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    Taurin Fox

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    Oh, my fucking Christ.
    This photoshop is less disgusting than the original.

    Taurin Fox (real name Matt Willard) is a furry artist. He is perhaps known for the image to the right which is known for making 2/3 of ED sick on sight--he claims that it is male, but why does it have tits? He finds a spiritual connection to the fox and often fantasized about being a fox. He has a large gallery of yifftastic images.

    He also works in computer animation. One of his animations is titled Taurin and the Yiffing Machine which is basically a rip-off of the IT from South Park. No, srsly. Oh wait, he doesn't do porn no more.


    "A large number of my images are sexually oriented. This is because I feel there is a strong connection between sexuality and spirituality. (Note: Rasputin thought this too) On the surface, some of the images may appear to be "just about sex" or maybe even "pornography" (this is a dirty word by the way when referring to the work of a visual artist ;) But this really isn't the case in my work. I feel that there is a certain inner-energy associated with sexuality, and this is kind of my way of expressing that energy. I believe that through this energy, its possible to completely understand one self, and that the energy itself can be focused in other directions, particularly creativity."

    This argument would be more valid if 90% of his images weren't porn. (Note: Taurin Fox's description of Rasputin as a spiritual sex machine comes from the 1978 song "Rasputin", in which sexuality was added to the story to appeal to the African American Populace during the 70's. Rasputin would never amount to furfaggotry anyway.) His images not shown here contain rape, vore, and possibly some shitting dick nipples. W and the Republican party would do well to get ahold of this page. Because being hated by furries is an excellent campaign slogan.

    THIS IS NOT Pr0n!

    No porn here, guiz! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Taurin's Reaction to this Article

    Taurin's reaction to his ED article.

    In order to prove how little he cares about the immature, bigoted article - Taurin actually briefly joined the ranks of ED:


    -Clears throat- Listen People! This World is of no moral value if the least we find our fun by wasting it prosecuting Furries like Me! I say that it is you that cannot accept us that will have the most trouble because realizing the distinctive amount of pressure you're under to mock us there are more of us in number ALL AROUND THE NATION. leading to the diplomacy of one thought and one thought alone! Stand Up For What You Believe In! ~*Taurin_Fox*~


    His user page

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