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    Tamphex's ingenious forced meme. It was never funny.

    The Thunderdome, or /td/, is the self styled /b/ of Chanology. It serves as a bastion against Enturb’s WWP’s OG worshiping fanatical tinfoil posters. Like a downs baby /td/ suffered almost immediate fail after being birthed from Chanology’s AIDS-ridden womb.

    Originally created as a "Wall of Shame" where OSA trolls' posts were sent to die, it quickly devolved into the seekrit tree fort of Enturbulation where the moralfags of Anon could stop faking Chaotic Good and revert to basement dwelling 13-year-olds who would ordinarily be trolling epilepsy forums. The Dome’s original design incorporated a series of images of Tom Selleck. An obvious manifestation of Tamphex’s latent homosexuality this iteration was later scrapped for the moar heterosexual pink and purple flavor of Nazi ponies, dongcopters, and Mudkips.

    Drama? In My Thunderdome?

    On April 5th, 2008, an Oldfag Chananon named Rorschach made an eloquent and entirely sensible post in the main forums of Enturbulation. This simple request was for some of the butthurt aspie Anons of the board to stop throwing hissy fits about puerile schoolyard spats and to "grow the fuck up", the better to systematically dismantle The Cult of Fail.

    After several supportive posts in response, some Aspie mod called "dr3k" (from the word dreck, meaning Jew) quickly pounced, throwing the post into the garbage (aka the Thunderdome) and permaba& Rorschach. After this Rorschach posted saying kthxbye to the forum, since the constant facepalm moments were leaving a permanent hand print on his face.

    Dr3k's goal was to keep all of this out of view, so that the drama, internecine bitching and sniveling could continue. Rorschach was rightfully wroth with high displeasure at the drama queen's hijinx and left the scene to go get his drank on. Immediately, however, another mod unbanned Rorschach, perma-banned dr3k, and made Rorschach's post into a "sticky" in the main forum.

    Dr3k is now rumored to currently be living in Missouri conducting a perfectly platonic relationship with ex-dome moderator Selleck.

    WTF is a Horseman?

    The term "horsemen" or "horseman" was coined 2008 B.V. (Before Vagoo) in the Thunderdome to describe the homoerotic relationship many of the original posters within the sub-forum shared. Either that or it refers to the top four dome trolls (Selleck,MegaphoneBitch,Gunslinger, and Skeptic) who were bestowed /td/ limited mod powerz by the great LE. With their powers combined they became CAPTAIN FAGGOT they bestowed much needed raepage upon the ever increasing numbers of failtrolls that frequented the dome.

    The imaginary horsemen.
    The real horsemen.


    On this date /td/ was locked, all threads but the one saying GTFO having been deleted. The mods, having reached a consensus, decided that the dome had become a cesspool of faggotry and disease Trufax.

    After an unanticipated amount of bawww domers were told to go make their own treefort. This was otherwise known as LE’s big fucking mistake. The new offsite Thunderdome was born (later becoming Scientology Exposed) and as their first action they began to hatch plans to turn Enturb into one giant clusterfuck. The key to this plan was provided by TakeAnonMe, an administrator at the time. Due to being just shitfuckingtired of the way that LE randomly screwed things up on the site he handed out his administrative password. By basically giving them the keys to the city TAM allowed domers to go to town in the normally invisible mod forum.

    Unsurprisingly there was massive amounts of soon to be drama found within its chambers. In addition to the dome closing coup it was revealed that the moderators had been utilizing a SP/miserable users list that wreaked havoc with certain disfavored users who were trying to connect to the forum. The site’s main page was soon blazoned with the below image.

    Enturbulation drama.jpg

    Upon seeing this message, every single user simultaneously shat bricks and proceeded to BAAAAAAW on IRC. It then changed to "*Purging Cancer*" followed by “*Pool’s closed due to Aids*” before the forums came online again minutes later, with no obvious changes. Needless to say, much hysteria ensued with the paranoid screaming that /b/ had hacked the site, whilst others claimed it was the work of Nazi mods. Some argue that this entire drama was in fact an epic troll by LE and the rest of the admins. These people are faggots.

    This was followed by the site wide spamming of the entire mod forum’s contents along with the temporary reopening of the dome by Tuesday.The already churning shitstorm now accelerated into a full blown hurricane of faggotry; cocks invaded unwilling mouths and anuses alike from nearly every direction. It was moar knob than even the mods could gobble and thus, less than 48 hours later, the Thunderdome was permanently reopened by Poppins to the public.

