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TRUE swagger. The rest of you are just poser bitches.
First swagfag was white, damn niggers stole shit again

Swag (Secretly We Are Gay) is a contraction of the word Swagger, which indicates the manner in which someone presents themselves to the world, and how they act while people were around them, usually in a way that portrays stability, high self-esteem, and overall confidence. Then, the word was viciously sawn in half by niggers and they took the stolen fragments of the word and turned it into something even more fucktarded. Once it meant personality; now it simply describes the way that you walk. Because of this new definition, it is often thought that only black people and those raised by said black people possess "Swag". Soulja Boy is the first to use Swaggin' in an incorrect way, depicting it to young and gullible children as something to flaunt around for the specific reason of being hated on, this hate being born from jealousy.

Other rappers saw this and continued to spread these lies. Now today, most people can't put a definition to swag, but they sure as hell can tell you whats it's for: Receiving Negative Attention.

The most used word in the whole fucking universe. Douche bags use it, your kids use it, your mail man uses it, and your fucking dog uses it. If you got swag, you generally wear those shitty hats side way, and your ass hanging out like a fucking goof cause your pants are half way down your white ass legs. To break down the word, it means (Secretly We Are Gay). It is also a word that means to represent yourself/ the way you represent yourself, baggy clothes, shitty hats, small penis and basically a way to say your afraid to come out of the closet.


—A 12 year olds definition of swag on Urban Dictionary.



Try-hard wigger swaggot.

Back in the 1960s, a group of faggots from Hollywood were hiding in the closet and came up with their own word called "SWAG" which was stood for "Secretly We Are Gay". They usually used it when having gay orgies. Today, many swaggots deny this as the "secretly" in swag was meant to keep your gayness a secret.

Use of today

In 2011, when nigger-rapper Soulja Boy suddenly made his song "Pretty Boy Swag", the song went on the Billboard Hawt 100 and eventually everyone used the word "swag" following him like a million Germans putting their hand in the air in salute of our sacred kike exterminator, Adolf Hitler.

By this point, all of a sudden, many niggers started using words like "Swag" and "YOLO" in their songs such as TI, Drake and Young Jeezy. Then a bunch of teenagers who wanted to be hip and fit in with the kewlies in their school started using it and kept saying "you only live once" every day. In fact, this swag thing got so popular that even the deathcore boy-band Suicide Silence made a song called "You Only Live Once". However, their fans all are just trying to look cool by being anti-mainstream while all being the same. If you mention that Suicide Silence are a swag band, they will all go batshit insane and will molest your genitalia and rip it off in order to score more BR00T4L points.

Once the term "swag" got into place. Its fashion suddenly became a trend, and skinny jeans suddenly became popular in rap, which pissed off all the tr00 hip hop fans who think rap was good until 2004. Then suddenly many rappers started to look like niggers slowly turning into scene-fags. Sorry, but if you wanna be a mainstream rapper, throw away the baggy pants and become a skinny little tranny. Even Justin Bieber used it as well.

The term "Swag" has been also used to mean "kewl" which made faggots feel more secure about themselves, including when the Westboro Baptist Church comes to protest a faggot's funeral for their faggotry like the colostomy bags banned from Encyclopedia Dramatica. During 2012, it also suddenly got used to describe male attention whores praised by teenage cunts like Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone.

Some people say that this "swag" trend has originated back quite underground when Jay-Z used it in 2003 on his song "Public Service Announcement" from his black album.

Who Uses Swag?

A direct, negative correlation has been proven to exist regarding general intelligence and the frequency with which one utters the term "Swag." Namely, as the number of times a person uses the word increases, the possibility of IQ loss approaches 1. The swagfiend, swagfag, or swaggot can be found anywhere nigras are abundant. All those who emulate niggers are particularly susceptible to falling prey to its use. They are usually between the ages of 11 and 29. Swaggots usually die from AIDS or gun violence before reaching the age of thirty, their collection of highly flammable hate finally exploding in their faces. Who EXACTLY uses Swag, though? Well, lets take a look...


Obviously the primary source of the term, niggers will use swag as justification for anything too retarded to have a legitimate, logical reason. Why are your pants around your ankles? Why do you wear jewelry so gaudy my grandma wouldn't wear it on a Sunday? Why do you breathe with your mouth open? Swag, mahnucka. Infected from a young age by their nigger parents, it isn't uncommon to see children, specifically little nigras swinging about through trees, sidewinding all over the streets spouting their ghetto-ass parents' dumbass music. If it is true every child whishes to follow in his or her parents' footsteps, then the monkeys they call progenitors are intentionally setting their offspring up for failure. On the bright side, feel free to point, shake your head, and laugh.

Conversely, you could feel ashamed if you're a pussy.

Purest example


Generally white girls or boys, they take up swaggotry at an early age. Teens and adolescents have an insatiable need to fit in with the crowd even if the crowd is stupid and makes them look stupid as a consequence. They go about using this dumbass word in a middle school hoping that the ever increasing infestation of blacks found in public schools will accept them since nobody else will. Older whites will either grow out of this, or fully devolve into a full-fledged wigger.

