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    Teruchan perv poll.PNG

    How to be popular! ^_^
    Googling his web-name came up with some interesting information , judge for yourself.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Teruchan is your typical "14 year-old" (wannabe) Japanese pedophile, and like your typical (wannabe) Japanese pedophile he wastes his art talent on drawing assloads of animu pantyshots and under aged girls in questionable poses. He's also famous for attention whoring, lying, ban evading, his retardedly huge fanbase, whining and shamelessly bragging about his popularity. Teruchan likes to portray himself a cute, harmless bunny with panties on its head so that in drawings where he's seen molesting unwilling 12 year old schoolgirls it doesn't come across as incredibly goddamn creepy. Because lying is one of his specialties, he often states false identification, such as being a woman, a ten-year-old boy and a 27-year old who has been drawing for 30 years. Funny question, if he is female why does he not just add a photo of himself? He has a camera and everything. The correct answer is that he is not what he claims to be but is actually a sick fuck, an egotistical asshole and a giant liar.

    If you are stupid enough to believe Teru's words, then note that he is not in his teenage years. In fact, Teru is more likely to be in his early thirties, making his works even more creepy as fuck. If he were to be 14, then he wouldn't have published his artbooks in the past. Additionally, he has been a deviant for about four years, meaning that he must have been 10 years old when he joined DA according to his own words. Nobody can be that stupid to actually believe so, but sadly they do. He even admits that is a joke. Read the comments yourself.

    Typical DA Dramawhore

    File:DO NOT WANT attack Rukia.gif
    A more accurate reaction to Teruchan's bunny fursona.
    Remember, when banning someone for rule breaking it is automatically harrasment! Srsly.

    Teru has the highest known record in all of DeviantART for calling upon the fucktards he calls "friends" to rush to his defense every single time someone questions his doings or criticizes his drawings. In Teru's world anyone who slavishly follows his parade of lazily drawn boobpix is expected to kiss his ass until their nose is permanently stained with his superior Japanese feces. Not only will he not do anything for them in return he also wants them to favorite and comment every single image he submits on DeviantART. If not, he will remove them from his "friends" list and ignore them while moving on to the next weeaboo fangirl he can exploit for attention and irl pantyshot pics. So while Teru should be providing for his family he just sits on his computer all day fapping to his fangirls modeling as his crappy characters.

    Lately I feel like people give me less FAVs ... So from now, I decided to draw people that always support me by faving my works. You should start at least with this kind of loyalty if you want to be drawn for free.


    —Teruchan, demanding favorites

    Anyone who dares to live up to anything less than the conditions listed below will be bitched at, hidden, and blocked.

    From his journal:

    About becoming my DA lovers I draw this to express my feelings to these women. They are very kind to me. I think they truly like my pictures and myself. That's the reason why I WILL NOT do this on request. I will ignore any note or mails about it. People that are kind to me:
    1. Those who truly like me and my pictures.
    2. Those who watch me, and those I watch too.
    3. Those who advertise me in they journal.
    4. Those who always fav my deviations.
    5. Those who always give me comments.
    6. Those who add my prints to their wishlist.
    7. Those who do their best to make me be a popular artist.
    8. Those who give my present and mean it in their hart.
    9. Those who are nice to me when I am in a pinch.
    10. Those who give me panties (kidding)."


    —Teruchan, being the humble artist that deserves so much love and attention.

    First of all,I am japanese.and my Engish sucks.

    i hate Person who has bird's brains and big penis. Person who is mentally child. moho .Mental job.Erectile Dysfunction.Critiques.requests.questions.

    i like sweet person. pervy person. sweets. Yuri,yaoi. Panties,butts,cute-thing.fav.watch.

    I am concealing diviation comment for my hater. They use slang words and made fun of me. To exclude them, I do it. maybe I think that there is a person who hates it, too. However, I hate them to be seen. I would really appreciate it if you understood my situation. m(_ _)m


    —From Terytan, his alternate DA gallery.

    Teruchan also wanted to be a senior member probably thinking that they have a special privilege to convince the admins to ban whoever they want. Unfortunately for Teru, he has absolutely nothing the admins are looking for in a senior member; selflessness, contribution to the community, helpfulness and attention to the rules. Even his fans kept demanding the admins advance him to senior membership while forgetting that the number one rule was to not ask for the position.

    A popular theory why Teruchan gets his member status back is because of his ass load of prints. The most obvious reason why he would stay on DeviantART is because of his fandom. Teru enjoys looking down at his many fantards who are just wishing that they can draw kawaii animu. If anything, he cares more about his fanbase than his family. All of the money he has earned from DA went straight to his subscription[2]. Not even one cent (or one yen in moonland) was used to provide for his poor-ass family. Another reason why he doesn't provide much for his family is his haters. Although this is not as major as DeviantART, he spends much time worrying about ED and is deciding whether or not he should use his money to charge a lawlsuit.

