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    Tanner Weed

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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
    You wish you were this cool.
    I bet 4chan is easy to hack!


    - Tanner Weed, moments before having his own words shoved so far up his autistic ass that his inbred grandchildren felt it.

    Tanner 'Jinx' Weed, aka TwiggyChan is a 17 year old Autistic lulzcow who lives in Balgonie,Sk. and spends his lonely nights masturbating to wholesome pornographic images and videos, as well as attempting to be a troll, when in actuality his asspie disposition prevents him from even spelling correctly, let alone insulting anybody. One fateful day, he posted a video in which he declared war on /b/. Needless to say we all know what happened next. The funny thing about Tanner is the fact that no matter what you say to him, in the end he always thinks he's the one in the right, even when he is clearly not. He is also racist as fuck, but more on that later. Tanner's main problem stems from his lack of intelligence, and his chronic USI, which both impede him from reaching his inevitable rise.

    The thread that started it all:

    A Tale of Two Tards

    On November 5th, 2012, Tanner Weed and an unknown accomplice decided to make their pathetic lives known to 4chan and started a thread on /b/ in which Tanner claimed that he was more intelligent, sophisticated, and important to the human race than anyone else on the board. This didn't go over well with 4chan. They immediately responded to his attack by telling him to GTFO. He, of course, did not comply. Instead he made threats to take down 4chan for good. It is yet to be seen if he will, or even could actually act upon these threats, but for the moment, they seem more idle than his feeble mind.

    Operation: DrowningTheWasp

    Unsurprisingly, after Tanner repeatedly made threats to hack 4chan through his YouTube account "DrowningInWasps", they got fed up and decided to take action. In a mere 15 minutes, all of Tanner's precious hugbox account was compromised faster than you could say newfag. He proceeded to finally shut his mouth and, as of the time of writing, not post a single youtube video about it. Despite the fact that all of his youtube videos have been deleted, along with his channel, an effort is being made to restore all that was lost, so future generations can see just how retarded he truly was.

    Tanner Weed: Racist, Nazi, Musician?

    His actual iPod background. Not kidding.
    Tanner in a past life?

    Something you may not know about Tanner Weed upon first glance is the fact that he fancies himself a bit of a Nazi. He has shared this view with many people he knows, and stands firmly on the belief that Jewish people are a waste of life (unlike him of course, because that would be ridiculous) and also holds strong to Communist beliefs, as seen by the hammer and sickle flag which was frequently featured in the background of his youtube videos. Of course, he couldn't afford to go out and buy a real flag, so he just duck taped a printed off picture of it onto his bedroom wall. Another thing you may not know about Tanner FUCKING Weed is the fact that he is an accomplished musician, specializing in Lamb Of God cover bands, and has a vocal range the likes of which you've never heard before and never will again. His bands include the ill fated Rest, and his new project, An Arrow To The Knee. He's no slouch when it comes to interviews either:

    The Worst Interview Ever

    To be honest...uh..how we st- how I started out, well-before-well technically,well, not to leave anyone out..


    Tanner Weed - A true genius.

    Moar Metal Than Thou

    Tanner only listens to the finest Black Metal. His favorite artists include Skrillex, Mayhem, and Christian and The hedgehog Boys. But his favorite vocalist of all is Chris Barnes. The reasons for this are unknown, but the reason is thought to be that Tanner finds arousal and inspiration in how awful Chris's vocal delivery is, and strives to be just like him when -or if- he grows up. He also loves the bands Torsofuck, Bloodbath, Torture Killer, Dr. Acula, Relexion,and other bands that nobody has ever heard of.

    Tanner Weed and the bitches

    When it comes to Women, Tanner is an all around player. He gets all the finest ladies. A self proclaimed "Chubby Chaser", Tanner will gladly take any fat bitches off of your hands. His sexual adventures include Anal intercourse followed by eating of female excrement, ass to vagina penetration, and even sucking a few cocks. But it's all in fun for Tanner. Below is a gallery of Tanner's past paramours, but be warned: it isn't pretty.

    Butterface 101 With Tanner Weed

    Tanner's Response To The Page

    Straight From The Horses Mouth

    It just proves time and time again..the little amount of knowledge they have on me.


    Tanner Weed - We just got told.

    Tanner is a real hero

    On November 12, 2012 at around 9:00 PM, Tanner Weed, while on live group Skype chat attemped to become An Hero by ingesting a packet of 02 Oxygen Absorber which was found in a package of Beef Jerky which was purchased at a 7-11 three hours prior. Unfortunately, it did not wind up harming him. Pictures of the chat session are below.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    "I Feel Wet":The Video He Didn't Want You To See

    On October 31st, 2012 Tanner Weed got drunk off his ass(pergers) during a party that got out of hand. This footage was taken directly after he stood up only to fall flat on his ass and knock over a large group of bar stools. Also of note is the fact that he has severe liver problems and did not bother to tell anybody present that he could be killed by overindulgent behaviors such as binge drinking. Leave it to our Tanner to make an Asinine Spectacle out of himself. This whole situation is made even lulzier when one is told exactly how much he drank: after only 2 shots of Vodka and 3 shots of Rum, he found himself descending into a drunken stupor.

    Where's That Nick Kid?



    Tanner Weed - On The Feel.

    Oh, and Nick was an underage dude he was hitting on earlier that night.

    After The Shitstorm

    After the epic trolling which ED brought his way, Tanner made his first smart decision; lay low. He deleted most online accounts save for his PSN, and virtually disappeared from the internet. Through hours of painstaking research, it has been discovered that he has made various appearances in seemingly unrelated YouTube Videos, and that he has taken up acting as a pastime.

    Tanner Weed, Singer, Actor, Autist.


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