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Techa is the male version of Summoner Yuna from Adelaide, South Australia. He is a weeaboo, Nintendo Fanboy that attends Australian Conventions. He's well known for Owning Noobs and Rocking Out, though he barely does either due to being a 16-year-old girl in a teenage boy's body.

Techa is known to noob up local forums by claiming that he owns noobs, although he's known to get knocked out of the AVcon tournaments within the first rounds by CHEETUURS. While attending AVcon, he's seen sporting a NINTENDO DS GUILD SHIRT which has "TECHA" print on his back in large letters, with the initials "TEC" on the front, standing for "The Elderly Camels".

Techa on YouTube

Techa has had a YouTube account since July 2006, where he posted 1337 ownage videos of him practicing for a smash bros tournament at AVcon. All of his videos are butthurt and should not be watched unless you're in need of some dire lulz

Techa practices some hardcore Smash Bros combos!!!
One of the reasons why 4chan's /b/ board is dying.
Techa lays some phat rhymes at a school assembly.
Techa saying hello to the Internets.

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