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TheMysteriousMrEnter Spergfest Bandwagon

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The Entersphere board in a nutshell
The Golden Faggot complains about how trolling and cyber-bullying are the same.
A butthurt Enterbot makes an Animated Atrocity Note Card on Kiwi Farms following the Entersphere's final days.

TheMysteriousMrEnter Spergfest Bandwagon is a series of pointless drama involving a mediocre animation critic that was started when people realized what an autistic sperg Mr. Enter was. The drama was later fueled and amped up when CartoonFreak666 showed up to make an article about the manchild and the board was given life with the help of weens. Mr. Enter's biggest fans and haters would later lash out against each other having an autistic flame war that is similar to Gamergate but much smaller. The biggest flamewars that would surround Enter would involve the Entersphere in its prime which would last as soon as it came. The drama spawned numerous defunct wikis, flamewars, and even the creation of the now defunct Entersphere board. The battle between Enter's fans and haters have died off over time but is still strong within certain parts of the YouTube Commentator Community where their members cannibalize themselves by exposing themselves as retards.

The Entersphere was a containment forum in order to give Mr. Enter haters a place to talk about this cartoon sperg. The purpose was to bring Enter's cancerous fans and A-logs to its own subforum so that people can watch the autism unfold from Enter's community. Unfortunately, the sub-forum became a massive tumor due to the influx of cartoon spergs, underaged users, man children, Tumblr users, and other autistic freaks coming to this website just for one particular lolcow so it needed to be cut from existence. The autism surrounding this forum was insane to the point where Null had to purge the two wikis that were owned by him and completely remove Mr. Enter's lolcow wiki page. Null realized that drama revolving Mr. Enter was not wroth his time and that the A-Logs who hate Mr. Enter are more lulzy than than either Enter's supporters or Mr. Enter himself even going as far to make the claim that Mr. Enter is not a lolcow. If the board had lasted longer you would have seen users like Joe Crusher Pickles and possibly even more degenerate people that get off of scat or other methods of furfaggotry posting their fetishes on the forum.

The sub-forum would become notorious throughout the Kiwi Farms community and would later bite back on Null's reputation as a website administrator by having many of the Entersphere's former posters constantly rage on Null within the Null threads on /cow/ finding themselves hating Null more than they ever did with Mr. Enter. The Entersphere scared Null so much that he was afraid that Entersphere type weenery was going to show up on Christian Weston Chandler's board which never happened and thank god. So why do we folks care about the Entersphere despite the board not being relevant in over 3 years. This is mainly because many of the former Entersphere posters along with new people who are mainly under-aged children come here just to make shitty attack articles about cartoonspergs no one cares about causing the quality of the website to go down a little. We tell you Enterfaggots either put effort or fuck off. Prepare to enter the black hole of autism that is Enter's fanbase and the Entersphere.

Enter's Fans: An Introduction to Tard Raging 101

Enter's fanbase is a propaganda arm of the DNC and Reddit
One of Enter's autistic fans whine about misogyny in Family Guy.

So what made the Entersphere a good idea at first, it was mainly because Mr. Enter and Enter's fans are a bunch of neckbeards that posted terrible fan art, called anyone who was against Enter a bunch of trolls, and acted like general man children. If you look at Mr. Enter's ED page, the evidence is clear that Mr. Enter and Enter's fans are fucked in the head. Each Animated Atrocity Note Card that is made from each Enterbot lowers the IQ of the viewer from each additional reading. This raises a good question that is still being debated by various people and that question is; are cartoons an art form? Well it's an obvious “No", since cartoons are in fact a prime example of modern day degeneracy.

People like Mr. Enter are the kind who let their kids grow up to be pozzhole faggots that rape children. Many Enterbots who are into pozzholes also like to raid Enter's ED page making positive edits or making shitty attack articles on people who do not like Mr. Enter. But what isn't known about Enter's fans is that most Enter haters are really just former Enter fans which means that they retain many of the childlike worldviews that many Enterbots and Enter himself have when they start switching sides and this is one of the prime causes for the collapse of the Entersphere. This is further evidenced in many commentaries involving Enter where the person who usually makes the video criticizing Enter usually states that they themselves are a former fan of his videos. To make this more clear, why would someone ever be a fan of his work? If they are a fan then they likely do not have the refined tastes that other more normal non Tumblrina folk have which automatically makes their shitty opinions invalid from the start. The huge number of cartoon loving manchildren that infested the Entersphere have killed it. Further proof lies in the fact that Mr. Enter is someone who is easy to troll shield against since Mr. Enter is that bad of a video reviewer. The ones who aren't cartoonspergs or the ones that do not take cartoon's seriously like Mr. Enter does were relatively normal people who did not act like an autistic tard but the ones who weren't normal ruined the board with their cancer.

