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    Dear lord, I'd hoped to live my life without ending up on ED.


    —kevin - administrator of stileNET

    stile gets butthurt rather quickly
    The average member...MEMBER LOL!!!

    The Forum, or originally, The StileProject Forums, is a poorly conceived message board vomited upon the internet by stile in an attempt to centralize a spot online for his many users to congregate, exchange ideas, and to generally converse about the state of the whole stileNET group of sites. While these endeavors might seem noble on the face of things, what the Forum became was a cesspool of drama, infighting, stalking, and butthurt. Add a nice helping of scat porn to all this and you get a very precise picture of what the Forum is. It was shut down in 2011 when the site was sold.


    i think this doesn't need a caption
    stile, asking for money
    stile, asking for money again
    stile, asking for money yet again
    stile, asking for money still yet again
    stile, asking for help so that he can make money
    stile, asking yet again for help so that he can make money

    Originally, the stileproject forums were on an old-style ez board. When Jay Stile realized he couldn't smother that type of messageboard system with his brand of porn ads and other spam, he quickly figured out that he would have to get his own messageboard software. He then purchased a version of vBull and the games truly began. Vistors of the old vBull board were greeted with scat porn, octogenarian porn, and much of the other sick fuckery that the main site had been long associated with, right from the ad banners down. In depth perusal of the many sub-forums, comparable to a descent through the rings of the Nine Hells or a night out in Manchester, takes the valued member on a thrilling trip through Goatse, a lingering glance at Tubgirl, and the various vitriol that a messageboard of this standard is usually associated with. This was the case for several years until Stile decided to move the whole kit and kaboodle over to a shiny new domain called "theforum.com." Since then, things have gone downhill.


    The Forum has changed very little over the years. It is a web page with a black person background and has gray/white stripes in an up and down broken pattern (also known as “film back”). The links are in a bright teal color. About the only thing that has varied over the more than ten years that the stile forum has been around is the logo. Little more can be said of the general layout of the Forum except that it looks as if it were designed by an emo faggot who does little more than download vomit porn and homosexually molest his cat all day long. I mean seriously…teal?

    Inner Workings

    thanks for the heads up...kevin
    i can't believe its not butter

    While the general layout of the forum is drab, boring, and old, it is the inside of the Forum where the real magic goes on. Magic, in this case, is described as “people who have been around on the same forum for a long time and are generally a lazy group of fucktards.” When a group has been together for this length of time, they generally get to know one another’s foibles and idiosyncrasies. This, in itself is not very interesting, but when a person takes a closer look at this “tight knit” group, they will find that the Forum members are mostly unfunny assholes or basement dwellers with no hope of ever getting laid. The same arguments spread themselves out over years and years of trolling and counter-trolling.


    a sub forum of a sub forum of a sub forum...
    wow, real pornstars post there!
    wow, real faggots post there!
    shit bats!
    what the fuck
    that's more like it!
    oh snap!

    These tired old trolls take place on the Forum’s 18 sub-forums:

    • Random Media – [[Pain series|this is where you put all the gross pictures, videos, and sound clips you can find on the internet. At some point, Stile will find these links and “miraculously” they will become new content for his main site. Also, porn that nobody faps to can be found here.]]
    • Porno Paradise – this is where all the porn that people actually fap to is found.
    • Webmaster Chat – Have a website you want to show off? Do you need some advice on how to set up a server? Want to show off your web skills? Boy, this sure isn’t the place to do it. Webmaster Chat is more of a place where you can join other people’s porn top lists.
    • Technology – This is where the PC and Mac fanboys do battle. The posters there put up idiotic questions or extremely complicated ones...no middle ground. Whatever the topic, it usually ends with the "PC better than Mac" (or vice-versa) or a browser whine-fest. The tech forum is also a place to post anything science related. If you were to post something like NEW NANOTECH BONAR TECHNOLOGIES in General Mayhem, you’d be a troll, or get trolled.
    • TV and Movies – A great place to sit down, get comfortable, and have some 15 year-old tell you that your taste in movies sucks.

