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Hentai is anime-styled porn. It can vary from a simple image of a young woman playing with herself to a newborn baby hanging upside down with his anus stretched to the width of a dinner plate as several men pour cum into his rectum, filling his intestines up to the very top. The more extreme hentai is, the more Japan makes of it. Examples of this are Tentacle Rape and Guro (two of Japan’s most notable fetishes), the latter which got to the point of getting its own article for those who are into that shit.


The characteristics of the characters involved in Hentai vary, but most common cases involve:

  • A girl with unnaturally wide submissive prismatic eyes, huge tits and a big ass, and are often virgins.
  • Tentacles (Not as common as people think, but Japan is still fucked up for thinking of it)
  • Rape
  • BDSM
  • All of them underage girls
  • Internal ejaculation depicted as white glowing gloop floating across a black backdrop.
  • Zettai ryouiki, or simply "stockings" (or more accurately "Sandnigger socks"), is the most fucking overrated. Dem japs love their legs covered. In fact they hate bare legs so much they made it law that any girl that doesn't wear hosiery (or artist who doesn't draw hosiery) will be killed on the spot. Bare legs are considered obscenity and blasphemy of the highest level to the japs. They're like Muslims only they want the legs covered.
  • And of course, BIG DARK SHLONGS which are just fire hoses for copious amounts of your mother's favorite beverage.
  • Guro Dem Japs love their gore and necrophilia as much as their sandnigger socks. Remember if any hentai is potentially hot (for example an un-cliched and actually hot tentacle scene), IT WILL take a U-turn to guro.
  • Mosiacs (unless decensored by "barbarians")
Ha ha ha, get it?.....

Hentai and the Japanese: A Comparison

Hentai is commonly the exact opposite of what goes on in the slitty-eyed, Asian, IRL world.

  • In a hentai, the girl is almost always a voluptuous, curvy, innocent girl with lush, thick hair which can be any colour in the spectrum, but commenting on said unusual hair colour is almost nonexistant. True to the anime style, she has fucking gigantic shiny bug eyes, and tits that can be perfect in many different ways; peach-sized cute little titties everyone wants to squeeze, to realistic implants the size of watermelons which never sag. This is a stark contrast to irl, where Asian girls are skanky whores who have disgusting bodies averaging a mere 5'2" tall, with thin, greasy hair, small assymetrical tits (generally one innie nipple and one outie), untamed pubic hair which looks like it's never seen soap, and a horizontal vagina to match their slanty eyes.
  • Guys are usually tall and muscular but not too meaty. They usually come equipped with a cock the size of your upper arm, not to mention a bishie-like face. In real life, Japanese men are short and bald with a microcock, and you can forget the bishie face.

The "Deed" of Hentai uncovered

  • Rule #1 of hentai, if it is potentially good, it will always be ruined!
  • During hentai sex, the male is able to fully please his partner, who, despite being raped and/or tortured, cries above all the pure ecstacy from having multiple intense orgasms and sweat running down her thick, supple thighs. Meanwhile, the guy unleashes gallons upon gallons of non-impregnatable cum either inside her, or over her, over 9000 times without becoming utterly exhausted like ALL MEN do in reality. The woman, who sounds like she is getting raped regardless of who she's fucking, never shuts up. The deed itself lasts for around a minute or up to 20 minutes with built-in timejumps, depending on how shitty the animation studio is.
  • Tentacle Rape, the one thing hentai is well known for, has two variations. In the first, the tentacles belong to a fucking ugly monster which appears before the girl who's blatently asking for it. In the second variation, there is no monster: tentacles just appear out of nowhere and begin to rape the girl. In both cases, the creature somehow actually gets sexual pleasure out of it and may or may not ejaculate half of the Pacific Ocean into her uterus.
  • Gangbangs almost always end with a massive bukkake at the end, where the female is literally drowned in semen. None of the rapists ever seem to care about venereal diseases, even when the female is covered in cum, combined with pissing, bleeding and shitting, not even if it's a random crowd. The guys always seem to take their turns without discussion, they never fight over who is going to fuck her first, or who's next turn it is. In the end they always insult the female, not that there's anything wrong with that point, even if she willingly offered herself to the males. ... and yet, for some reason, they never ever try to beat her face in, so she stops squeaking 24/7.
  • Most, if not all hentai depicts scenes that greatly resemble rape. And even when it's not rape, in the context of the scene, the characters still treat it like rape.
  • The girls always wear their sandnigger socks, regardless of the situation.
  • Only in hentai can a 12 year old boy have a horse's dick, a six pack and the ability to satisfactorily fuck his own mother.