Mr. Enter Uses His Fans to Shut Down Haters

Mr. Enter uses his followers to transform himself into a cult figure.
Mr. Enter cries like a child whenever things are not going his way.

A couple days after Mr. Enter made his video on trolls, he began to use his fans as his personal army claiming that all people who criticize him are vile evil cyberbullies. Mr. Enter could not even tell the difference between fans or former fans giving him constructive criticism and actual trolls. Mr. Enter began to splinter his own fanbase despite the fact that he never should have had one to begin with. The Enterbot's harassment of critics would never stop since he knew that the Enterbots were incapable of critical thinking proving that Mr. Enter is a sadistic pedophile communist that fetishizes children for a living. Mr. Enter was the kind of person to send death threats to people that expose his irrational behavior since Mr. Enter does not have a soul. Videos began to be flagged and videos began to be taken down. More flame wars would show up on TVTropes, IMDB, KnowYourMeme, and anywhere else besides YouTube where he had an online presence. Mr. Enter believed with that big ego of his that he can win against anonymous if he cries harassment even when no one has done any harassment or any harm to him. Mr. Enter would dream that one day to see the internet censored since he hates the first amendment and loves to suck the dicks of little kids because he is in fact a pedophile and an autistic tard. There were many autistic people that were part of Mr. Enter's cult. This faggot was a cult of personality unlike any other. Mr. Enter and his fans were true Woody Allen butt loving pedophiles that love to get a high off of children hoping that Mr. Enter's fans will come to his van for the day of the rape. Enter was having things go his way for a while until more and more people were seeing the type of autism that he was infecting into the cartoon communities like the parasite that he was.

03bgood and Animated James: The Beginning of the Tard Wars

The face of Enter's fanbase

With tons of evidence of Mr. Enter being an autistic spaz there is always going to be white knights defending his sorry ass. Enter 03bgood, a total manchild who had the potential of being the next Chris-Chan, and AnimatedJames, a person with a degenerate fart fetish, who would go on to prove that they are in fact the face of MysteriousMrEnter's fanbase, a bunch of degenerate neckbeards who have no life and are unable to sustain a living for themselves. 03bgood would be one of the first white knights to get called out due to his godawful commentaries that he posted on YouTube. The two Enterbots would prove time and time again that they are incapable of rational thought or reason. AnimatedJames would attempt to deflect the hate by showing the people that being a pedophile and having a fart fetish is not a form of degeneracy while 03bgood would act flat out retarded not knowing anything about how the internet works or how the internet does not forget. But as with autists showing up on the internet to promote their degeneracy, there is always someone who is willing to slay that degeneracy. Then one day, the Kiwis decided to make a thread on Mr. Enter and from the thread's creation, the Enterbots would try to raid it which would increase the number of pages of Enter's thread to over 300. The numerous number of pages would help give the Kiwis the false sense that they would strike the autism vain (well they did technically strike the autism vain but not in the way they intended). In addition to the creation of the Entersphere, Clay Claymore, JesusWithaBazooka79, and many other people on the internet would try to make commentaries or blog posts on 03bgood, AnimatedJames, Mr. Enter, and the Enterbots in order gain e-celeb status and to expose these degenerates for good. Clay Claymore and JesusWithaBazooka79 would also be prominent members of the Entersphere board but would try to post a lot less as soon as the troll shielding cartoon watching manchildren and the white knights came in to ruin the lulz for everyone. Unfortunately the well ran dry faster than they emancipated and once mocking Enter, 03bgood, and AnimatedJames started to get repetitive the lulz would run dry which would later cause signs that the board would soon collapse as it would later be proven that most of Enter's autistic fans are small children and not the manchildren like 03bgood that they were hoping to find.