    Multiple pornography uploads

    Popular ass artist = slutty girls showing off his fursona.

    Teruchan first started DeviantART in 2005 but it didn't take long for the drama to begin, he was hit with his first banhammer when he uploaded this lesbian orgy. After this incident he decided to push his luck further by submitting even more questionable pictures. He eventually became popular for his animu filth and a pattern emerged where every ban he received was a temporary slap on the wrist.

    In '06, when Teruchan began to be truly "bullied" by DeviantART he had a pic of under aged side-boob removed from devianTART. Becoming immediately butthurt and out to falsely prove he was innocent of any wrong-doing Teruchan uploaded a completely different image than the one that was actually removed, slapping the message he received when the original, much more risqué, pic was baleted into the description and trying to convince everyone on devianTART that the admins had baleted a pic of a catgirl in a leotard rather than a pic of a half-naked 12 year old girl.

    Although Teru was told multiple times that submitting pornographic pictures would result in a banhammering his giant ass-tastic ego inspired him to push his luck even further by uploading the below depiction of bestiality and cunnilingus. Yet again Teru was punished only with a temporary suspension, the DeviantART admins thus confirming he can get away with anything.

    In early September '08, Teru posted a tattoo design of three chicks licking each others clits. It was pretty obvious Teru knew that shit would get him banned (again) but as we've seen the DeviantART admins play favorites and everyone knows that the rules don't apply to people with over 5 million pageviews. Of course, his horrid fanbase came to the rescue and kept bawwwing to the admins that Teru was indeed too great to follow things like rules and site policy and obscenity laws. Even after Teru was unbanned his chronically masturbating fanfucks kept complaining about it in their journals and in the Complaints Forum. Finally a brave Tartlet dared to post a journal showing how the moderately sane minority of the site would like to see Teru banned for good for his constant misbehavior and faggotry.

    The Great Anti-Teru Petition

    Even though such a petition was futile to begin with the ever competent DA admins banned the Tartlet claiming he harassing Teru. So to summarize: the guy who constantly uploads blatant pussy licking to see how much he can push the admins' patience and bask in the outrage of his retarded fanbase gets off with week-long slaps on the wrists, but the guy who calls him on his shit gets slammed with a perma-ban. Whenever anybody mentions his rule-breaking he will violently deny that he broke any of DeviantARTS rules and will simply say that it was artistic expression. But then again, why express art if you were warned many times not to submit it on that one website?

    Denial of pedophilia

    Did you know that "School Girl Panties" means "Innocent Picture" in Japanese? ^_^

    It's very obvious that Teru is a child-lover. Not in the fatherly-way, but in the rapist way. And since Teru hails from Japan, he fits in well with a crowd filled with loli lovers. Anyone with a brain can tell that there are many pictures in his gallery that depict loli who are "just acting cute" yet put in a sexual situation. The only people who deny his pedophilia along with Teru himself, is his entire fanbase. They will make up the dumbest excuse and proof to disprove his pedophilia, such as saying that it's just anime or that Asian girls look much younger. Teru also posted (a now deleted) journal that explained that Asian girls look five years younger than American girls, and suddenly thinks that it will make him look innocent.

    Although he draws some realism depicting accurate anatomical features, his gallery still consists of girls with the anatomy of a child. Check out the gallery below the page and find the works that have young looking girls. Those aren't the only ones, either. His deviantArt gallery, and his alternate DA gallery, have much more proof. There is no way to disprove his child-loving ways. Any comments that explains that he is a pedophile (or any comments that he dislikes) are hidden and that person will be blocked from his page.

    On June 18, Teruchan receives a gift from File:Deviantart-favicon.png Lifael, seeing her dancing stupidly in really short shorts. Obviously she's an unattractive 13-year-old-child without boobs as she states almost everywhere on her page. Of course Teruchan is attracted to her child face and body and jerks off to that video every night from now on.

    maybe you know that i am 'Fresh Pretty cures big fan:P

    if you dont get it,please check out this [link] so Fresh pretty cure is newest of Pretty cure series. and Lifael She gift for me dance of that anime's ending. its very cute!!i love it so much.plz clike that pic~:Dshe makes me happy~yay!really Thank you so muc


    The video has been set to "private" after she was told she sent her dance to a 30 year old pedophile with a wife & kids. Obviously she didn't believe it and saw it as a joke. Silly child.

