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    TR Wolf

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    "I know i'm probably not your type, very few people want to play with someone like me, I understand if you wouldn't want to play with a chubby guy, it's okay, honest..."

    TR Wolf (born February 24th, 1984) is an overweight, undesirable hanger-on in the furry community, and a very real danger to younger furs. He lives in Bolton with his boyfriend "Squire". Though he sometimes denies it, he has admitted that TR stands for "Team Rocket", a tribute to his ongoing Pokémon fetish.


    TR Wolf has spent most of his adult life as a dole bludger. He claims to have assorted illnesses, such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks that don't prevent him from performing on stage with an amateur dramatics company, and back problems that probably come from sitting around eating pies all day. Once he managed to hold down a job in the knickers department of Marks & Spencer, although he quit after a few months because ladies shopping for underwear are scary (and he could go back on the dole).

    Although recently it has come to light that TR has had work for Jet2.com as a balloon named Freddie Free Flights. As we can see from this recent photo this is certainly one of his best career roles and probably the peak of his acting portfolio in which he even gets to wear a condom on his head. But we know it's not that hard to act like a loud fat twat when you actually are one.

    File:Freddie Free Flights.jpg

    TR was very upset though when the full amount of money that Jet2 said he was going to get didn't actually get received, this is reported to have been due to the fact that TR did not take his shirt off in the supposed -3 degrees cold which he was told to do. However there are other sources which report that passers by actually paid money to Jet2 so he kept that shirt on; for fear of his manboobs blinding small children.


    TR likes to think of himself as an actor and drag queen, and goes by the name of Bonnyboo. While mooching off the government he attended a course to become a makeup artist, but it didn't lead to anything. Not even knowledge on how to comb his hair. He also sees himself as an amateur comedian, frequently making terrible puns or taking quotes out of context, then throwing a hissyfit when people fail to see his comedic genius.

    Self-Hating Furry

    TR has been on the scene for some time, during which he has been involved in many dramas. He has publicly thrown his toys out of the pram many times, leaving furry more than once, declaring I was never a fur, I was only here for the social side " and I'm leaving furry, but i'll still come on irc & go to meets. Each time he leaves the furry community forevar, he drops the "Wolf" from his username, usually adding it back a few days later when the realization sets in that he's completely incapable of socializing with people with standards.

    TR was co-founder of an ill-fated furry-hate group known as "Furs against Furs" whose main agenda were anti-yiff, anti-furry porn etc... This is quite ironic, given that he used to ink furry porn (including hardcore, fetish & cub porn) and proudly uploaded it to his own website LOL DEFUNCT. TR was firmly implanted in the rectum of "Nikomon" under the misguided impression that he had finally found some friends.


    TR has a history of pestering younger, impressionable new furs for sex, primarily on the #northukfurs channel of IRC, trying to get n00bs into bed by playing on their pity for his situation.

    I know i'm probably not your type, very few people want to play with someone like me, I understand if you wouldn't want to play with a chubby guy, it's okay, honest...


    —Tr's little sob story

    His only successes are down to his knack of manipulating impressionable young boys who are relatively new to the scene, including persuading youngsters who he knows are in closed relationships into performing sex acts, whilst maintaining in public that he is faithful to Squire.

    A quick Googling reveals that he was recently a member/moderator on a furry "random hookup for sex" Yahoo! group, which he later left with the statement:

    lol, i've changed my mind, bye!


    —Tr being a fucktard

    Ironically, he's indecisive, as evident in a personal ad he posted on Pounced dot orgh, saying that he wants a quick yiff.

    TR has a very small penis, which might explain why he mainly preys on young n00bs rather than more seasoned members of the community.

    Homophobic Restaurants Must Die

    On the 8th of August 2010 TR and his husband imaginary friend (TR couldn't get a husband) went to a restaurant to celebrate their aniverasry. After eating 8 tons of food, TR finished and complained about the style of music in the restaurant because it didn't fit the fact he was celebrating Template:Pastebin. After being called a fat fuck and being told to promptly get the fuck out of the restaurant (assuming he'd fit back through the door), TR bitched and bawwed on twitter that the manager had been homophobic. Furries, being the blind fucktards they are, instantly began crusading against the homophobic restaurant. Even creating a cute little boycott facebook page. It's this EDers opinion that the 19 members are 19 people Marston Pub would rather not have to serve.

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