SpongeBuddyMania: The War Against the Tard

Stancakes gets banned off of Kiwi Farms for starting a flame war.
Bugtropolis, a series designed to compete with Growing Around. Title card made by WhoWantsStanCakes.
Stancakes makes a PA request on one of his "allies" only to get laughed at.

On one evening on the internet, the children at SpongeBuddyMania were enjoying their time on their nice website. SpongeBubbyMania before the Entersphere Wars was like Sweden before the muslims came in and fucked it up with their degeneracy. Then one day Enter's influence seemed to have done something to the brains of children and adults who were formerly rational. Enter had ruined the pre-movie fanbase of SpongeBob by transforming them into a bunch of politically correct tards that care more about being PC and putting morals in their show than about whatever or not the episode was enjoyable. These pre-movie fans would cry about Squidward torture porns, cry when something offends them, and cry when they see a joke taken too far. They would become clones of Enter making them his spawn and his sheeple. Enter's influence was then seen once again in the Gravity Falls fandom doing the same thing to the people, filling the people's minds with autistic bullshit. WhoWantsStanCakes (also known as AbercrombieFizzwidget elsewhere) within the Mystery Shack forums saw this and fought back against the Enterbots, he would later join Clay Claymore, NZDROW, and the Entersphere's quest to defeat the manchild once and for all. Unfortunately for StanCakes the autism that he had previously gained from his time within the cartoon fandom would corrupt him transforming him into a tard of his own. But those who hated Enter would side with StanCakes so the users would then make numerous threads discussing the corrupted pre-movie fans and the tard Mr. Enter himself. StanCakes also pretended to have his own plans for his own show that he co-founded named Bugtropolis in order to compete with Growing Around so that he would cut down the size of Enter's enormous ego and to monitor the autism of his "allies" within the Mystery Shack forums who created this project. He would then cause flame wars in the Mystery Shack forums just by solely making a thread about how much of a pretentious faggot Enter was. After getting kicked out of the Mystery Shack forums for tard raging, he would then move his tard raging to SpongeBubbyMania. The people of SpongeBubbyMania would later see that a large portion of their userbase hated the MysteriousMrEnter and the cancer that he had brought to the cartoon fandom and the pre-movie SpongeBob fanbase so they would then express their discontent by making threads about him hoping to have a civil discussion only to have the site moderators ban all Enter related discussion due to having their fee fees hurt plus the fact that they wanted to protect their users from mean words about the community. The discussion involving Enter once again spilled into the Every SpongeBob Episode Reviewed Thread that PieGuyRulz made when it was revealed that he was minor friends with Mr. Enter. The power hungry mods would then step in to temporary lock his thread in order to prevent off topic discussion involving Mr. Enter. This was the final straw for StanCakes, his tard buddies, and his tard enemies. Those that wanted to talk about Enter on SpongeBubbyMania were pissed off at the moderation so they joined the Entersphere for refuge hoping that Kiwi Farms will welcome them on their quest to defeat the army of manchildren once and for all. StanCakes then joined the Entersphere just to make PA requests on the Mystery Shack Forums and his friends on there, and then he would get kicked off the Internet once again. Kiwi Farms laughed against the idiots who would come to their website and the salt would become gold for them.

The Missing Mystery of Autism

The Missing Mystery makes a drawing where his arch enemy dies at a funeral

Before the board's collapse and after Enter's fans were exposed as tards, the board caused much salt to Enter's fanbase. One notable user who would get salty would be theMissingMystery who would ride the dicks of Mr. Enter and Moviebob. Like most Enterspergs, TheMissingMystery was a total SJW crybaby that often got mad when things in the world did not fit her sheltered world view. As such TheMissingMystery would make hit pieces on Clay Claymore's videos making poorly written responses on her blog. TheMissingMystery would fool herself into thinking that Clay Claymore was Satan in physical form. Even with the board's collapse she would still get mad at various Kiwi Farms users, anti-Enter folk, and anyone who was not a degenerate man child. TheMissingMystery was one of the few users to white knight 03bgood hard even going as far as wishing death on Clay Claymore and 03bgood's trolls.