    Now, what other proof do you need!?

    Sudden gender change?

    Failing at Asian anatomy and wishing he was a good-looking female, bravo Teruchan.
    my new ID

    I had told a lie up to now. ^^; so,i am female...its ture. its top secret,please not tell it Nobody. Promise.


    —Teru-chan on being a female and unschooled in the English language. Also it's not so much of a secret.

    As of January 13, 2008, Teruchan has declared himself of the female sex. This is none other than a poor attempt to escape the fact that he is at least a 200 year old pedo. Being an illiterate bastard, he is attempting to brainwash all of DA with his poor grammar confession. Is he really that stupid to think that no one would remember his previous bitching about being a father and a husband? This only proves Teru to be more of a sick fuck then anyone originally thought. Is that even possible?

    Teruchan made his first alternate DA account as File:Deviantart-favicon.png Appochan. Instead of being the usual ass hat he is as Teruchan, he disguised himself as a woman named "Akiko". His super sekrit account consists of furry art trying to convince people that the two accounts are not related.The images of Appochan's journal CSS are also hosted on Teru's website. Teru also stated on his Twitter that Appochan was his sister.

    On January 11th, Teruchan just gave up and posted a journal that explained why he pretended to be a woman. Don't forget, his fanbase is caring and forgiving. Because when you're Teru, posing as a woman to avoid trouble is perfectly acceptable, despite the fact that he just lied to make himself more appealing, and is still an egotistical dick. Suddenly, he has the audacity to call his flamers liars, while at the same time thinking that he himself has no right to get banned for constantly breaking the rules due to popularity. Although he admitted he he was male, he still has his gender set on "female" on his profile page as of now.

    Then Teruchan made his major alternate account, File:Deviantart-favicon.png Terytan, with other submissions that consists of the same type of crap you would find on his main account. This account is used when his main account is banned so he can still have his legions of fantards leeching to everything he uploads. Not only was this made to escape bans from his main account, but was also used to make him appear as if he was a girl. This account also makes much more journals than the ones on the Teruchan account, but shares the same fate of being deleted before making a new one. Because Teru is well aware that his fans will eat any shit he throws, he made yet another lie saying that he actually pretended to be a man in the first place because he drew a lot of sexy women, which is clearly a great excuse. This follows with the cliché of his fans believing every single word and treating it like a religion.

    My right shoulder broke.

    I cannot do even masturbation now. ):


    —Teruchan, talking about his hobbies

    Twin Sister

    Last thursday, Teruchan suddenly started to rant on his journals, bawwwwwing like never before, literally inviting the trolls to actually devour him, which is still to be seen but, a miracle appeared for our delight, Teruchan himself stated it wasn't "himself" who did the ranting, but instead, his twin sister did it, of course, as the attention whore he is, he decided to manufacture more lies so his asslickers could go and comfort him with white lies and moontalk. During that time, he even made a call out journal entry, telling everyone to block a Tartlet named File:Deviantart-favicon.png DragonQuestWes (who had said himself that he had nothing to do with the DArama and was a former friend of Teru until he was blocked for being friends with Tooku-Mori, Srsly [3]) before he deleted it. Ironically, nobody who read the journal even blocked him.

    Taking Criticism

    How dare you insult the great God of deviantART?

    Like any dAramafag, Teruchan will take any form of criticism of him or his artwork, no matter how civil it is, as a personal attack. Although Teru claims to have graduated from an art school and actually has knowledge in anatomical features, he will never take any critique on his art. Basically saying, Teru thinks his art is perfect, and therefore anybody, no matter their artistic skill, MUST agree that his art is absolutely perfect with no flaws whatsoever.

    Any attempt to reason with Teruchan will be met with hostility from it and its personal army. Even if you are just trying to help or reason with him, he will shit bricks in his adult diapers and will command his sea of fanboys to attack you. Because, hell, you are an evil person as defined by Teruchan. And everybody knows that whatever Teruchan says MUST be ture.

    Teruchan also thinks that his haters are merely jealous of his art, even when you give him critique. The truth is that he is too egotistical to see that they really despise him for his drama and whining. He pretty much doesn't know what the entire article is about. He thinks that reading one paragraph about the pedophilia found in his gallery suddenly summarizes the entire article, and ignores the rest of the article covering his banhammer and gender change.

    As seen in the picture on the right, one Deviant actually had the patience to tell it like it is, and being polite as possible about it. Of course, Teruchan is unable to read any sort of vibe from people other then hatred and pedophilia (which is the way he determines whether someone is friend or foe), and read the well put together argument as hatred. He responded accordingly in broken English.

