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Tarisai opens her mouth real wide for the judges
not fake at all

Tarisai Vushe is an Australian Idol contestant who was booted off Last Thursday as the person who came 5th. When she was kicked off, she yelled and screamed at all of the judges and had a real hissy fit, because she felt that they were all trying to sabotage her chances of success.


She had been called fake because she kept saying "thank you" all of the time whenever the judges said anything. So when she had a hissy fit, they said it was a "fake hissy fit". She is apparently threatening a lawsuit over the whole thing. She has also claimed that she was attacked because of black person, because people were jealous at her awesome singing, or because of the whole Today Tonight smear campaign that suggested that the whole of Australian Idol was rigged because of the amount of people that were involved in the Hillsong Church that made it to Australian Idol. Her hissy fit is perhaps the biggest hissy fit ever seen on TV, and she will be remembered forever as the person that got that upset at being called fake, ironically for not getting upset enough in the past.

Her songs

Her full "discography" (she hasn't actually released anything, these are on You Tube for what she performed on the TV show)

The Hillsong church scandal


An Australian TV show called Today Tonight ran a story called "Hillsong church is rigging Australian Idol". See the video here & here. Just in case you're not aware of just how ridiculous it is, a different TV show called The Chaser's War on Everything ran a joke based on it here and with a special tribute here.

If you'd rather some written text on it rather than a few jerkoffs talking, try reading these articles: Hillsong church to sue Australian Idol over vote rigging claims, Australian Idol doesn't mind Hillsong Church votes, Ten, Hillsong refute connection.

Actually it keeps going on and on. And don't forget, that's just the first scandal!

Oh, you want a summary? Basically, Tarisai kept on saying how God had made her so wonderful, and God would make her win, and so forth, and everyone got so sick of her saying how she was so God-damn wonderful that they started up this idea that she was using her church to rig votes! It did actually list 4 of the top 7, indeed a 5th one was vaguely mentioned too. But we all know it was all about her. She was the only bible-basher amongst them.

Tarisai is fake scandal

If that wasn't enough, then Tarisai had to endure people saying she was fake. This was apparently because whenever any of the judges said that she was crap, she'd smile sweetly and say "thank you" and then afterwards would rip their fucking heads off when the cameras weren't on! (see below) That's apparently called "fake" (what? these guys have never heard of sarcasm?) The scandal started off when some radio caller on 2DayFM called up when she was on air and called her fake. Then that night she did a performance that was meant to prove that she wasn't fake. Only the judges then said she was fake. She ultimately got voted off that very night. Which then leads on to our 3rd scandal.

Oh for some footage, see the radio interview:


Moar scandals

The scandals just won't stop! After all of this we had the Tarisai attacking Natalie (another contestant) scandal, the Matt Corby (another contestant) had a tantrum too but his wasn't televised live on national TV while Tarisai's was scandal, the Tarisai was only picked on because she is black scandal and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

Various You Tube responses

Internets relevance - teh bloggers

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