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Technical virgin

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Nuns are technical virgins.
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Single Catholic women are technical virgins.
Sweet girl-next-door types often are technical virgins.

A technical virgin is a sadly misguided individual who believes they can continue to ride the Virginmobile by allowing the cock in every hole but the magic one.

A quick source of cheap lulz can usually be had by pointing out to such people the complete idiocy of the idea that putting the cock in the ass, for example, is somehow more pure than regular sex. Then again, WWJD?

The fact of the matter is that the concept of gaining respect by being a "Technical Virgin" is countered (and overweighted) by the fact that you'd take a cock in your ass any day of the week.

This fever of stupidity is endorsed by insecure 16 year old girls and religious women such as nuns who live on the American continents. No respectable European lady can begin to comprehend the degree of insanity that lies behind this, as no one in Europe still holds medieval moronic beliefs that the cunt is, in some way other than being moist and warm, "special". (which is why the Vatican is located in Italy) It is well known that European girls don't care which hole you put it in, as long as one is being filled. It's a given that every European girl is plowed by her father before her 6th birthday, so intercourse is very mundane for them. Having said that, every year Asian, European and Australian men travel to the Americas in droves to experience the glory that is The American Girl Blowjob. Comrades, amirite???

In South America, many girls really do believe that taking it in the ass is better than having sex like a normal person. This behaviour is acceptable and encouraged however, as Latina wimmin tend to have plush asses built for cock plunging.

Fellatio: Technical virgins will do ATM (ass-to-mouth) and they will give straight BJs, but in either case they never, never swallow. All technical virgins are spitters.

"We <3 ass sex."

Technical Virginity in Action

There's an urban legend that 99% of Catholic school girls do anal, so they can remain technical virgins in the eyes of God, as well as the priest in the confessional. In reality, it's 166.7% (half do double anal and a third of those do triple anal). Girls who attend all-girl Catholic high schools often experiment with lesbianism, another practice that keeps them technical virgins. End result is many end up bi-sexual by time they get to college or join the work force. Many men's ideal woman.

While anal intercourse is the obvious hole of choice, other acts also qualify. Shy, feminine girls can't always be called a cocktease because they are just naive, living a sheltered life or having strict parents. Their typical date might include kissing, necking, even light petting. Whether seduced by the male, or their own curiousity, the techical virgin will undress, perform oral sex (both fellatio and cunnilingus), use toys, get finger-banged, allow other techniques but ALWAYS stop short of penis penetration, to maintain their technical virgin status. Unfortunately, that status is short-lived since many men wouldn't stop.

Technical virgins can still have fun.

i am still a virgin, but recently i began seriously seeing someone, and we are sexually active as of late. we have done anal sex 4 times, but none of these times he actually came. it was my first time doing this and he said i was doing everything right. we tried me on top, facing him, back to him, doggy style...but no cum. now, he is 40, whereas i am 17 (and please, don't leave me any "omg be careful!!" comments. been there, done that.) the problem is that since i have no experience past 3rd base, i really do not know how to react to this. i love him very much and want to have anal sex, and even have him take my virginity, but i don't want to be wondering the whole time "is he going to cum this time?!"


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