    This forum is used for all the fanboys loves and hates on everything game related. People argue which game system was the biggest in gaming revolution. Atari or Ninentdo, Nintendo or Atari. It's usually kept in check by the biggest Nintendo fanboy of all time. He's the moderator known as RB/RecyclingBin. If Nintendo makes it he'll post it...even if it's been posted before. He's Nintendo's White Knight.


    —The general consensus of what the Games Forum is.

    • Pets – Despite the fact that Stile founded his main webpage on shocking videos, he finds it necessary to make a pets sub forum. In this forum you will find threads like “101 uses for peanut butter” and a bunch of faggots who like cats.
    • Cars – this is a place for all the motorheads of the Forum to unite and discuss their love of automobiles. All four of them. One of the least visited parts of the forum.
    • Politics – troll of a troll of a troll of a troll of a troll of a troll of a… troll.
    • Writer’s Craft – if you cannot find enough erotic fiction to satisfy your needs on the internet, come to this forum and be underwhelmed. Also, you can find a shitton of bad poetry written by teens who aren’t gutsy enough to put it on their myspace pages.
    • Art – This is getting monotonous…you guys know that there are such places like Deviantart and flickr? Right?
    • Home Improvement – possible the least visited webpage in the history of the internet. Unless it deals with getting urine stains out of carpet or how to “pretty up the basement” you aren’t going to find anything of value here.
    • Food – I am sure you can find all sorts of appetizing recipes in this forum. Om nom nom.
    • Whore Illuminati – OOOOOH a secret forum! This is nothing more than a watered down version of General Mayhem. Less trolling and more bawwwing can be found here. At one time, this forum held porn/invasion/trolling dealings, but it's now used simply for crying about posters that cannot yet see the secret forum. You needed 1000 to become an official forum whore and to get access to this secret forum.

    A Note on the Subforums

    It is generally agreed upon by most of the Forum Members that at least eight of the sub-forums could disappear and nobody would be the wiser. They were added by Stile in an attempt to appease a bunch of whiny faggots who barely use their newly granted sub-forums anyways. What part about "General" Mayhem don't you understand?


    Its like a vicious and wicked game to them.
    oh, don't expect me to ever talk about recent things on the forum, i stopped paying attention with the url changed



    There are seventeen active moderators on the Forum. For purposes of this section, “active” is defined as “having logged in at least once in the last eight years.” While posts and interaction by the moderators is not normal, “the mods” (a term of endearment or butthurt depending on which side of the banstick you fall on) have been known to ban trolls, spammers, and great contributors simply for not licking their ass and bowing every time they posted.” Current mods have gotten past mods demodded for "inactivity" when in reality it was for not being their lifelong friends and agreeing with everything they said.

    Here they are with a brief description:

