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That Thing There, Retired Sysop, at your service

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This user is a member of the Hitler ED Youth and an
Aryan ED Superman fit for altar boy treatment via sysops.

You can help by adhering to their every whim and desire and learning your place, you dirty Jew.


If my phone is on, you can spy on me by clicking here. It'll pin-point where I am. Probably your mother's house.

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Userboxes! Yay!


50px This user gave to ED during the ED-A-THON 2009.
You can has a free peanuts, though :3 This user flies airplanes for a living. No, you may not have a free ride.
45px This user plays Forumwarz instead of trolling the real internets
50px This user plans to relocate to the Empire of Unitinu.
Ministry of lol.png This user is a Dignitary in the Ministry of Lol.
Dancing sandwich.gif
This user contributed to the Dancing Sandwich war
CBP This user bought adspace during the ED-A-THON 2009.
SHRT This user bought 2 really awesome shirts during the ED-A-THON 2009.

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Links and such

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