Activities in the Entersphere

So what kind of place was the Entersphere. It was kind of place that you would only want to go if you felt like crying yourself to sleep. The board consisted of sperging over every little thing that Mr. Enter does in the most drawn out matter possible. Think of the Entersphere being like the CWC trolling communities back in its prime but without any of the fun and only the A-Logs and spergs. In addition to this these people did nothing to actually interact with them, to these autists trolling means talking trash on some forum that Enter will likely not even visit. Even though Enter himself was a lolcow, he was not as milkable as other lolcows causing most of the users going notice me Sempai towards Enter only to repeatedly fail at getting Mr. Enter on the website to post. When it's posters were not posting in the Entersphere they were raiding DeviantArt and online forums bringing their autistic shit, but unlike most raiders where the raiding is fun. The raiding that these people did weren't the kind of fun classic ED/4chan style raiding that you usually think of. The raiding that was done by these members consisted of autistic screeching that was usually done without the community's involvement. Technically these weren't real raids or flamewars but members crying autisticly about how Enter or the Entersphere forum members are douches. With all the autistic screeching going on the internet, the Entersphere wiki and forum somehow failed to call out certain major troll-shielding A-Logs like CartoonFreak666 until the board closed since the Entersphere functioned like a hivemind.

In addition to having a community too autistic for even Kiwi Farms to handle, one of the most lulzest things that the Entersphere would be known for would be the talentless hack writers who write terrible fanfiction about Mr. Enter off-site that are nothing more than a series of unfunny attack pages. What makes fanfictions about Mr. Enter different from tryhards making fanfictions about Chris is that almost all of them are made by cartoon watching man babies themselves. The fanfictions that involve Mr. Enter would often try to crossover various cartoons in very autistic ways a la Pooh's Adventures. Notable examples being Mr. Enter's Morals Island, Maturing Around, and Enterology.

NZDROW Attempts to Take Down Enter's Channel and Fails Miserably

A known fact about NZDROW is that he is too scared to do the dab

There are people who attack others for fun and then there are those who attack others to hide their own dirty laundry. Meet NZDROW, a user who was banned off the Kiwi Farms for constant A-Logging of Enter, attacking Null, insulting the admins, failing to make a bunker forum to get away from those mean Kiwi Farms trolls, and most importantly actually wishing harm to the lolcow where as the other users like Clay Claymore just wanted to make fun of the guy for clicks or to have a place to make fun of Enter. He was responsible for poorly managing Mr. Enter's various wiki which due to his incompetence had writing so bad that it was unreadable to the average user who was not an autistic person. His wikis were basically if you took the CWCiki and ED, removed the very soul of those two websites and only kept the unfunny shitty attack articles by 13 year old boys. So what made NZDROW such a joke to the Kiwi Farms. NZDROW believed that the internet was serious business. NZDROW didn't just want to make Mr. Enter the next CWC with his wikis, he wanted to see him suffer since he was mad on the internet. NZDROW thought that it was a good idea to false flag Mr. Enter's channel by reporting him for copyright. His plan to get rid of Enter was actually quite brilliant and the Kiwi Farms knew that his epic trolling plan was gold even though he never told any one about it. His plan was to claim that Growing Around was copyrighted by this fictional band named the Growing Around band that was based on Chris-Chan's band, Christian and the Hedgehog Boys. NZDROW would then pin the blame for taking down his channel on Viacom who was a reasonable scapegoat. Enter would then get two more copyright claims filed by NZDROW under the name of Viacom. When NZDROW did his trolling plan it all worked out as planned except for one thing, the Kiwi Farms did not like this idea that he told people within the Kiwi Farms chatroom, but this event is not what led him to his doom on Kiwi Farms. What led him to his doom was something more predictable, attacking Null. His entire adventure on the Entersphere sub-forum and Kiwi Farms ended with him having his entire online behavior to be seen and laughed at. NZDROW is a user best known for being a fail troll on every website that he goes to. During his entire campaign as a troll, he has never successfully trolled anyone. To make things worse for him, he can't do the dab since he is actually unironically afraid of doing the dab. The dab triggers him. Now with Null finally showing the world that NZDROW can't do the dab, NZDROW has since then become a man who mainly lives his life by being a joke on this website no one goes to named Off-Thunderdome where he often has suicidal thoughts about killing himself or wishing revenge on his sworn nemesis, Joshua Conner Moon, who had screwed up his efforts in regards to trolling Mr. Enter for good. Null became the one to have finally made NZDROW's life a living hell where he constantly has to live in a dab-less free society where he can't do the dab.