    • Stile – Jew. Becomes butthurt over silly things and perma-bans anybody who gets in his way.
    • Kevin — the forum administrator and the help when it comes to being stile’s whipping boy. He is a generally well-liked fellow who has to do what he does and sound like he does because he is getting a paycheck.
    • Insolite – Generally a stable and laid back moderator, he posts about three times per year. When he does actually post, he uses the time to spam his crappy music. There has been some speculation that Insolite is actually dead and some other person is using his hacked forum account.
    • Raven – Not a very active mod. Raven generally works on his own group of sites and uses the Forum as a place to spam his pages. He only posts in Porno Paradise.
    • Poteen – This moderator posts about two times per year and they generally are two word replies. Ten years ago, Poteen was much more active.
    • Boorak – nobody knows who this assclown is. He was formerly known as “Happynoiz” and was an assclown back then as well.
    • DitsyCamwhore that married Kevin. This is a win/win situation for the loving couple as Ditsy gets forum power (L O L) and Kevin gets laid.
    • DemonSeed – Was chased off the internet by a troll named Microwoman.
    • VenoM – Probably the most personable and well liked of the moderators. He is known to be able to take a joke or a troll and will (for the most part) let things slide.
    • Fire – Takes delight in being known as the Forum’s resident Nazi. If you have ever been banned on the forum, chances are fire was the faggot behind it. despite all this, fire is a very active and energetic moderator who posts on a regular basis. Fire is also a vocal petafag.
    • RecyclingBin – An internet creep who stalks any woman who dares to enter the Games sub-forum. He also stalks camwhores and people who happen to have the name dmonix. He is well known for the “Great Watermark Banning” incident.
    • Argent – Is simply put, a moderator to keep people from bugging camwhores (who don’t post anymore anyway).
    • MrWee – if VenoM is the most liked and most personable of the moderators, MrWee is a close second. He doesn’t go to the Forum anymore due to a crippling addiction to WoW. Insanely defensive of his significant other, who was a total whore in her previous life.
    • Kohi – Kohi earned his modship on the Forum by out-drinking everybody else on the Forum.
    • HughnonOMG HE’S BRITISH. Was an uphill gardener on the forum, regarded for his wit and insight. Then he became a moderator and those great posts became “I’ll ban you” overnight. Insufferably smug.
    • Shen – If Fire didn't ban you, Shen is probably the guy who did it. Shen is a very tech-savvy individual who will pork you for talking about rep. He is also known to like to watch grown men oil up and wrestle each other.
    • Milamber - Recently promoted to mod because these other tards pretend to have lives outside teh interweb. May be drilling Teknobunny, The Forum's resident tranny dwarf.

    Drama History

    So, when are we going to blah blah blah...
    The fun that USED to happen on the old spf
    LOL you faggots!!!
    wow, real pornstars post there!

    The Forum has been around in several incarnations for about ten years. What started off as a simple EZboard grew into one bloated corpse of a forum. Over that time there have been plenty of played out dramas upon its internet stage, filled with creepers of all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most notable ones:

    • The Strange Case of Miss Malevolent/Doc_Weasel Stalking Incident

    Shut up, you tubby bitch.


    —doc weasel

    What started out as innocent play on the Forum got out of control quickly and escalated into a full on real life battle. There was stalking and there were phone calls to people’s bosses. This ended in both Miss Malevolent and Doc Weasel being permabanned from all of Stile’s websites. Currently Doc Weasel hosts his own shitty forum that is pretty much the same as the stile Forum.

    • Rob Shoves a 2-foot Dildo Up his Ass

    Rob, always confrontational, told the forum that he could shove a 2-foot dildo up his ass. Nobody believed him, so he showed the world just how wrong they were. Also, in the folder, there is an extra video of Rob sucking his own cock.

    See Here for the videos.

    • Rob Posts CP

    Rob, or Lemme, or GODHATESUSALL, or ROBHATESUSALL, a teen with a small amount of internet fame and a huge amount of cock is permabanned from all of Stile’s websites for dccing child pornography (through dying IRC) indiscriminately to anybody who had him on their dcc-allow list. He has several times tried to come back to the Forum, but is subsequently banned for these efforts and has never really regained his old internet fame. Recently, Rob has openly stated that any of the sex videos he has given over the years are in fact child pornography due to he being only 17 (and his girlfriend being 16) at the time he filmed and sent them.

    At one point, Stile became worried that some of the images he was hosting might infringe upon copyright claims owned by others. He asked his forum members to edit out watermarks and any other identifying information that might link the images back to their owners. At first, most forum members would do as he asked and either use mspaint or Photoshop to simply cover up a website’s watermark. Other posters just didn’t give a fuck and posted the images un-edited. This would usually be dealt with by the mods giving the poster a stern warning. This went on for some time until people realized that it was stupid and watermarks were all but forgotten. Forgotten by everybody but one person…RecyclingBin. RecyclingBin, or RB as he is known, was made a mod and retroactively banned people for posting images that contained watermarks. It has been estimated that the total number of people banned by RB during this fiasco was around “a fucking shit ton” of posters. Nothing could be done, the damage was terrible. Groups of posters found themselves without an account and either signed up new accounts or left the site forever. Many lulz were had.

