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Tacgnol, not to be confused with Shortcat, is the long awaited challenger to Longcat. It is prophesised that there will be an epic battle for the universe and all eternity, the Catnarok, that will take place on Caturday. The outcome of this will bring the age of Tacgnol. Tacgnol's bastard child/cousin is Tactrohs.

Other names

Before Anonymous settled on the name Tacgnol, it was also known as names such as Blongcat and Stretch Puss. These names will most likely live on in a form much like how fags refer to Cockmongler as Grinman. Thus, another ideal way to troll /b/ is to refer to Tacgnol as Stretch Puss, Blongcat or the epic Gnoltac. They've caught onto the Grinman thing, at fucking last. It'll take some time before /b/'s two shared brain cells make this connection, though you'd be a retard to put money on that.

The progression of the prophecy of Catnarok.

The Book of Raptor Jesus

There are two versions of which Tacgnol fall under. One being the light of win surrounded by fail in 4chan, and the other being an evil prophecy that may destroy Longcat in all its glory.

  • 1. The Light

From the book of Shittingdicknipples I

And Raptor Jesus looked down upon his /b/rethren and took pity in their cries to kill the cancer. Wailed his disciples, "Why, O Raptor Jesus hast thou forsaken us?"

And Raptor Jesus said unto them, "My /b/rethren, you have not been forsaken. I have merely been fapping to JB and hentai."

"Have you forgotten about your people all the meanwhile? For our house hath been filled with both fail and faggotry!" spake the /b/tards.

"Nay, my minions! Fear not! For I shall send unto thee a new meme. A meme created of win, of awesome, and of God. And with this blessed meme I grant unto thee, ye shall be saved of the cancer and AIDS in the pool!"

And thus, before the very eyes of the /b/tards, came their new meme.

The /b/tards did cower and grovel at the mightiness of this meme, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Spake the /b/tards to Raptor Jesus, through their fear, "What name dost thou giveth to this glory, O sweet Raptor Jesus?"

And Raptor Jesus did grin as he said unto his followers, "LoL! For this creation, spawned from the pit of win and awesome, shall be known as LONGCAT!"

And there was much rejoicing.

  • 2. The Darkness

A long time ago, when Longcat was discovered and became a legend, all was good and many prospered under the length of the feline.

However, trouble came, and like all fads on 4chan, a challenger would eventually appear to claim the throne. Many refused to believe such a thing could ever exist because Longcat is loooooong. So they all concluded that whatever it could be must be evil...

The name this thing went by was Tacgnol.

As prophesied by King Raptor Jesus, Tacgnol, the Anti-Longcat, has arrived.

The 1st part of the prophecy has come to us. Now only time will tell. One thing is sure: Gnooooooooool si Tacgnol.

Trohs si Tactrohs


Tactrohs is the antithesis of Shortcat and the cousin of Tacgnol. The teachings of Raptor Jesus are scant on the origins and prophecies of Tactrohs, although it is well known that they are intimately related to Tacgnol. /b/ desperately awaits the return of Raptor Jesus for enlightenment and moar JB.

A new rival

  • 7chans fail attempt to create a Tacgnol image like this Longcat one


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