    The lesson from all of this, while not entirely learned, was that if you clog up the sewer the shit eventually backs up into your fucking house.

    What Sparked this Faggotry?

    Yeah, he’s one of ours.

    Rumors surrounding /td/’s closing abound. Some attributed it to Daywatch/Thetan Ass dick sucking drama. Others cited the epic trolling of Tory Magoo After stumbling into the dome like the sweet old woman that she is Vagoo challenged the dome to give her its best shot. When the flaming spunk spattered across that whore mouth she proceeded to BAWWWW like a baby while calling people OSA like a drama queen.

    For moar delicious drama on this subject check out Magoogate.

    Also here is a compilation of Magoo’s posts for those of you inclined to see what a batshit insane cunt she really is.

    The only absolute facts are that the Thunderdome was shut down by LE after one of his typical benders where he’d fuck random shit up. This resulted in a thread in the Enturbulation mod forum about "Not liking the TD", which made Stu and black person cream their collective panties. After that the entire dome was shitcanned to the displeasure of everyone who wasn't a sissy bitch.

    As an added bonus these events resulted in the resignation of Tamphex and the demodification of Stu Wyatt. Also, LE is still a cunt pickle.

    Poppins also enjoyed some positive notoriety before he died due to complications with an anal fissure

    Reclamation: Phase 3

    For once domers actually got off of their collective asses and attempted to contribute something. Mind you, it achieved absolutely nothing, but it did spark a round of creativity and a wave of inspiring videos. The intent of the project was to reclaim Chanology from the grip of the moralfags that had come to dominate the protest environment.

    Phase 3 Nigramation

    Current Status: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

    Reclamation has thus far yielded positive results by eliminating the influx of newfags and returning both the protests, and the movement at large, to their rightful seat of lulz.

    11/29/08 The Day Enturb Stood Still

    One day enturbulators attempted to login only to find that they were trying to connect to a server that was no longer there. The reason? LE had sold the server for a ticket to LExico so he could buy ramen, hookers and blow (in exactly that order). In truth only LE and Poppins know exactly what went down. Supposedly LE feared a physical theft of the server by Poopins so he took it offline and ran off along with all of the donations. To this date he has never made an attempt to restore any of these items thus proving that you should never evar give your money to a Jew.

    After the inevitable implosion of Enturbulation and LE's disappearance other networks were setup or adapted to suit the needs of the Anonymous that constantly shit up the dome. After a brief time Gregg and Poppins got married and Enturbulation's database was migrated over to WhyWeProtest along with the original Thunderdome. Sadly, many of the users who once brought life to that hell hole have moved on or simply don't give a shit about Project Chanology anymore. This has led to WhyWeProtest turning into a hive of faggotry and pointless OCMB moonbattery.

    Td trolls.jpg

    Whatever the case, most of the horsemen, along with the other self important /td/ faggots, are still kicking around in some way shape, or form.

    Current Events

    File:Bill's a faggot.jpg
    That about sums it up.

    This month's faggotry was brought to you by the letter K. Showing an even greater amount of fail than usual King Nerd made the announcement that he had obtained a list disclosing both scilon plants at WWP and a list of top targets from chanology. After making mention of this to several people who trusted him a call for dox or gtfo was placed. Unfortunately the genius didn't take any pictures, but instead wrote the list down on the back of a jack daniels wrapper, thus nullifying any chance of confirmation.

    Regardless, Kerd called a council with a small group of prominent chanologists. Upon arriving the group quickly learned that King Nerd is truly a brainless sack of shit. Instead of having the list typed up and ready to present he informed the group that he was too busy drinking his own sperm to have it ready. Instead he presented a partial list that involved people who were obviously not plants. Instarage fell over the entire crowd with several chanologists quitting within minutes. In fact, everyone at the meeting left before Nerd could finally get his shit together, but not before sending numerous harsh words, curses, and death-threats his way.

    The list, in its entirety appeared the next day in /td/, but still didn't contain the supposed scilon hitlist that had originally been promised. However, by that time the only thing anyone cared about was tearing Kerd a new one. Recently he's returned sporting an even greater amount of fail than before . Hopefully a happy resolution can be found for all parties in the near future.

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