    TL;DR RB bans everybody for no reason.

    • Gone Away and Larss

    Gone Away, an old mod of the forum decided to allow his slob of a girlfriend to use his account to ninja-ban many unsuspecting Forum members. They were busted and subsequently shown the door.

    • Manxk

    Another mod who was shown the door after it was discovered that his mod account was compromised and that several of his housemates were using it.

    • Lestat the Gold

    Forum member who was given mod status. At that point he began to ban every user on the forum in alphabetical order.

    Unban Faceplant. The most banned forum member of all time.

    • The Camwhores Forum

    The Camwhores forum was originally attached to The Forum, but was moved due to the fact that the camwhores could not take the abuse that normal forum members were giving them. In a moment of pure genius, stile moved the forum to a new and secret location, thus alienating the two forums forever...unless you are an internet stalker like pyromaniac_guy.

    • Death of the IRC Server

    A small amount of drama was generated in the early days of 2009 concerning the end of stile's IRC server. He has opted to use a browser based chat system that truly is the chat vehicle of the millennium. For a better understanding of this incident, a section has been added to the Stile Project page and is located here. This was shut down in 2009.

    • Masamune Might Get Laid
     12:43:07           cancerrr : hi masamune
     12:43:12           cancerrr : i've decided i want to fuck u
     12:43:23           Masamune : you're goddamn right you do!

    Other Areas of The Forum

    The Gallery

    Users of the forum are granted space where they can upload pictures to stile’s server. Nobody uses this feature, however the small number of users who do, generally post porn.


    Yet another unused portion of The Forum. This is generally where people put journal-like posts that nobody ever reads.

    Control Panel

    This is where you see the comments that are tied to your rep. this section of The Forum is always full of lulz and the comments are generally priceless.


    Here you can make a little web page all your own. About one half of one percent of The Forum users actually know this part of their account exists. This part of The Forum account will show you the latest visitors to your profile page and their comments if they choose to make any. You can also view your online “friends” list from this page.

    Common Things Found on The Forum

    this happens about once a day on the forum
    how can he actually ask for money? oh...wait...

    Forum Camwhores

    random camwhore
    random tits
    random azn
    File:Spf - taint.JPG
    Sircle, a regular user, posts his taint.

    For a forum that prides itself as being one of the toughest, most racy forums on the internet, The Forum has a shockingly low amount of tits posted to its pages. About the only time stile ever comes to his own message board is when he is either demanding tits or demanding money. This is a collection of tits and ass (lol) that stile demanded. It must be noted that most of these pictures are at least five years old and the girls that are pictured herein are OLD and have BABIES now, or are in retirement homes.

    Forum Camwhores About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Gallery of Old Timers

    SPF Oldtimers About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The Batch of Retards

    Vested Retards and Retards Emeritus

    Below you will find a list of some of the more historical users of TheForum and a brief description of their general demeanor. This list is sorted by the number of posts a Forum user has and is a direct reflection of their quality of life. The higher the post count, the higher the probability the Forum user is a total loser living in a world of baked monkey shit. Some of the users with the highest post counts are mods. See their entries above.

