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The nigra Chris-chan himself.

Tedius Zanarukando is a 29 year old gay nigger who loves Final Fantasy. He has a long history of trolling message boards with his sexist beliefs. He has been banhammered at least 100 times. It is quite obvious he knows exactly what he's doing and that he treats all people fairly. Why, most people look up to him and say "I want to be that bastard".

The Tedius Zanarukando Doctrine

Tedius Zanarukando one day decided to write up all of his retarded beliefs.

The tenets

  1. Women should not be fashioned after men. Women should look feminine, not masculine. Women are not inherently like men. In order for romantic love to be a pleasant experience for men, female fashion must comply with male wishes, or otherwise it is hostile behavior. Female fashion that complies with male wishes is called girly girl fashion, and the opposite is called tomboy fashion. Girly girl fashion (such as long hair and skirts) is intrinsically modest and tomboy fashion (such as short hair and trousers) is intrinsically Jezebel. This tenet may sound sexist according to dominant culture, but it is a fact and for your own good. I detest women who look like men, and I do not accept that I am a sexist. You must not view this tenet, adherence to it, or celebration of female beauty as sexist. This rule is a basic element of human civilization. Tomboy fashion may be a tenet of feminist dogma, but it is hostile behavior and merits very disasterous moral consequences. Women should not make themselves unattractive to men or let others make them unattractive, nor should any authority encourage them to do so. Doing so flies against common sense and the normal, natural human desire to please, and it is not the female way. Being like SNK character King is hostile behavior. Women must not rely on personality alone to attract or charm men. Short hair is not the female way. Long hair is the only way to go for women. Women should wear at least bra-strap length hair. Very long hair is the most recommended and must not be frowned upon. Women should not cut off or have someone cut off their long hair, for that is not the female way. They should let their hair decide how long it will grow. No one should encourage any woman to cut or wear their hair short. Contrary to a myth, long hair is easier and more rewarding to take care of than short hair, and it is healthier too. If a source says "avoid long hair" or "do not wear your hair long" or "lose the long hair" or anything that connotes advocacy of short hair, then do not listen to them for they are liars. Long hair has no age limit, thus long hair is practical for any age whatsoever. Women should not wear trousers; that is not the female way. No authority figure should require women or girls to violate this tenet. You must not expel, punish, or terminate a female client or employee for wearing their hair long or for wearing skirts. Such act is called persecution of femininity. Hence, no authority figure should frown upon femininity. Brunettes are more attractive than blondes. Black hair is more beautiful than other hair colors. African-American, Hispanic, Arab, and Asian women look best with black hair. Authority figures, including parents, school faculty, bosses, church leaders, and heads of state, must respect femininity; thus they must not force any female follower to violate this tenet. Parents should raise girly girls, not tomboys. If the government forces violation of this tenet, the human race will go the way of the dodo. FACT
  2. There are some things that I am correct in that American culture is incorrect in. Feminist dogma and the nudity taboo are works of the Devil. Some things that feminists consider bad are actually good, and vice versa. Something that is sexist by feminist standards but is actually beneficial is called "beneficent sexism." Errors in American culture have existed in the past and still exist today. These errors include equation of nudity with sexuality and that of antifeminism with misogyny Such equations are wrong. FACT
  3. Waterbirth is better than orthodox childbirth. Waterbirth is gentle birth, and it is better practiced nude. People who were born via waterbirth always resolve disputes in a nonviolent way. FACT
  4. It is healthy to be attractive. Looks reflect health. For women, long hair is an indicator of health, and short hair is an indicator of sickness. If you look attractive, then you are likely to be healthy. If you look unattractive, then you are likely to be unhealthy. FACT
  5. Women must not press false charges against men. Differentiated gender roles are natural and must be exempt from governmental interference. It is wrong to believe that men are inherently oppressive or that men are oppressors of women. The feminist lie teaches that the genders are identical. Feminist laws do more harm than intended good. FACT
