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Preparing for the Rape to come.

Taxes are a financial charge or levy on an individual or legal entity created and designed by the Jews to support infrastructure projects, government agencies, and negros. Taxes penalize those who work by taking their stuff and giving it to people who don’t work. Taxes, along with Death are the only two certainties in life, unless you are gay which means that the third certainty of life is AIDS and is a precursor to Death.



  • Pronunciation:

(tæk sez)

  • As a noun:
  1. Removal of charity by gunpoint.
  2. Where the government takes your money to perform a duty you should have done anyways. Once the government has the money, the duty is not performed, or performed unsatisfactorily.

Use taxes in a Sentence:

Whenever I see lazy Puerto Ricans I think of how my taxes paid for their health care and welfare.

  • As a verb:
  1. To drain.

Use taxes in a Sentence:

Just thinking about the 1040 forum taxes my constitution.


Romans were known to be excellent tax collectors
It must be April 15th

In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes


—that dude on that 100 dollar thing

To Tax comes from the Latin root word “tangere” which means to anally rape with a chainsaw. Nobody is quite sure who started this form of theft, but many scholars believe that taxes were initially invented by the Egyptians around 3000 BC. It went something like this:

  • Pharaoh needs new pyramid or monument built.
  • Pharaoh sends out his minions to collect money for monument.
  • Pharaoh’s subjects give money to the minions. Those who refuse to pay are beaten and robbed anyways. Those without anything to give are either placed in prison or made into slaves. Not all taxes, especially back then, were in the form of money, mostly it was in the form of grain, farm animals, or blow jobs.
  • Pharaoh combines all of the loot into a big pile, takes his cut, then shares it out amongst his friends. Some of the booty is used to make the pyramid.


When there's a single thief, it's robbery. When there are a thousand thieves, it's taxation.


—Old, but wise saying

Taxation has four main purposes, these are Revenue, Redistribution, Repricing, and Representation. None of these purposes matter much considering the fact that all of it is redistributed to some non-working fuck who lays around on his couch watching television all day on your dime.

There are those, who have been convinced to the point where they find paying taxes as a moral obligation to live in society implying that everyone had the choice to live in society. (FUN FACT: America didn't always have direct taxation.) In fact, Americans have been so brainwashed to the point that if anyone questions the way of taxation, these tax-lovers will get so pissed off that they'll scream and tell the questioner to leave and go to Somalia. (ANOTHER FUN FACT: these people never left the US themselves.) Americans believe that tax-evaders are worse than terrorists. (YET ANOTHER FUN FACT: The Founding Fathers were tax-evaders.) Speaking against taxation in America is like calling Muhammad a pig-fucker in Mecca.

Types of Taxation

1040 form. America's favorite dildo when rolled up.
1040EZ form. Its for those who are poor and want money back.

Taxation with representation ain't so hot either.


—Another wise old saying.

There are two main types of taxation. One is direct tax, which means you have to pay a set amount every year. The other type of taxation is indirect tax, which is when they rape you when you go to buy a pack of cigarettes.

In fact, there really aren't two different types of tax and this whole page should just re-direct to rape anyways, because that is what taxes are. Rape.

How Taxes Effect You

couple hundred more of these and I can get a beavertail
HOLY SHIT!!!111!!! you are god!
Welfare mothers, angry about tax cuts
Americans spend 4 months of the year earning money to pay taxes...and 4 months of looking at this guy.

The taxpayer - that's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination.


—Ronald Reagan - noted tax expert

Since you are the low man on the taxation totem pole, you, and your peers, are the only ones who are effected by taxation. When a tax is levied against a business, they just raise their pricing to defer the money that they are losing. If that does not work and the company is still not making money, they then go and lower the amount of money they pay out to their employees. Finally, if that still doesn’t work, the employer will lower the benefits that employees receive to further cut their tax cost.

Even if you do not work, this still effects you. Since you have to go out and buy products or services, now you have to deal with the employees of taxed companies. Since they are pretty much pissed off about their lack of wages and benefits, you get shitty service and higher prices.