    • 1337 Gamer - There is nothing sadder than a retarded 8 year old. I wish I had a link for you so that you could donate money to some charity, but they haven't invented a name for 1337's brand of retard yet.
    • Aaron5000 - Hippy wannabe, runs a lame-ass IRC server in an attempt to keep an antiquated protocol alive for faggots who don't care.
    • agent_provocateur - Dingbat AZN lady-boi who does porn.
    • animephreak - A short, fat Frankenstein monster, this gem of a poster no longer frequents TheForum. His creep factor is legendary.
    • Aphrodite - Acidic whore who should be in the kitchen rather than wasting precious time on TheForum.
    • beb0p - Guido from New Jersey who doesn't post anymore. Consumed too many Jager-bombs and got his fingers crushed in a tomato soup machine.
    • BioHazard - He says it himself: "I have no life, and I live in NYC." How long have you lived in the morgue?
    • blacklotus - His forum profile says "Portuguese yumminess." So yeah, not only is he a douchebag, he's smug about it.
    • Brewu - Drunk from Georgia (is there any other kind of Georgian?) who is preoccupied with "As Seen On TV" products.
    • coke baby - If possible, more retarded than anybody on this list. He generally posts the letter g as his reply.
    • Crunchy Hamster - Forum poster who, at the age of 30, asks for advice on black magic. Emo... shits bats... etc. Posts nice pics though.
    • cucka - Cute dipshit, at least his priest thought so in 2nd grade.
    • deezer4u - Likes to post pictures of his penis on a forum full of men.
    • Dizzy_ - Californian, i.e. douche.
    • DrZoidberg - Swedish jerk-off champion of 2006, 2007, 2008. Practices bondage with his whore wife, whom he forced to get breast implants.
    • evil.me - A huge, gigantic deutchebag.
    • Finch - Another loser who used to post a lot, but doesn't anymore because TheForum sucks.
    • fornicon - Humble and honest, Shoeshine Boy of TheForum. Beloved by his mother.
    • Grizzly Dick - Trolling gadfly who succeeded in getting perma-banned by Stile himself, no mean feat.
    • heerohammer - Has over 6000 posts at TheForum... not so hard to accomplish if you post "I didn't watch Fringe tonight" in a thread about Fringe.
    • H-K - From Croatia. All people from Croatia are perverts. And they are hairy. Like H-K.
    • Ishitinatuba - Sorely missed, this Australian douche found something else better to do.
    • Kirtan - Australian who will never be a mod on TheForum no matter how much he suckles on stile's penor.
    • Legion - Porn/tech nerd who pretty much only posts in the Porn or Tech forums. Oh yeah, and the porn is shitty.
    • Lsdizm - Left no stain when he was finished.
    • lyvwyr - Lawyer-V generally sticks to the Sports forum. This is a good thing, since not many people go there to view his faggotry.
    • M3GATRON - Homosexual meathead.
    • markl187ld - Made a few Stylish hacks for TheForum and then quickly melded into the common puddle of manbrew.
    • Masamune - Wannabe Canadian and TheForum's permanent virgin mascot. May get lucky if Cancerr continues to pity him. See also: Yoda.
    • MasterShake - Bi-curious loser who posts a lot of porn in the Porn forum to hide his secret shame.
    • nephilim5 - Community college teacher who takes all of his frustration out on TheForum with his bitter and uninspired posts.
    • nexus - Has this as his forum signature: ✈ ▌▌ Proof that he is very cool.
    • nihilistic0 - Former GI with a small penis and a smaller brain.
    • perfect_fat - Lifetime member of the KFC staff, so stupid it's painful to read his posts.
    • poptop - Blames his shitty life on G.W. Bush.
    • probably - Ballsy invader of the 2004 Republican Convention. Weakness for AZN lady-bois.
    • pyromaniac_guy - This guy is such a lying douchebag, he has his own whole page.
    • Rhys - Creepy and pompous, long-winded meandering posts are his forte. "Never say in three words what could be expressed in a TL;DR block of obtuse text" is his motto. He is also known for stalking TheForum females, the younger and sluttier the better.
    • s33w33d - Pathetic fatty and mod lapdog. When not slurping sperm, he spends all of his quality time on TheForum complaining about how much money he used to have.
    • sandaltube - Bug-eyed, self-important douche who thinks he is hot. One of the most boring posters to grace TheForum.
    • sickassmonkey - Yes, a sick-ass monkey... but you also post in the food forum about how you prepare large batches of food in advance. A large batch of fail.
    • silverthumb128 - Has not posted in a while, but this is probably a good thing since all his posts deal with stalking women, incest, or both.
    • sv - Highly technical faggot who loses his fight with Asperger's when posting outside of the Tech forum.
    • TastyHiHatWork - Overbearing vet-school-dropout wannabe photographer into canine sex in his mommy's kennels.
    • ThaGigolo - Claims to live in Hawaii and to be a chemist of some sort. Hasn't posted in two years, probably arrested in his meth lab. Nasa panaginip kita.
    • thelovecollective - Over 7000 posts that say absolutely nothing. Impressive even on TheForum. Most of his avatars feature androgynous models wearing ugly glasses. He thinks this is avant-garde.
    • twh213 - Some fucktard who used to post a lot, but doesn't any more because TheForum sucks.
    • twiztid_foo - Retard who doesn't post anymore because nobody paid attention to his shit in the Pets forum.
    • Vandil - Apple fanboi who owns and fellates a Steve Jobs Real Doll.
    • VTsChoir - Dubya's chief cocksmoker and also a 32 year old virgin living in his mother's basement.
    • VZE - TheForum's Official Drunk who posts in some of his more lucid moments.
    • Wang-arr! - HAHA! He's so FUNNY and random!
    • Winchester` - Another Dubya polesmoker. Blames his shitty life on the Clintons.
    • z0l0pht - A thoughtful and nice poster who is completely out of his element on TheForum. Seriously, isn't there a home improvement forum on The Home Depot's site?
    • zacwax - Jew law grad from Tulsa. So yeah, a typical Jew sleazebag, but from Oklahoma.
    • zero - Electrician from Canada. This translates to "jobless alcoholic who posts porn all day".
    • Zyrog - Closet homosexual who wants to see pre-op tranny breasts on television.