  6. I am opposed to censorship of the media of any kind. I am opposed to censorship and regulation of electronic games, motion pictures, or television programs in any form, including legislation, regulation, and dictation of taste in games. I condemn advocates of such practice, such as religious leaders, politicians, pro-censorship organizations, and lobbyists. No one should regulate adults' choice of entertainment on religious grounds or for children's sake. No one should intrude upon the rights of adults for the purpose of protecting the children. No one should deprive of the right of the majority to punish the transgressions of the minority. No one should force the majority to bow down because of the whims of the minority. No one should scapegoat any form of entertainment media or its industry or fanbase for aggression or criminal acts. No middle-aged or elderly parent should regulate their adult children's choice of entertainment on the basis of their religious beliefs. Censorship is defined as banning or restricting entertainment media from a home, city, or land for all ages. I condemn the doctrine that what people take in through their eyes or ears directly programs their hearts. The answer to crime, violence, or immorality in society is nudism and antifeminism, not censorship or misandry. I believe that the church and state should not be allowed to regulate the sale of computer or video games or other forms of media. I believe that what are termed "violent video games" have no negative psychological effect on young adults. Electronic games, motion pictures, and television programs do not promote violence, criminal acts, anarchy, illicit sexuality, or access to the occult. FACT
  7. Destructive legislation bears rotten fruits. I condemn unconstitutional or destructive laws/legislation. I opposed to grassroots organizations that lobby, petition, or campaign for such legislation. FACT
  8. I am opposed to victimless crime laws. The government should not be allowed to regulate the actions of people unless those actions impede on the rights of others. Victimless crime legislation is a passageway to the rise of a fascist regime. FACT
  9. The government should focus on malum in se crimes, not malum prohibitum crimes. OPINION
  10. The government should not be allowed to enforce religious beliefs. FACT
  11. Parents should not be allowed to enforce their religious beliefs on their children or anyone else. OPINION
  12. Female participation in the workforce is acceptable only when it is economically necessary. It is impossible for women to have full autonomy with men. Women should absolutely not work factory jobs unless they are female friendly, for women in factories merits disasterous moral consequences. It is risky for women to work in factories in conjunction with men. Women do not feel as comfortable in manufacturing jobs than they do at home or in office jobs. FACT
  13. Radical feminism does more harm than good. Radical feminists are enemies of the male sex. FACT and OPINION
  14. Body shame is not a family value. The nudity taboo is destructive and divisive, and has no social value. I view the human body as nothing to be hidden, unless the weather demands clothing. Hiding any part of the body in a setting where nudity is practical or requiring anyone to do so is called body shame (or body modesty, as its activists call it). Punishing someone for being nude is also body shame. Censoring access to non-sexual nudity is also body shame. It is all right to wear clothes to protect against the environmental elements, like cold weather, but is not all right to wear clothes for the sole purpose of body shame. God created nudity. Man created body shame. I support naturism, and I find it to be common sense. Unfortunately, posting images of nudity is not allowed on this forum, not because I do not like it, but because it is a violation of InvisionFree Terms of Service. The InvisionFree Terms of Service has a nudity taboo, deeming nudity "Prohibited Content." That Terms of Service thing has sent us the wrong message. Non-sexual nudity must be exempt from censorship and media content rating systems. Nudity is offensive only to people who are trained to be offended by it. Naturist lifestyle is the only way to go, thus common sense. Body modesty (or body shame) only adds to sexual interest and desire. Not saying that I am against women wearing clothing, but clothing makes women look older, emphasizing rather than hiding undesirable features. The birthday suit is the no. 1 outfit ever. Women look better and feel more comfortable nude than clothed, and what they do not realize is that there is freedom in nudity. Revealing attire is more sexually stimulating than full nudity. It is irrational and unconstitutional to prohibit naturist speech. If everybody were happier naked, the world will be a much better place to live. If America converts to a nudist society, America will become a far better place to live. In a nudist society, people who would have never talked to each in a textile society become intimate friends, because there is no initial judgement. Thus, the nudity taboo should be removed from all cultures, religion, and all on-line Terms-of-Service statements. Everyone, both male and female, should break free from body shame that has been rooted into us by society and our upbringing. However, this tenet does not outright rule out clothing. We should be nude when possible, but clothed when practical. FACT