    By late November 2009, this very article was featured. Needless to say, Teruchan was filled with butthurt. Sticking to his usual agenda, Teruchan made a journal to inform his fan base about this atrocity. When it comes to looking down at ED, Teruchan strongly promotes his fans to dub Encyclopedia Dramatica as "Erectile dysfunction". In Teru's mind, he thinks that throwing those words would suddenly discourage EDiots and makes him feel like a big brave muscular man that he will never be.

    Needless to say, while it's pathetic, It's really, really funny.

    His Wonderful Fanbase

    He also lieks a certain trap.
    >o< hate is BAD >o< Hate is awful, and hating is even worse >o<




    teru says in several places he/she is a GIRL if thats what 'she wants me to think thats IS what im going to think


    electrodude102, on being a sheep.

    Gee, I've gone to the WIKI page.. or ED. I've read the thingies, and I've seen all of Teruchan's pics. It's ridiculous, really. The way they keep picking on Teruchan. It's really irritating, and they're really ignorant, the way I see this.

    I'm guessing these people are like what... in their teens or something. They really are so ignorant, and can't seem to use the proper grammar. They used "to" the wrong way. Gee... this is stupid, it needs to be dropped. Although, I just found out today what was happening, so I don't know what might be happening now.... Ha, just needed to get it off my chest... btw... I really don't like the thing on ED. It's really not needed. It's bashing, and I thought that was a place of real information. I won't be going there anymore for any research for projects. It really dissapointed me.


    SunamiIIV, on failing miserably.

    there are too jealous people who makes you popular n.n


    —Croirelgeen and her wonderful english.

    by the way, I'm quite acknowledge in IT. I can get your IP adress with no problem. if your door rings tomorrow, then that's a police


    —Skythnir calling a police.

    what? you're the same person who spammed teru's message box?

    I haven't report you since I couldn't find enough evidence to sue you.

    anyways, you're blocked. go ahead and make another account, loser.


    —Skythnir, a person who, ironically, made another account to ban-evade.

    So...i'm a little confused. Someone is spamming you constantly, or saying incredibly horrible things about you constantly?

    Honestly, i would love to see ED get what's comeing to it. Some people will argue that the site is mainly for innocent fun in provoking ugly things said about certain individuals over the internet. But most of those people who do say that, are wise enough to see it that way.

    Others, however, and especially the people who LIVE aroung ED, are usually childish morons who find it far more entertaining to spam people with photos of guys opening their ass holes (literally), than finding a job and a life. And it's more pathetic to see that half of these idiots must same and keep up what they've written on their computers, so that when someone tries to delete it, they can put it right back up immedietly. It's absolutely ridiculous.

    In the professional world, such acts are considered SLANDER, and can be sued. I don't see why ED is any different. I would love nothing more than to watch whoever produced that sit, get the shit sued of them.

    So if that's what's going on wit'cha, Teru! Then GOD LUCK!!!!



    ... you sound like an 80... and something year old... but still talking nonsenses... grow up a little. If you don't like an artist... then dont watch them, andDeviant art has problems in many politics, not just one...stop being such a brat about all.

    dont take care and dont come back... making fun of something you don't know is true is heartless and cruel. and you suck as an artist as will... i think you are just jealous of everyone here,,, XD bye bye, have a nice trip.


    —GothamEyes, abuser of the dodge tool, Japanese language and periods. DOTDOTDOT

    His Artwork

    Poorly made, traced garbage that looks like he spent about 5 minutes on it. But it doesn't matter -- his fans love it because there are panties, and it's SHINY!!! @[email protected]

    We know you're fapping to this shit, you sicko.

    Gallery of Fail, AIDS, and CP About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    From his fellow haters

    What People Really Think of Teru

    the thing with the dog..was too much..I used to respect him but I no longer do that



    I don't think it was necessary for you to have pointed out that she was an American girl.



    Do you realize WHY they made that article about you? Usually, ED articles about people that deserve it, and you are just like them.

    The fact youdraw explict loli all the time (and that you get away with it) makes people pissed. You are so egotistic saying that flamers have the blame and that they are just jealous, and you didn't realized that they are pissed of you posting all of those erotic images in AN ART SITE. Art that cause people to feel aroused it's not appropriate here. You don't seem to understand WHY they are picking of you, and instead you play the victim.

    Your fans are stupid girls that squeal over your bunny-like mascot thinking that your art it's 'SO KAWAII', unaware of the fact that you (a father and husband) draw little girls in erotic poses and erotic clothing, thinking that's perfectly acceptable because it has a bunny on it.