    Current Bullshit

    While this list includes the top posters, the following are some of the more active posters recently. Just because a person posts now does not mean they are any smarter than those posters listed above. In fact, it points out that they are bigger losers due to the fact that they didn't learn any lessons from guys who came before them.

    • Adam Weishaupt - "awesome", if "awesome" means "faggot".
    • aesium - Likes to repost shit that was reposted six months ago. Also, he likes to repost shit that was posted six months ago.
    • ashp - Miniscule penis. Takes life on TheForum too seriously, giving Cancerrr lots of abuse while secretly wanting to stretch her cheeks. Is often described as having "short man syndrome".
    • biohazard2 - A bitter, old trailer-park slumlord. Rumored to have 1337 Photoshop skills and an image collection of the entire internets including CP protected by C4. At night he creeps female and male Forum members in IRC and TinyChat while naked and drunk. Also is a ginger.
    • bjamieson - In spite of being part of TheForum/SPF for 6 years, has never contributed a single meaningful post. Thus no one knows who he is and therefore no one cares.
    • bone-daddy - Loves Dan Solo. Suspected of being Nizzy, TheForum's dimwitted butt-of-all-jokes.
    • Cancerr - Currently posts as idontliketheforum. Recently moved to the UK where Lucius is using her face as a splooge mop. Please see her very own page.
    • Carpe' Noctum - The only person on TheForum to have successfully eaten a pigeon. Has a very lackluster CV.
    • caseymoore - Related to the stew. Makes a lot of posts about absolutely nothing. Rumored to be a fgt.
    • cotton - Pseudo-cartoonist of TheForum. His sketches have an alarming amount of peanus in them, causing wonder about his sexuality. No secrets though, he's an equal opportunity perv, gulping teh cock and porking the beav. Enjoys taking self-portraits at gaming conventions to prove he's in with the cool kids. Recently posted pics of his tranny "girlfriend".
    • Crawford 6000 - Buys his clothes from Hot Topic. Has a safety pin pierced in his left nut.
    • DaYenMao - So gifted with a ponderous brow that she has her own article.
    • ddogflex - Rarely posts on TheForum, but hangs out on IRC in a sad attempt to pick up sluts/herpes. Rotsa ruck finding chicks on a 20-year-old antiquated chat protocol, faggot.
    • dntdvlagnt - Diminutive faggot that dances like a seizing epileptic to trance/electronica "music".
    • freeViaΔ - OH GOD SO ENIGMATIC!!! and banal.
    • ikki - AIDS-infested Scottish hooker. Posts her tits on a semi-regular basis to ensure a new crop of 13-year-old internet stalkers. Startling pics reveal a strong possibility of the Downs. Is jealous of most female posters, but is too snobby to post her tits again.
    • Internets - The artist formerly known as Clifton. Invented faggotry. Probably the most hated poster on TheForum, which is a rather hard thing to accomplish.
    • iwasbanned - Creepy fucker that brags about being a serial killer. Probably full of shit. Has been around as long as Stile yet no one seems to notice him.
    • james18n - Useless drunk who paints jeeps, sucks his dog's cock, and creates about 200 useless threads per day. He listens to Rush Limbaugh with a sense of wonder and awe.