Collapse of the Entersphere

The Entersphere was such a joke nobody cared about it when it died.
An underaged poster within NZDROW's hugbox calls Null an asshole.
A typical tryhard attempting to raid

You would think that with a strong trolling community full of people that actively edit the Entersphere wiki, you would at least think they would have a strong community but in reality the Entersphere contained the dumbest bunch of people you can find with the most notorious and worst members all coming from SBMania, a website that is filled with little kids. What caused the collapse of this board was the fact that many of the posters contained the same flaws but even more so than the guy the board was founded on. Every time the users got into a debate with NJA the result was always salt being mined from the the Entersphere posters and this was only with one troll on board it also didn't help that many of its posters obsessed over children's cartoons much like Enter himself. Another thing that brought down this forum was the fact that Enter's fans were too underaged making them not good for trolling since the website had a policy against targeting kids. The rest of the content stared a bunch of unfunny kids or people whose content is too repetitive even for the website or content that would have been better if they were posted on the main lolcow section of the website having zero cartoonspergs bringing their degeneracy to the threads. There would be posts on the threads that would often go off-topic since these people who post on here are children with short attention spans who have probably never been to online forums like this one that do not cater towards their childish tastes.

By the time NostagliaJazzAdmirer arrived, the board looked by it was getting raided and on the verge of collapse. The Kiwis did not want to deal with getting trolled so easily so as a result they sperged about how NJA is ruining the board when it was their own fault for not moderating the board properly and doing their jobs. NZDROW, the co-owner of the Entersphere wikis, was so butthurt that he later decided to revive the community under a second forum without Null and his mod team's involvement only for the board to collapse.

After NostagliaJazzAdmirer caused much damage to the community without even lifting a finger since all it took was disagreeing with the board's thoughts towards Enter in order to make the Kiwi Farms mad. The Kiwi Farms would later be seen as a hive mind of autistic people eventually causing Kiwi Farms to get an ED page on this very site since the ex-Entersphere users got their fee fees were hurt by Null banning or halaling them. The former posters of the Entersphere that did not get banned, halaled by Null, or quit the internet would forever feel Troll's Remorse towards Enter giving Enter plenty of Jew bucks in a similar fashion to how the kiwis handle Chris's antics on their website the false sense of reality that he has defeated the pesky Kiwi Farms trolls for good and those who didn't get banned and also didn't feel Troll's Remorse continued their trolling efforts elsewhere without the Kiwi Farms involvement or the autism of the cartoon spergs. As for the rest of the user base they either fucked off for good removing all traces of their involvement or joined /cow/ anonymously for the Null threads fermenting their vitriol against the Kiwi Farms staff as a form of revenge.

Similarities between Entersphere Posters and Enter himself

  • Both are manchildren
  • Both get high off of children's cartoons
  • Both love the shit out of MLP
  • Both are furries
  • Both have autistic fetishes
  • Both are corporate shills for children's networks when given the chance
  • Both cry harassment when getting caught for childish behavior
  • Both are autistic
  • Both are manchildren
  • Both write terrible fanfiction
  • Both are neckbeards
  • And Both deserve to get SHOAHED by ED

CartoonFreak666 And The Entersphere Fallout

It looks like he is proud of penetrating that duck
CartoonFreak666's Waifu, Jenny Quackles from BreadWinners

Unlike most people who come to ED to make articles just for the lulz, CartoonFreak666 made his article on the MysteriousMrEnter because he was butthurt that Mr. Enter made a negative review on one of his favorite episodes on SpongeBob SquarePants. Since CartoonFreak666 had a huge history of autism that was known prior to the ED page he made, the kiwis dug up information on his guy's past that can all be seen on his Kiwi Farms thread. CartoonFreak666 would later end up becoming a lolcow almost as big as Enter himself in the same way A-Log is known for being like Chris-Chan. CartoonFreak made post after post on his Kiwi Farms thread trying to show that he is not a lolcow only to instead reveal more embassing things about himself. He is a furry that likes MLP, watches Littlest Pet Shop, and makes cringeworthy GoAnimate Grounded videos about Gilgar13Vids getting grounded. He was later exposed for having a fetish for fucking ducks. He was so assblasted that he never showed his face on the internet again by having his parents step in to take away his internet forever.