    I suggest you to leave all this perverted art on your hentaifoundry page (where it's appropriate) and only leave REAL art here. The flamers won't leave you alone until you do this, but I guess that you will probably ignore this comment.

    Your loss.


    —Macabre-Kitten. A little TL;DR, but still worth it.

    [04:42] <@mthrfkn> teruchan

    [04:42] <@mthrfkn> needs
    [04:42] <@mthrfkn> 2
    [04:42] <@mthrfkn> die
    [04:44] <@Sheneequa> mthrfkn what is his number one crime
    [04:44] <@mthrfkn> it's a man who says he's a girl who pretends to be a bunny
    [04:45] <@mthrfkn> his number one crime



    —an ED IRC user asked to review this article

    Hello Teruchan.

    I liked to let you know, you are indeed a skilled artist. Your skill is that tipe that I looked up to, but I think your content leaves something to be desired. Perhaps carying a little. I mean, it's no surprise some find your art offensive. Your art often makes it to the front page, and people have no choice but to see it, so perhaps giving your art more of something everyone can enjoy.



    I know you guys are from the greatest country on Earth, Japan, and that being mean to people (especially someone's kid) is evil/mean but what was the "American" part about? It's unnessacary...

    I feel sorry that someone insulted you from my country, truely, but all the mean people in the world dont live in America... (I know your not saying it like that but being specific about the country just made it feel that way)



    I heard Teru got B& for posting uncensored porn without a mature filter and got unB& for being a popular artist and having a leagion of mindless drones.

    What the fuck devianTART. REBAN, people have been permabanned for much sillier reasons in the past and ignored because they're not popular, I though popularit contests were left behing in fucking highschool



    Hate art and Drama

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    People's offering to the Great Art God About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Hai listen! You can draw some hate art here in his oekaki board. That way, he can directly see your undying love <3

    Phun Phacts

    Teruchan's second-biggest achievement. The first is his shameless popularity.
    yes i think so too^^ but i drew pic for 30years or more.so ,no need for that.Eyes that objectively see my work are necessary for me.It is my Important study for arts.^^


    —Terytan, the man who claims to be 27 year old. He probably sucks at math, which means he's obviously not a true Jap/Azn.[4]

    This stuff is all true (Just ask Teru. He wrote it himself!).

    • Teruchan's real name is Teruko Sakai. He is a 30+ year old male with a wife and two kids. As if we didn't know.
    • He lives in "Not Tokyo", Japan.
    • His daughter is in elementary school.
    • Teruchan was so poor that his internet was cut off for a while.
      • He also had to stop using his cell phone for a while.
        • He shamelessly begs people for money and asks people to buy his prints.
    • Teruchan is straining his family financially while looking for work in the art industry.
    • Aware of us and refers us as Foreign Net Stalkers.
    • Teru is a clumsy, sloppy fuckface and can barely take care of his shit.
      • He broke his shoulder.
      • His HDD recently died and lost all of his child porn. Thank God.
    • If you insult him, he will mention you in his journal, making sure to specify which country you are from to make people think you hail from a careless, cold wasteland.
    • Teru constantly thinks about cheating on his wife.
    • Teru likes pubic hair on the cunt, and that means that it totally doesn't make it loli LOLOL!11
    • Besides being an attention whore, he is also a gift-whore.
    • Despite tracing from Playboy magazines and spending 5 minutes on each picture, Teruchan actually has talent. Too bad he wastes it on CP.
    • Teruchan wears girl's panties both on his head and crotch (they fit because he has an azn cock).
    • Teru claims to be "Fmaile"
    • Teruchan says when a girl appears underaged but has boobs, then it isn't considered as Loli.
    • Teruchan has his own version of the Ten Commandments.
    • Teruchan thinks that people hates him because he's a popular Japanese animu artist and not for being a greasy pedophile.
    • Teru is planning to hold a lawsuit against ED.
      • However, he is too poor, and asks people for donations.
    • Teruchan is keeping a close eye on LittleCloud, his newest rival.
      • He stalks her more than she stalks him.
    • Teruchan only has 32 more people left to block.
      • After that, he's a walking target.
    • Probably isn't Japanese for the following reasons:
      • No Japanese use honorifics in their screenname as they find it tacky.
      • In Moonland, drawn porn is never referred to as 'hentai'.
      • Can't even name a single art school in Japan.
      • Even Japanese people think that he doesn't speak Japanese correctly.
    • Teru also claimed that he stopped drawing on paper fifteen years ago, why would that be when his fantards thinks that he's currently a 27-year-old?
      • Not to mention that he stated that he has been drawing for more than 30 years.
      • even made a poll about someone trolling him, hoping his fans would get him banned.

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