    • JayEm - Another fucking Canadian. Enjoys bestiality like all maple-syrup-drinking recluses. Significant other of Orca, Mistress of Girth.
    • jeenyus - You know the type of person who posts in every thread with a linked YouTube video? I think it has something to do with the fact that he can't type intelligible words.
    • Kutulhu - Plays far too much WoW to be of any consequence... ever... to anybody.
    • Lucius - Douches from Britain are legion. This one complains about being banned by the faggot mod known as Fire. In between bans, he likes to post home-made rough porn with various sluts. Has nice teeth considering his British handicap. Suspected of sleeping with various AIDS-infested persons on TheForum, including W0rthless and Cancerr.
    • mad animals - BLAAARRGHHH NUKKA!!! (Seriously, how does this asshat avoid the ban?)
    • Master Of Bankers - Fat. Smelly.
    • Phunkydiabetic - Pretends to be normal but is in fact the next famous ZMMH stalker. Has attained twelfth-level mastery of the rimjob.
    • Randicus - Half the time no one knows what he is talking about. The other half no one bothers to listen. First cousin to Bigfoot.
    • Ravonic - Enjoys culinary pursuits, large black cock, and synchronized swimming.
    • sircle - Artwork + Posting his own taint = sircle. Claims to be the Head Nigga in Charge. 'Taint untrue.
    • slimchance - Enraged that gluten will cause his horrible death that involves dragons, hand grenades, and small AZN mopeds flying out of his ass. Tries to compensates for his brutal looks with a fumbling masturbation technique. His MySpace profile says he enjoys walks on the beach, romantic meals, and prostrate massages.
    • Suey - Hot AZN twat, obsessed with Hello Kitty, just like all the rest. Dated Stile until he found another AZN twat that cost less.
    • Sun4 - From Montana or South Dakota or something. Is too busy riding the fence to figure out where he is.
    • synth - A guy who hasn't posted on the forum in years and probably doesn't need to be discussed here.
    • that girl - Arschmithoren's finger puppet.
    • ThinkPink - Lives in Sturgis, South Dakota and is interested in Alcoholics Anonymous. Sometimes these jokes write themselves.
    • Videodrome - Another Canadian pervert. Are you starting to see the pattern here? Posts nothing but porn vids in the porn forum.
    • W0rthless - Ugly whorebag, which made up for her inferior genetics (see British). Posted multiple videos of herself fucking dildos and taking it up the ass from Lucius.
    • warmonkey - Asshole cop. Makes one wish for another 9-11 to thin the herd again.
    • WAXLABLTABLER - One of the token nigras on TheForum. Please see his epic page here.
    • Weetarted - Fat sloon, probably deserves her own ED page just on her eating habits alone, if anyone cared.
    • Zombies Make Me Hot - Half-Native attention whore from Canadia who posts pics of Star Wars action figures jammed in her twat. GO BOBA FETT!!! Looks a bit like an Ewok. See her own article. She used to get drunk and masturbate on cam for groups of guys using sex toys.

    What a Forum Meet Is Like

    Please note the anguish on his face and the utter soul sucking contempt on her face.

    Fuck it, this is what a normal Forum meet looks like...some dude getting his soul sucked out by some dingbat.

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