  15. It is wrong to discriminate against men or view such discrimination as acceptable. Believing or teaching that discrimination against men is acceptable and that discrimination against women is unacceptable constitutes discrimination against men. Such teaching is called reverse sexist doctrine. FACT
  16. Ableism is like racism. Discrimination against autistic people is like discrimination against African Americans. FACT
  17. The U.S. criminal justice system is corrupt. FACT
  18. There should be money for employment, not warfare. OPINION
  19. Widescreen is the only way to go when watching motion pictures regardless of film format. FACT
  20. The elderly should live in retirement homes, not with their children. Young single men should live alone, not with their parents or legal guardians. Adult children who oppose their parents' religion, whether they have a disability or not, should not live with their parents. OPINION
  21. I am opposed to inhumane or destructive laws. Any law that is found to do more harm than intended good must not be enforced and must be repealed. Any legislative proposal that is found to do more harm than intended good must be blocked. FACT
  22. Microsoft is inferior to its competitors. OPINION
  23. Sony game consoles are superior to their competitors. OPINION
  24. In Fire Emblem, the Swordmaster class is superior to the Hero class. OPINION
  25. Companies should focus employment on younger demographics (especially vicenarians), not on older demographics (such as sexagenarians). FACT
  26. Offshoring of jobs to China or India does more harm than good. FACT
  27. I am opposed to my parents' religion, Jehovah's Witnesses, and its teachings. FACT
  28. I am opposed to the media teachings of AlMenconi.com. FACT
  29. I am opposed to Christian and Islamic fundamentalism. They are very oppressive and threatening. Christian and Islamic fundamentalism are both threats to civil liberties. They fly against common sense. Islamic fundamentalism is the greatest threat to world peace today. I am not against religion, but I am against fundamentalism. FACT
  30. I am opposed to puritanism. Puritanism flies against common sense. FACT
  31. The Federal Reserve must come to an end. FACT
  32. The advent of paper money leads to economic disaster. FACT
  33. I despise sepia photography. It is too archaic. I prefer color, but black and white is fine with me. I convert sepia to black and white. OPINION
  34. I encourage the idea of audiovisually updating old computer and video games to today's standards. OPINION
  35. Final Fantasy OSTs should be made available outside Japan. OPINION
  36. It is recommended that housing expenses should be at most 40% of your income. The term "housing expenses" is limited to rent and mortgage. They do not include utility expenses. FACT
  37. International copyright law does more harm than intended good. FACT
  38. You must not punish someone for telling the truth. That is the same as lying. FACT
  39. You must not feed the dragon. "Made in China" label lends itself inferior quality. Companies must not have their products manufactured in the People's Republic of China. No company should outsource manufacturing to the People's Republic of China. FACT
  40. Chip music is the worst sounding music ever, and it usually sounds unrealistic for the setting of a video game. OPINION
  41. Wal-Mart Corporation is a corporate monster. It must either change its ways or go out of business. FACT
  42. It is unwise to put business sense ahead of common sense. That leads to consumer frustration and uprising. FACT
  43. The care of human life, felicity, and liberty, and not their destruction, is the object of good government. Nannyism, which includes the destruction of human life, felicity, and liberty, is the object of bad government. FACT
  44. Mercy (or lenient justice) bears richer fruits than strict justice.FACT
  45. Boys and girls do not mix in academic settings; therefore, the classes should be sex segregated. Men and women do not mix in exercising facilities. FACT
  46. Women of color must not emulate the physical appearance of another ethnic group. Therefore, I am against skin whitening and emulating Caucasian facial features. FACT