If, you happen to be lucky enough to be rich, you support everybody., and your leader who claims to support the working class like a good left-winger can buy his third house.

How Elected Officials Use Tax Money

Average receipent of a tax refund

Contrary to popular belief, only 00.000000000000001% of the money that is stolen from you goes to benefit your country/state/city/region/etc. The rest of the 99.999999999999999% goes to,

Taxes in Canada

In the great land of Canada, the two types of taxes are the goods and services tax (gst) plus the provincial sales tax (pst), combined into the wonder all in one Harmonized sales tax( Hst). For years the rate for the gst was a standard 7% , but then cowboy harper stepped in and lowered it to 6% and then 5%. MOST people would be happy over this, however since the change, the rate for New Brunswick went from 15% to 13%, making use of millions of more pennies every year and pissing off people when they empty out their pockets. Thanks

Ethical Basis for Taxes

Page 1345 of the United States Tax Code - Explaining how to deal with delinquent taxpayers.

Did you ever notice that when you put the words "The" and "IRS" together, it spells "THEIRS?"


—Yet another wise old saying

The people who make up the tax laws and then carry them out make a case that taxes are ethical as they are used for the public good.

Examples of how some of the 2008 Tax Monies are being used:

  • Big Dig Project, Massachusetts: 14.6 billion dollars to build a 3.5 mile tunnel
  • 7.5 million dollars spent on wine research
  • 5.5 million for people to visit farms in Ohio. Was termed “Innovative Food Technology”
  • 14 million dollars to research pasture land in Utah
  • 4.6 million dollars to “increase the public image of beer” by the National Hops Institute
  • 1.7 million dollars given to the Ben Franklin Turkey fund…they still want to make the national bird the Turkey and get rid of the Bald Eagle.

Tax Software

I have been really sick. When turbo tax sent my 3rd rejection notice I just sat and cried, not only about the money I lost but I could not get any help from anyone.


—Merl of Ainsworth NE

There are many ways to file taxes via the internet or by using various software. However, when the United States Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geitner, cannot file his own taxes with TurboTax, and even ends up under investigation, you can see how helpful these programs and websites actually are to the average taxpayer.

Here is a list of popular tax software websites that look like they were designed by the same people who make porn websites. On these links, you will be able to find tax software to do your taxes. <---or you could just click that link, hint hint.

While all of these programs do just about the same thing, they are all prone to their own foibles. Sometimes the user is better off just not paying their taxes at all rather than to put up with the hoops they have to jump through.

Here are some negative testimonials:

Turbo Tax has advertised $29.95 to file state, I filed both Fed and State, was returned twice with no reason, I submtted it a 3rd time, was approved, but than I charged additional $34.95 for re filing. I never changed anything the 4 times it was submitted.


—Jaime commenting on TurboTax

I paid $59.95 for the Deluxe verion with free efile. Sure, the efile was free but they charged me $29.95 to process my refund through Santa Barbara Bank!


—Dorothy, commenting on TurboTax

the worse part about turbo tax is that there is no way to get in contact with them. no number to call reach a person to to talk to or anything, to me that is messed up. i have to mail all of my paperwork to the IRS even though i had already paid turbo tax my fee for using their services.


—Jeymi, another disgruntled user

DO NOT USE TURBO TAX ONLINE! I am VERY disenchanted with this service. The free e-filing isn't free!! I feel as though I've been nickeled and dimed by this company.


—Amanda, who filed online

I spent $50 for a product that doesn't work.


—David, who, despite being cool, doesn't use TAX SLAYER any more

Taxes Around the Internet

There are several web messageboards dedicated to helping taxpayers and to giving out free information regarding tax laws. The main problem with this is that anybody can jump online at the local library and ask the most idiotic questions imaginable. Here are some of those web messageboards:

Gallery of Stupid Questions

It is astounding what people think they can get away with. Also, it is quite amazing that grown adults still think of the government as "a friend."


You don't have to pay taxes because they are voluntary and illegal!!!

Typical family preparing a tax return while some whore does taxes in her bikini

Gallery of Raep

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