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    The original page where the phrase came from.
    The original page where that picture came from.
    "OH EXPLOITABLE!" Titty Monster; Now in PNG format!

    TITTY MONSTER, sometimes known as Mega Milk, is a forced meme involving a picture from the incest comic Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History, written by Shiden Akira in 2008 as 貧乳巨乳ヒストリー (Hinnyuu Kyonyuu History) in Core Magazine. Originated Rejected from /a/ and having the most presence on /v/, the meme is also recognized on /co/, and, of course, /b/ and /h/. The meme began when a newfag spammed /v/ with the third page of the manga, which contains the now-infamous line "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TITTY MONSTER!"

    The TL;DR plot of the manga itself is that a brother harasses his older sister for having small tits, and he would slap them during fights. However, too much slapping somehow make them grows, so she then has an enormous rack the size of watermelons, and has revenge on her brother by having sex with his small penis, which is the only correct way to extract revenge in Japan. Wacky hi-jinks ensue, involving his penis growing to the size of a fucking horse after being slapped, after having fucked his sister.

    Notable Quotables



    —The brother proving that he could win an argument before the transformation.



    —The brother proving that he could win an argument after the transformation.

    Why don't you touch big sister's tits to cheer you up? Hmm? C'mon...


    —An undeniable offer from the sister.

    Fuck off! Bitch!


    —An undeniable offer being denied.

    Gallery Of TITTY MONSTER

    BIG TITS ARE FULL OF MILK About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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