Most of these beliefs are common sense. I know common sense very well. Before you can comment with me about tenet no. 1, keep in mind that I do not believe in romantic relationship. Regardless of your opinion, tenet no. 1 IS common sense, although it may sound sexist according to feminist dogma. Those who view it as sexist are called butch feminists.

  • A real woman is nice.
  • A real woman wears her hair long, never short.
  • A real woman wears skirts, never trousers.
  • A real woman is a nudist.
  • A real woman does not work in factories or warehouses.
  • A real woman is not a feminist.
  • A real woman does not hit a man.
  • A real woman does not rule over a man.
  • A real woman does not manipulate a man (or marry and then divorce a man with the intent to get him busted).

Women feel more comfortable in settings I consider female friendly than in settings I consider female unfriendly. Women look better and feel more comfortable naked than clothed.

Behavior that complies with the Tedius Zanarukando doctrine is called Tedian (or Zanarukandian) behavior. Behavior that violates the said doctrine is called un-Tedian (or un-Zanarukandian) behavior.

Tedian behavior (constructionism)

  • Women wearing their hair long
  • Women in skirts
  • White-collar or pink-collar men or women
  • Encouragement of femininity
  • True ideologies (e.g. masculism)
  • Rewarding people for their looks
  • Housewives
  • Naturism/nudism
  • Waterbirth (gentle childbirth in bathtub or swimming pool)
  • Libertarian upbringing
  • Nudist parenting
  • Intellectual freedom or media democracy (such as opposition to video game censorship)
  • Video games
  • Motion pictures
  • Television
  • Arranged or orchestrated music
  • Remaking video games to look and sound more realistic
  • Computer graphics making
  • Developing video games for technically sophisticated platforms
  • Color photography
  • Black and white photography
  • Music (listening to music, composing music, or playing music on an instrument)
  • Racial equality
  • Reimbursement of housing expenses
  • Housing expense to income ratio of at most 40%
  • Shopping at stores besides Wal-Mart
  • Honest business practices
  • Paying livable wages
  • Paying above minimum wage
  • Importing or exporting jobs between free countries
  • Putting common sense first
  • Constructive legislation (true or constitutional laws)
  • Sound science
  • Patriarchy
  • Mercy / lenient justice
  • Democracy / Libertarianism

Un-tedian behavior (destructionism)

  • Women wearing their hair boy short / Female haircutting or headshaving
  • Women in trousers (or pants in U.S. English)
  • Persecution of femininity (such as forcing females to wear their hair short or to wear pants)
  • Anti-male discrimination / Female superiority
  • Ableism (discrimination against people with a disability)
  • False ideologies (e.g. feminism)
  • False criminal accusations
  • Blue-collar women
  • Feminist dogma
  • Video game censorship
  • Impressionabilism
  • Prudery / nudity taboo / clothing compulsion
  • Orthodox childbirth (childbirth through labor or delivery in hospitals)
  • Developing video games for primitive platforms
  • Chip music
  • Authoritarian upbringing (e.g. strict Christian upbringing)
  • Racial inequality
  • Sepia photography
  • Greedy business practices
  • Price gouging
  • Usury
  • Salary caps / Paying unlivable wages
  • Deducting housing expenses from paycheck
  • Housing expenses exceeding 40% of income
  • Paying below minimum wage
  • Unfair trade
  • Exporting jobs to unfree or disapproved countries (e.g. China and India)
  • Shopping at Wal-Mart
  • Punishing someone for telling the truth
  • Junk science
  • Putting business sense first
  • Electoral fraud
  • Destructive legislation (bogus or unconstitutional laws)
  • Matriarchy
  • Strict justice
  • Tyranny / Oppression

Political agenda

My political agenda is to correct the errors of dominant culture. Part of that is to abolish nannyism (which includes video game censorship), religiofascism, feminist ideology, cultural misandry, and prudery (i.e. the nudity taboo). My political agenda is proven to make this world a much better place to live. Un-Tedian behavior is destructive, divisive, and disastrous to all society.

My three social demons are feminism, prudery, and pop culture censorship.