The End of 03bgood and the Downfall of Clay Claymore

With many people within Enter's fandom circle-jerking against the death of the Entersphere came the return of an old enemy. Technically he didn't quit, but he got a little stressed out and took a break. When 03bgood got back on the internet he would leave as soon as he came back. 03bgood would later cry about his mean trolls, but 03bgood tried to push back since Clay Claymore's criticism on him was too strong. Eventually all the drama that 03bgood committed would came back to bite him. 03bgood would later release his final video realizing how much he fucked up. This would later spark the downfall of Clay Claymore's YouTube career and would later create a chain of lolcows within the YouTube Commentary community. This drama would generate more content on ED than the entirety of the Entersphere's existence which only spawned two lolcows worth milking and each of these people would get the page that they deserved. Clay Claymore would be called the next Mr. Enter due to inability to take criticism.

After Clay Claymore tried to attack Doug Walker over some pointless debate over fair use, Clay would lose a good portion of fans and those who attacked Clay Claymore would also be brought down if their rants on Claymore were bad or if they were some kind of trollshielder. MegaDoopTV would be the first to make fun of Clay's sorry ass but people would later view MegaDoopTV as the next Clay Claymore. After this the Young Hero and others would follow Clay Claymore's footsteps. Many of these trollshielders attacking Clay Claymore would gain articles on ED for being a bunch of dumbass spergs but this would not affect their ability to generate content at all. As a result of this drama, there become more lengthy articles on those who hated Enter than those who liked him. Ironically, many of those who were caught A-Logging over Enter and Enter's fans ended up becoming white knights for Enter since these people ended up being as big as a pussy on the internet as Enter. Many of these folks ended up crying about hate speech and crying in their safe spaces since like Enter they can't handle the internet. After Clay Claymore was done attacking Doug Walker, the drama would die down, but the damage to Clay Claymore was already done. Clay Claymore was no longer seen as the scourge of the animation community, but instead a butthurt keyboard warrior that failed to win against his army of trolls. It was over for Clay Claymore causing him to lay low for now on.

The Current State of the Entersphere and Enter Related Drama

A user on the website Off-Thunderdome confirms that NZDROW deleted his whole web history hoping to not be associated with the autism storm known as the Entersphere.

The Entersphere today currently resides as an empty forum without any moderators or posters since there is only so much you can talk about Enter without getting repetitive or at this was until the bunker forum that NZDROW made was finally purged recently. Most of the Enterspergs that were part of either side of the flamewar nowadays only live to make shitty unfunny attack articles about people in the cartoon fandom that they do not like or those on the other side of the coin who make shitty attack articles on those who mock Enter fans along with other cartoon spergs without any context to why they are lulzy just to make a personal army requests and to clog ED with blank articles. The Entersphere kids today are much like the Jewish people after Hitler rose to power, being nothing more than a bunch of filthy kikes that deserved what was coming to them. We tell you, get SHOAHED on ED faggot because we do not like you newfags.

The Entersphere Reopens (Sort of)

As of May 21, 2018 The Entersphere has been brought back to life as a single Kiwi Farms thread within the multimedia section of the website. Will it devolve into cartoon sperging and get SHOAHED by Null like last time? Most likely not since all of the under-aged users have been kicked off the website and so far discussion revolving Enter has been handled much better than it ever was during the entire subforum's existence. The thread was apparently noteworthy enough to bring NostagliaJazzAdmirer back into the website who left her account mostly inactive for 3 years just to make bogus status updates crying about how people are mean on the internet.

Mr. Enter Angers SJW Scumbags (Mr. Enter becomes a Dead Horse)

