50:12 PM] Morgan Freeman: I got your dox, I know enough.
[9:50:24 PM] TTHN: What dox?
[9:50:31 PM] Morgan Freeman: Enough
[9:50:42 PM] Morgan Freeman: ip netstatic fucks a lot of people, kid.
[9:50:46 PM] Morgan Freeman: You should look out for that.
[9:51:15 PM] TTHN: Using a proxy server. So odds are any interference won't come to me.
[9:51:23 PM] TTHN: You should look out for that.
[9:51:32 PM] Morgan Freeman: I found a way around it.
[9:51:36 PM] Morgan Freeman: Hierpa derpa
[9:51:51 PM] TTHN: Awesome. Do something then.
[9:51:56 PM] Morgan Freeman: Quit lying about your lack of a sex life, brah.
[9:51:58 PM] TTHN: I don't give.
[9:52:00 PM] Morgan Freeman: It's nothing to be ashamed of.
[9:52:00 PM] TTHN: Do it.
[9:52:03 PM] TTHN: Do it.
[9:52:16 PM] TTHN: I'm sending you screen caps. Just need to find the messages
[9:52:41 PM] Morgan Freeman: Quit using photoshop, brah.
[9:52:47 PM] Morgan Freeman: I can see fakeness in everything.
[9:52:50 PM] Morgan Freeman: I'm Morgan Freeman after all.
[9:53:14 PM] TTHN: I'm not. I'll call so you can see my screen share. If you're not a pussy, you'll pick up.
[9:53:25 PM] Morgan Freeman: I'm in a call right now.
[9:53:34 PM] Morgan Freeman: Having fun with the people who don't find any use of you.
[9:53:37 PM] *** Call from TTHN ***
[9:53:38 PM] TTHN: Put it on hold faggot. They can wait.
[9:53:49 PM] Morgan Freeman: Nope. We have a funny prank going on right now.
[9:53:54 PM] TTHN: Awwwww so sorry you don't want the truth
[9:53:55 PM] TTHN: :)
[9:53:59 PM] Morgan Freeman: I'm not prepared to miss this for some psychotic autist episode.
[9:54:22 PM] TTHN: Yea. I was in some with doodle last night. He's uploading the video today.
[9:55:03 PM] Morgan Freeman: Naw he's not.
[9:55:14 PM] TTHN: Yes he is.
[9:55:20 PM] Morgan Freeman: Nope.
[9:55:20 PM] Morgan Freeman: :)
[9:55:55 PM] Morgan Freeman: You know I've been fucking with you this whole time, right?
[9:56:02 PM] *** TTHN sent Capture.PNG ***
[9:56:04 PM] Morgan Freeman: Aren't I a protroll?
[9:56:10 PM] TTHN: No you haven't.
[9:56:11 PM] TTHN: You
[9:56:14 PM] TTHN: blocked
[9:56:14 PM] TTHN: me
[9:56:15 PM] Morgan Freeman: I know.
[9:56:15 PM] TTHN: on
[9:56:17 PM] TTHN: facebook
[9:56:19 PM] Morgan Freeman: I was kidding about that.
[9:56:54 PM] Morgan Freeman: LMAO
[9:56:55 PM] Morgan Freeman: WOW
[9:56:56 PM] Morgan Freeman: So fake.
[9:57:00 PM] TTHN: There's a fine line between trolling and being a douche. I thought I was at least somewhat of a friend to you, and you stab me in the back.
[9:57:05 PM] Morgan Freeman: You even trying?
[9:57:06 PM] Morgan Freeman: LOL
[9:57:07 PM] TTHN: And you cancelled it.
[9:57:11 PM] Morgan Freeman: You defining a troll to me now.
[9:57:11 PM] TTHN: So....
[9:57:13 PM] Morgan Freeman: Really?
[9:57:15 PM] TTHN: yea.
[9:57:19 PM] Morgan Freeman: How pathetic are ya anyway?
[9:57:23 PM] Morgan Freeman: Are you in the Troll Posse?
[9:57:35 PM] Morgan Freeman: You know all about them trolls aren't ya?
[9:57:45 PM] TTHN: I've told Doodle multiple times I don't want to be
[9:57:53 PM] Morgan Freeman: Good.
[9:57:54 PM] TTHN: I'm not a troll.