  • autarchanatrophe - authoritarian upbringing
  • beneficent sexism - anything that is actually beneficial but it is considered sexist solely by feminist dogma
  • bogus law - a law that does more harm than intended good
  • catharologanatrophe - strict purist upbringing, where children are like slaves and where parents are devoutly religious, where children are strictly shielded from modern culture and raised on a farm, and where television and video games are banned, and where the children are homeschooled, and where strict family values are taught. Example of such upbringing is the Stockdale household on the TV series Wife Swap.
  • dracanatrophe - strict upbringing, especially religious
  • dracotheanatrophe - strict religious upbringing
  • feed the dragon - to oursource manufacturing to the People's Republic of China; to buy products that are labeled as made in the People's Republic of China ("Made in (the People's Republic of) China" or "Made in (the) PRC")
  • femininitarianism - the belief that women must not fashion themselves after men, thus that they should wear their hair long and should not wear trousers
  • feminist dogma - the doctrine of feminist ideology, which beauty, femininity, and traditional family roles are regarded as sexist, and that women are superior to men in all or most things
  • female haircutting - the act of cutting women's hair short or shaving female heads. It is a violation of the TZ Doctrine tenet no. 1.
  • femitonsure - another term for female haircutting, especially in female monasticism.
  • gender baiting - The act of equating antifeminism or encouragement of femninity or feminine beauty with misogyny
  • housing expenses - Living expenses related directly to housing. This term is restricted to rent, mortgage, mortgage insurance, hazard insurances, and property taxes. It does not include utility expenses, medical expenses, or other expenses not directly related to housing.
  • impressionabilism - the doctrine that everyone of all ages is impressionable.
  • intellectual freedom - the freedom from intrusion upon one's freedom of expression, especially choice of entertainment media or creativity of entertainment.
  • legislative censorship - the use of the legal system to control freedom of speech. It is a violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  • mislaw - a law that is designed to cause harm to society
  • misprohibition - the act of prohibiting something that is actually good
  • nannyism - the belief that the responsibilities attributed to parenthood should be the responsibilities of a given government. Also known as parentalism, parental socialism, and paramanism.
  • natural nudist - a nudist raised with a nudist upbringing; a lifelong nudist
  • nudist convert - a nudist raised with a textile upbringing
  • nudity taboo - the cultural tenet that everyone should wear clothes under all or almost all circumstances and that nudity in person or in the media is offensive
  • orthodox childbirth - the method of childbirth practiced in most of the United States, using a hospital bed, with aggressive labor causing birth trauma
  • paramanacracy - a government that assumes the responsibilities attributed to parenthood; a nanny state
  • partially natural nudist - a nudist born in a textile household that later converted to nudism
  • persection of femininity - the act of punishing or terminating a female client or employee for wearing feminine fashion, such as long hair or feminine clothes, and forcing (especially by threat of expulsion, termination, or disciplinary action) that female to wear tomboyish fashion, such as short hair or masculine clothes. It is a violation of the TZ Doctrine tenet no. 1.
  • paramanacracy - a nanny government; a status quo that the government assumes the responsibilities attributed to parenthood
  • prudery - the act of repressing nudity, scantily-cladness, or female beauty
  • reverse sexism - the belief that the female sex is superior to the male sex; discrimination based on that belief
  • reverse sexist doctrine - the belief that discrimination against men is acceptable but that discrimination against women is unacceptable
  • strict justice - the act of inflicting terminal punishment (such as capital punishment or termination of employment) for minor offenses
  • terminal punishment - capital punishment, lifelong incarceration, or job termination in real life, or banhammering in cyberspace; indefinite punishment;
  • Tedian behavior - behavior that is agreeable to Tedius Zanarukando, thus productive of choices in life
  • theanatrophe - religious upbringing
  • truthful sexism - sexist beliefs that are ultimately true
  • un-Tedian behavior - behavior that quarrels with Tedius Zanarukando, thus restrictive of choices in life
  • video game censorship - the use of state or group power or religious power to control or regulate the development, sale, purchase, distribution, or consumption of electronic games based on the evaluation of the game's content
  • waterbirth - the method of childbirth whereas a woman gives birth in a bathtub or pool full of warm water

Political agenda (more)

  1. To abolish tomboyish female fashion. Women must not be fashioned after men.
  2. To abolish video game censorship and scapegoating. Censorship is not the answer to violence or criminal activity in society.
  3. To abolish oil dependency. Oil dependency promotes economic disaster.
  4. To abolish the Made in China manufacturing regime. Chinese-made products are no-count.
  5. To abolish body-negative culture. Body-negative culture is destructive and divisive.
  6. To abolish the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve promotes economic disaster.