Mr. Enter attacks Legend of Korra and rips off E;R causing butthurt

Mr. Enter attacks blatant Gun Grabbing propaganda causing butthurt

Mr. Enter attacks High Guardian Spice causing regressives to get triggered

A person talks about his experience with Quintex96

After making enough reviews, he has made SJWs mad by simply not being far-left or progressive enough despite the fact that he has constantly pandered to SJWs over and over again proving people that SJWs are not anyone's attention and that you would make a better quality product just by yelling nigger at their face. Mr. Enter had angered SJWs when he had made fun of the Legend of Korra calling it lesbian trash for regressives. He also once had people from Tumblr join the Entersphere during its final days attempting to troll Mr. Enter so this would not be the first time Mr. Enter has angered SJWs. Since Mr. Enter is a cuck himself, he took down the Korra video and apologized when he shouldn't have but it has since been re-uploaded to his channel. After getting attacked for his Korra video, he would make a video where screams about how mean his critics are but not in detail. Not learning the first time that SJWs are worthless pieces of trash that should be gassed or worth anyone's time, he decided to piss off his shitty core audience once again by associating himself with Comicsgate just by not being left wing enough. These two videos where he attacks High Guardian Spice for being worthless pandering to the SJW movement and Ok-Ko for making an episode about gun control that is forced and pure cancer. Many of Enter's fake fans would go on a rampage about how mean, bigoted, and sexist he is. A user by the name of Quintex96 would be the most notable individual to attack him. He would make tons of sock accounts just to drive Enter to the edge and the best part about this is that he succeeded at trolling Enter when that was not his goal. Quintex96 and some other nobody from the YouTube Commentary Community named Turkey Tom would be the straws that finally broke Mr. Enter's back causing Enter to make a video detailing his online harassment and this time he would actually name the people who supposedly go after him.

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Pedo vs. "Pedo": The Fight of the Century

Proof that Pan Pizza is a Pedo

Pan pizza had every opportunity get a show on television. Lots of minority scholarships college money, large YouTube sub count, Networking among on the animation community and a college degree in animation. What does pan do? Fuck around with a gay podcast that would make television employees nervous to hire him. Mr. Enter Kickstarter was a failure but he at least tried more. Hell, the creator of final space had far less Youtube subs than Pan pizza yet he got a show on television. It’s like e-celebbing and drama is more important than hard work. On the surface it looks like that Pan Pizza is the better YouTuber, but the truth is that any online fight where Pan Pizza is involved is a fight between two special ED kids.

Pan has no issues calling someone pedo yet being friends with a furfag who draws cub rape porn. Pan pizza best friend is a furfag that literally draw cub porn of underage furry boys getting raped by adults. Yet Pan pizza okay with literal furry child rape porn. The rebel taxi Pan Pizza making fun Mr enter for being a pedo is like James Gunn calling Dan Harmon a pedo. Look at the Pan Pizza podcast. Tell me with a straight face they don’t look like pedophiles. One of them already confirm to draw pedo furry porn. Pan pizza encourages his fans to twitter bomb and harass animations/voice actors more often than Mr enter. If Mr enter wanted he could’ve got Pan blacklisted if he was smart enough to send archives and screenshots of all the time the Pizza party podcast shit on creators and encouraging twitter bombing campaigns.

Mr. Enter Finally REEEEEEEEs

Turkey Tom criticizes Enter's video on Kiwi Farms.

Someone has finally made Enter mad enough to make a video on his trolls and this response video is the kind of video that you would expect from a man like the Mysterious Mr. Enter. This video was actually pretty disappointing since he didn't REEEEE hard enough. Mr. Enter perfectly designed his video so that the viewer would gain empathy for his past actions based on the fact that most of his haters act like A-Log Logotto on a constant basis, but this does not shield Mr. Enter from being criticized. Mr. Enter expects the viewer to accept his failure to make a decent cartoon simply because a good majority of his opponents are worse than he is, but the problem is that he can not put the blame on others for his mistakes revolving Growing Around and his IndieGoGo page even if his opponents are the meanest people on Earth. The best part about this video is that his attempt to paint himself the victim actually worked. Most trolls thought that his latest video would paint a giant X on him further escalating the trolling, but from the looks of it the entire internet has formed a Boogie1488-esque pity party even the dark corners of the web like 4chan feel sorry for him. All of his biggest haters including the likes of RebelTaxi and EZ;PZ completely bowed down to him and apologized and his biggest fans gave him plenty of jew gold on Patreon. Mr. Enter probably cost Pan pizza a animation job. If Pan try hard to be edgy podcast done it already. There far more Evidence of Pan directly harassing People though the pizza party podcast than Mr. Enter. Except Youtube community so far give Pan a free pass so far.Kiwi Farms was finally able to turn Mr. Enter into CWC 2.0 by giving him all the jew gold in the world since they felt sorry for his retarded ass. By doing this Enter has shown that crying to mommy on the web actually does work finally proving those pesky trolls that he is 100 percent capable of rational thought and that his videos matter more than canned bread. If a fag like Mr enters stinking fear into people, then shit e-celebs like Turkey Tom and Pan Pizza are beyond homosexuality.