[9:57:55 PM] Morgan Freeman: Cause you can't.
[9:57:59 PM] Morgan Freeman: You're not funny.
[9:58:05 PM] TTHN: No, that's not it.
[9:58:13 PM] TTHN: I SAID to him
[9:58:14 PM] Morgan Freeman: Yea it is. Kay.
[9:58:14 PM] TTHN: tha
[9:58:17 PM] TTHN: *that
[9:58:17 PM] TTHN: I
[9:58:19 PM] TTHN: don't
[9:58:19 PM] TTHN: want
[9:58:21 PM] TTHN: to
[9:58:21 PM] TTHN: be
[9:58:22 PM] TTHN: in
[9:58:25 PM] TTHN: your
[9:58:28 PM] TTHN: fucking
[9:58:29 PM] TTHN: lame
[9:58:30 PM] TTHN: ass
[9:58:32 PM] TTHN: gtoup
[9:58:35 PM] TTHN: *group
[9:58:36 PM] Morgan Freeman: Fail
[9:58:37 PM] Morgan Freeman: Typing
[9:58:38 PM] TTHN: *Kay, brah
[9:58:39 PM] Morgan Freeman: Brah
[9:58:54 PM] TTHN: On a laptop, no external keyboard
[9:58:57 PM] Morgan Freeman: Now you're autistic AND you can't type?
[9:58:58 PM] TTHN: right now
[9:59:00 PM] Morgan Freeman: Oh excuses, excuses.
[9:59:07 PM] TTHN: I am though
[9:59:23 PM] Morgan Freeman: I'm sure ya are, broskefies.
[9:59:34 PM] TTHN: That's why I'm typing slow and not using grammar
[9:59:44 PM] TTHN: Well, mostly
[9:59:46 PM] Morgan Freeman: Because you don't know about it just yet?
[10:00:12 PM] TTHN: Aren't you just trolling me? Why are you taking this seriously them?
[10:00:14 PM] TTHN: *then
[10:00:30 PM] Morgan Freeman: I told you I was kidding when I said that.
[10:00:51 PM] Morgan Freeman: So now you're autistic, not funny, can't type, make excuses, think you're a tough guy, AND....... you have short term memory?
[10:00:53 PM | Edited 10:01:05 PM] TTHN:
[10:01:25 PM] Morgan Freeman: I was referring to your previous statement, "No you're not."
[10:01:39 PM] TTHN: Ah.
[10:01:56 PM] Morgan Freeman: Why are you doing this?
[10:02:04 PM] TTHN: But what did I do? I know I'm not unfunny, I perform stand up and I do well.
[10:02:08 PM] TTHN: So that can't be it...
[10:02:16 PM] TTHN: What specifically did I do?
[10:02:22 PM] Morgan Freeman: YOU do standup?
[10:02:24 PM] TTHN: Yea.
[10:02:27 PM] Morgan Freeman: LMFAO
[10:02:30 PM] TTHN: Not that hard.
[10:02:32 PM] Morgan Freeman: OH MY BEEJESUS
[10:02:34 PM] TTHN: I get laughs.
[10:02:44 PM] Morgan Freeman: Laughed so hard my sombraro fell off.
[10:02:48 PM] TTHN: M'k
[10:02:56 PM] TTHN: Doesn't matter.
[10:03:01 PM] TTHN: Still doing it.
[10:03:06 PM] TTHN: And I'm funn.
[10:03:10 PM] TTHN: *funny
[10:03:13 PM] Morgan Freeman: Entertaining the fellow autists at the club, eh?
[10:03:34 PM] TTHN: Not autistic. And aren't you actually diagnosed with autism?
[10:03:46 PM] TTHN: That's what everyone says.
[10:03:50 PM] TTHN: So..... yea.
[10:04:06 PM] Morgan Freeman: Yea lots of people tell me you're funny too.
[10:04:10 PM] Morgan Freeman: Doesn't mean it's true.
[10:04:10 PM] TTHN: Brb I want to continue this, it's fun. I need a (smoking)
[10:04:11 PM] Morgan Freeman: LOL
[10:04:24 PM] Morgan Freeman: It's fun having your ass beat to death?
[10:04:30 PM] Morgan Freeman: My god, kid. You're pretty fucked up.

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