Other Minorities

Be they AZN or Mexican, they all have something in common. Their bland, flavorless culture doesn't possess the sheer, unthinkable idiocy of African-American rap culture, so they do anything they can to be as outrageous as possible; in this instance and in typical wigger fashion (not to be confused with wigger-fashion), copying blacks. They vary from wiggers only in the fact that that they grossly mistake the horrors of black culture for their own, taking pride in the fact that they're such pure Mexican, Asian, Puerto Rican, Guatemalan, or any other race, that they have to completely assume the identity of another race to prove it.

Faggots on the Interwebs

Generally internet tough guys or other trolling victims, people will use swag abundantly on the internet, particularly when they feel their juggalo way of life is threatened, in an attempt to call out trolls as haters. Often found around sentences along the lines of "y'all niggas jealous" or "bitch, do you know who I am?" it's used along with the veil of anonymity to hide the fat, neckbearded basement dweller he is and give him a brief instance in between twinkies where he can finally pretend that somewhere, somebody will respect him.

Wanna be Swashbuckling Pirates

Retards, that deep down inside, somewhere in themselves, believe that they're pirates that have recently stolen some mighty fine booty. That being the case, they go around showing off their "swag", or, to put it into correct terms, their stolen goods. Any swaggot seen bragging about fags/lesbians "swag", should be fisted with the glorious Fist of Justice. They should be charged for piracy and be deemed mentally unfit for society. If we non-swaggots let this trend go on for any longer, we may be seeing autistic teenagers with pirate ships sailing the mighty seas of the world. Due to their reckless, narcissistic, sociopath-like behaviors, that often follows the "YOLO" lifestyle, we should expect to see them smashed out of their tiny, pathetic brains on whatever fucking substance they so choose to do. You may be sitting there asking yourself, "Why would any one single person ever do this sort of thing?!". Well, the answer is, they listened to some nigger say it. And because the fact that he's black, and white people & every other non-negro person, feel some sort of guilt when they see blacks making fools of themselves on the radio, they go along with the trend that some nigger, that listened to a room filled of large nosed kikes, set. This being said, whites & and every other non-negro race, quit feeling shame for nothing. You did nothing to blacks, so stop feeling bad when they make fools of themselves on the radio. And blacks, quit pitying yourselves with shitty jew-trends.

Scene kids

HOLY SHIT!!111 As the trend grew, suddenly scene kids started using the word "Swag", too. This was included in their infamous crunkcore world.

Scene kids got swag DOE


[-+]Internet Tough Guy/Gorilla Warfare

What the swag did you just fucking yolo about me, you little wayne? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the SwagFags, and I've been involved in numerous Obey Records , and I have over 300 confirmed Swaggers. I am trained in wearing snapbacks and I'm the top poser in the entire Swagfag Army. You are nothing to me but just another No swag. I will swag you the fuck out with swagger the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking hashtags. You think you can get away with not taking pictures in the mirror over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my mom, she has alot of swag, and your ratchet ass is being traced right now so you better prepare for the yolo, nigga. The yolo that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your swag. You're fucking dead, nigga. I can swag anywhere, anytime, and I can swag in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my baggy skinny jeans. Not only am I extensively trained in having plugs and snake bites, but I have access to the entire Hollister store. and I will use it to its full swagginess to wipe your miserable swag off the face of tumblr, you little Non-trend follower. I will swag yolo all over you and you will swag in it. You're fucking dead, nigga.


Here is a list of things that you might see on a swaggot:

  • Jeans that are REEEEEAAAALLLY tight (especially skinny jeans) and are usually worn low.
  • Emo haircuts (Applies to white boys. This haircut suddenly was worn a lot by many white swaggots)
  • YOLO shirts
  • Bright-colored baseball caps
  • Big ass shoes
  • Circular or square shaped gauge-looking earrings
  • Diamond t-shirts
  • Clothes so expensive they sent a kike to go buy it
  • iPod with dogshit like Drake, Mac Miller, TI, Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy, Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Ludacris and A$AP Rocky
  • Party-sunglasses that scene kids wear
  • Tall v-neck shirts that gay guys should wear

How to have swag

  • If you're a nigger, just have generic short hair that niggers have. Cornrows and dreadlocks aren't recommended.
  • If you're a white trash/cracker, either just have short hair or get a gay emo haircut. You could also get that Zayn Malik hairstyle.
  • Put on sunglasses you catch scene kids with, but never show up to school with them because you don't want to be in trouble.
  • Wear a bright baseball cap
  • Use "fag" and "bitch" as your best insults.
  • Try hard to be a tr00 nigger. Go eat KFC and grab some watermelon.
  • Think you're a gangster. Then, when someone acts like a real gangster who are in jail, say shit like "Dude, fuck off! You're psycho and stupid!"
  • Wear skinny jeans, and get offended if anyone points out your jeans.
  • Get offended when someone talks about what swag was back in the 1960s.
  • Listen to music like Drake, A$AP Rocky, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Ludacris and Pitbull.
  • Go on vine and post your typical clip of Lil Jon's new song screaming "TURN DOWN FOR WAT?!"
  • Say "Swag" and "YOLO" all day.
  • Say "nigga" all the time, even if you're white.
  • Do the kewl handshakes with niggers so you look kewl
  • Call yourself a rap fan and never listen to and know nothing about old-school or golden age hip-hop.
  • Be one of the kewl kids in your school.
  • Brag about how good your life is on Twitter where a bunch of 10 year olds follow you
  • And of course... GET IN THE FUCKIN' CLOSET!


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