I am aware that tenet #1 of the TZ Doctrine is controversial and can be mistaken for misogyny.


I do not believe romantic relationship. Wives come and go, but motion pictures and electronic games are forever.


—Tedius Zanarukando, ace romantic

Saying that I am a sexist is like saying that God is a sexist.


—Tedius Zanarukando is a fucking retard

I will not get over this! I am very shocked about this. If you do not accept my contest, I will do a legal threat against you. I want to be your friend. I am NOT a sexist. You need to change your mind. The Internet IS a democracy, not a dictatorship.


—Tedius Zanarukando, after being banned from a forum

I am getting tired of all those barbaric, negative comments about me. I am getting tired of being banned from a message board. I want to turn things around for the better of the boards I attended. The feminist movement of the past still has an impact on the message boards, and it is a growing issue that must be addressed. Me discussing feminism is nothing new at message boards. I first discussed female fashion and feminism at FFLegend.com back in 2002 and 2004. It is only recently that there have been crackdown on expounding my opinion on feminism, thus the demon of online feminism has been born. Because of this demon, I may not want to register to another message board again. I had enough of being judged based on radical feminist dogma, such as the radical feminist definition of the word "sexism." This crackdown is unnecessary and ridiculous. Females, as well as males, can be friends with me. I am not trying to be strict on you. I do not believe in strict justice. Lenient justice bears richer fruits than strict justice. I was patient WimminzSuck and AYRA ROX, but my patience reached its limits that I had to ban them. I feel sorry for those who claimed to be offended by me at FinalFantasyForums.net. I would like to pray for them, for I still love you all at FinalFantasyForums.net. I love you all more than you ever know. If you could give me a good enough chance, you will understand me. You should stop judging me too fast. Heaven, I need a hug.


—Tedius Zanarukando, after being banned from a forum

I was not the one responsible for the ban. The ban was only a set up. WildCard of Aura and FFLegend set me up to get me banned. He strongly offended me with extreme, religious anti-Final-Fantasy content, which is banned at this forum, and it is even worse than what is ever posted at this forum. He was saying that Final Fantasy should be recalled and every Final Fantasy game disc and cartridge be destroyed and every ROM deleted in the name of God. That post was an extreme threat against Square Enix. WildCard is indeed an enemy of Square Enix, and he wants Square Enix to go out of business. Recalling is worse than restriction. He is on the side of Jack Chick Empire. Therefore, he is definitely not allowed at TZVGC.


—Tedius Zanarukando on banning conspiracie

If everyone were happier naked, there would be no more indicents of users getting banned from any Internet forums.


—Tedius Zanarukando on how to stop being banned

Not every site or social network service is going to banhammer me. Not all people hate me. The people who hate me are corrupt. The people I got in trouble with online are only persecutors. Therefore I am a cybermartyr.


—Tedius Zanarukando: CYBERMARTYR

I am someone who is bashed for their beliefs, ie a CYBERMARTYR


—Tedius Zanarukando getting Butthurt by radical feminists, AKA people who disgaree with him

Rampant Feminism caused AIDS.


—Tedius Zanarukando on AIDS and Feminism

SorceressEdea7 is nothing but a feminist beast who wants to destroy the world, hence this user is an evil feminist and a hypocrite


—Tedius's response After an FFF member sent him an angry message

Tedius cannot stand criticism, and will BAWWWWWW when his beliefs are shot down. Not only that, but he fears being dominated by women, and knows where they belong. A true hero.

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