This is the essence of Hentai.

Hentai hypothesis

Hentai is only watched by frustrated powerless nerds, who, having absolutely no ability to project their desires in real life, decide to wank to cartoons depicting bug-eyed cute, firm-bodied pre-teens getting fucked. They vent their frustration in failing to get laid by masturbating furiously to beautiful girls torn up and screaming in pain, from getting gangbanged in a hentai porn.

It is essentially the Cancer that is killing humanity, starting with the lowlifes.


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Also known as bondage. It just wouldn't be Hentai if there wasn't some gorgeous adolescent bound in a humanly impossible position, terror filling her huge eyes etc. because she can't possibly escape the heinous bukakeing she's about to get.


Basically imaginary characters, like a girl made entirely out of wax about to fuck a girl made out of paper. This genre is completely unnecessary, however, because pretty much all of hentai is a fantasy that could never happen IRL.


Futanari, sometimes shortened to "Futa", is basically a dickgirl. Said dickgirls are usually age 17-20, and some may be born with or without one. If without one, she notices one day she feels funny down there. She then discovers her clitoris has swollen up. Then, all of a sudden, it shoots out and grows to a dick bigger than the motherfucking fridge and begins jerking it off uncontrollably. Before long, she starts fucking people with it.


Yaoi basically just means "boy/boy love stories written by women for women. Said stories involve a man poking an effeminate bishie-girly-boy in the anus and sucking each other off because it's kawaii desu and shit. Girls who like Yaoi are called "fujoshi".


Gay hentai written by gay men for gay men. Like Yaoi, except it's actual gay porn (no dickgirls here) and features buff ass dudes with huge giganto-cocks.


Vanilla is that one pussy genre that everybody likes because it features a male and a female lead character fucking and "falling in love". BAWWWWW!! Serious Vanillaphiles, affectionately known as "vanillafags", hate Netorare and will rage whenever they're in view of one.


Netorare, often shortened to NTR, is the genre that Vanillafags hate the most. It's the act of seducing someone away from their partner.


There is no "textbook definition" of guro because it's short for "grotesque"/"gore" which could mean anything. But the recurring theme definitely consists largely of killing or decapitating naked animu girls, usually by means of big robots, huge ugly as fuck monsters, or twisted psychos with big fucking knives. Everyone of Japanese origin has fapped to guro, as it is the nation's top fetish along with sandnigger socks (stockings). And almost always with sexual overtones. Everyone knows seeing naked animu girls being torn apart is something that seriously needs to be made more erotic. Made with love just for you, the man who was first to learn that nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like jamming a five-inch knife up someone's cookie. For more guro, visit [gurochan]


One of the largest and most popular hentai genres ever, because it's something you can never hope to achieve. It basically just means that lots and lots of hot 16 year old virgin schoolgirls with tits the size of basketballs constantly want to fuck the shy introverted 13 year old boy, despite lacking any real personality.


Also affectionately known as "WINcest". Basically family members fucking other family members. Step-sibling and Cousin sex still count as Incest.


Basically "Lesbian love" and it's exactly what you'd expect: pretty girls scissoring each other like mad.


The sexual act of sticking your fingers up someone's asshole by surprise. Most commonly done by children in Japan as their version of first base. In dating, Kancho is Japan's equivalent of kissing. Having the girl shit on your fingers is the girl's way of reciprocating.


No comment.


Anything involving tentacles, whether it involves rape or not. But most usually does. It's a tradition in Japan, since censorship laws prohibit the showing of pubes and the male penis, hentai creators substitute the latter with bizarre alien tentacles, thus creating some serious lulz. Tentacle porn has a long history in Japanese art. You can bet that Cthulhu has an extensive collection of tentacle porn that measures to be about 700 gigabytes. Remember: Love is a warm tentacle.

By age

Toddlercon is for those Michael Jacksons out there that really like them young. I mean really young. I mean so young that they're still in nappies. So young they're fresh from their mother's vagina. Babyfuck is awwwwwright though.

Examples: Are under the investigation of the Party Van. You can help by googling up some pictures, or shooting up some Police irl

It's hentai child porn starring girls aged 5-16. All the girls must have either small tits or no tits at all, which makes them resemble shota, if it wasn't for the inwards dick, long hair and big shiny eyes.


Shotacon, like lolicon, is hentai child porn, but with underage boys.


They're finally grown up and now legal to pummel vaginas. Too bad they'd rather bang another guy's anus. Usually drawn to look like gay twinks.


Lesbian anime and manga. Not all of it is porn, but there's a lot of porn of it.



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