Responses to Enter's Video

Drew Pickles Tells the Truth

Mr. Enter attacks Clay Claymore head on

Muh Clay Claymore

After years of people making fun of Mr. Enter, Clay Claymore finally got the attention he desperately craved. However there was one catch, Clay Claymore has not done anything with Mr. Enter in forever so he bushed his comment off as general Mr. Enter faggotry. Clay Claymore might do a response video in the future and will hopefully cut down the size of Enter's ego once more.

Turkey Tom Vs. People Who Drink Soy

Turkey Tom's video that triggered Enter
You can't use the word autistic as an insult anymore due to people like Turkey Tom getting ridiculed by soyboys.

Turkey Tom is a bootleg IhateEverything knockoff that only people who drink soylent soy care about. People on the internet used to ignore him until one day he became known as the A-Log of Mysterious Mr. Enter. To be honest Turkey Tom's hated video is not bad at all, but it somehow managed to gain the attention of Enterbots and the YouTube Commentary Community due to two things about Turkey Tom. Turkey Tom's video and his channel are far superior to Mr. Enter's in every way so he is not really A-Log Logotto 2.0 but rather a person getting called A-Log by complete soyboys who can't tell for a fact that his channel is complete satire. What made Turkey Tom a target for Marxist soyboys is that Turkey Tom called Mr. Enter a pedophile without any proof even though he disclosed the fact that his channel is satire so it is perfectly okay as long as he tells people that his channel is a joke. The second thing about Turkey Tom is that he is not able to push back who he is attacking despite being known for edgy humor and if you are going to blatantly attack someone without knowing how to do damage control then that channel is likely not going to hold up very well. Hopefully, Turkey Tom will make a response video debunking Enter's harassment so that Enter's audience can stop feeling sorry for him. It is obvious for any viewer who does not drink soy that those who watch Turkey Tom have a "High IQ" and those who don't are basement dwelling MLP worshiping pedophiles that shove soy in their disgusting soy faces.

Turkey Tom Becomes a Soyboy and Gets Bullied by Enter's fans

A response video where someone defends Turkey Tom

Turkey Tom made a big mistake by deleting his video. When he did this, Turkey Tom proved to the world that he drinks soylent for a living and is a soyboy. Turkey Tom has recently deleted his video because he can't take criticism. Turkey Tom gets called a bully by people who like Mr. Enter when all Turkey Tom wanted to do was entertain people. Enter's fans have proven to be a pedophilic army of dingbats that get a high off of bullying children. Mr. Enter does not know the line between criticism and bullying. Mr. Enter has repeatedly shown is pedophilic vibes by having his fans attack people unfairly.

Turkey Tom Makes a Response Video to his Critics

Turkey Tom apologizes to his critics while at the same time attacking them.

Turkey Tom releases a video responding to his critics who joined a bandwagon on hating him while at the same time releasing a video apologizing for his mean comment on Enter. In this video, Turkey Tom claims that his critics made terrible videos since their editing and content are terrible.

Shitty Attack Articles about some of These niggers

As more is known about Enter, the more and more he turns out to be a Andrew Dobson type soyboy

Good Articles about these spergs

Not all of the pages about these fags are shitty attack articles, there are quite a few decent ones available with tons of content drama and lulz ripe for milking.


See Also

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  • RebelTaxi - A cartoon reviewer who is just as pathetic if not more than Enter.
  • DarkEmoMario64 - One of the lulzist things to come out the drama if you are not 12, have autism, and can't distinguish between bad satire from good satire.
  • Kiwi Farms - The Entersphere triggered the Kiwi Farms mods more than it did to the intended audience who was supposed to be triggered by it.
  • VidLii - A website that many of these users (and some of the people who make attack articles on them) flock off to
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Many users from the Entersphere either came from the Gravity Falls fandom or the SpongeBob fandom.
  • Soyboys - Mr. Enter followers are these.
  • Timbox - The banned ex-Entersphere posters who were banned love Dexter's Odyssey since it is their main inspiration for writing fanfiction.
  • Null - Many former posters cried about Null because they were upset about their bans and how the community was ran.

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