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    Info non-talk.png You may have been looking for Margaret Thatcher. If so, then you should have just gone to that fucking page.

    Avril vs. Thatcher. With no rings it's pretty tough to win. Having said that you get as many attempts as you like because there is no limit to sockpuppetry on TOW.
    His ancestors enjoyed looking for hidden creatures eating away beneath the thatched roof, just as he today enjoys looking for hidden cockpuppets beneath the user creation log.

    Thatcher, originally "Thatcher131", was the Final Boss of all Wikipedo Checkusers, and once you beat him, you were quite close to winning The Game as there are only a few bosses of higher stature on Wikipedia that you have to beat to unlock the hidden secrets of this text-based MMORPG and finally give the wiki, and by extension the entire web, freedom. He wrote this crap in 2008, which his Wiki-Fiends pointed to as proof that he was "trusthworthy" so they made him an Arbcom clerk and gave him oversight power. Great idea!

    Unlike Alison, whom we can at least feel a moderate degree of sympathy for due to her postings on the Wikipedia Review and Wikipediocracy, Thatcher is a heartless soul who delights in crushing his enemies, although on a good day Avril Lavigne can K.O. his evil, psychotic cold heart. (She would never suck his meatflap, however. No one would.) One thing's certain: Thatcher thought the penis-head of Essjay tasted like caramel popcorn, because he did and said whatever Essjay wanted. (And later deleted all of it, when Essjay fell like a turd-burglar off a building.) So the Big EJ made him the head of all the checkusers.

    Thatcher used his minions such as NawlinWiki to conduct the small tasks for him, so that he can take on the big guns, like open proxies, which if you try to edit Wikipedia from, you'll find that Thatcher has often blocked it. This means that this internet tough guy is pretty much solely responsible for keeping both ordinary citizens of China and those who wish to upload illegal content away from Wikipedia, although in theory the latter could manage on a non-proxy if they did not fear the partyvan.

    It is believed that Thatcher is an employee of the Internet Watch Foundation and an agent of the FBI on the side as well. Apart from his paranoia, he's apparently a nameless and worthless middle-aged white male with a science degree who has faeled in his academic "career", and then tried to spew all over Jimbotits and suck Essjay's magic foreskin instead. Having faeled at that as well, he basically bailed outta Wikipedia in 2012.


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