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Stalwart Defenders of Freedom.

A Superpower is a state which is capable of raping any other state on teh planetz. It was named after Captain Planet, who has superpowers if you combine your energies to fight h8.

Rome, Atlantis, Spain, Britain, France and The Soviet Union are former superpowers.


The European Union

The EU's political system

While not a superpower itself, the EU does like to be friendly to the United States on rare occasion. They do this in case the Nazis act up again.

The European Union is a series of countries pretending to be a single superpower. It possesses weapons of mass destruction, and 2 out of 5 high sage seats in the almost not totally irrelevant United Nations nerd club. The Union has a pop. of almost 400 million people, and 60 million Frenchies. The organization was founded on the fond principles of fascism and imperialism.

The European Union is the free-est region of the world, aside from being known for high taxations and limited personal freedoms. It is very gay, and enjoys sex with Canada, itself, and stray woolly mammoths that pass through from Russia.

The EU has the largest economy in the world. This would be braggable if it was a single country, but it's not; it's a continent. Compared to other continents, it ranks slightly above Africa and slightly below South America. This is to make up for its small penis.

It enjoys man-sex and long walks on the beach.

The EU is known for achieving excellence in the field of whining and avoiding hygiene. Its homosexuality allows it to be very fashionable and stylish while it bumseckses the world.

Strangely, the EU doesn't like America anymore, since America fucked Iraq. That's proof that the EU is a whiny emo bitch.

The EU has also declared a euro-jihad on global warming by forcing everyone to buy new cars every year and threatening to explode tinfoil-filled rockets over the North and South poles. Little do the eurofags realize that the problem could be easily and inexpensively solved by assassinating Al Gore.

History of the EU

OMFG European plugs!!!111

The European Union was invented by Hitler last week. He envisioned one continent one volk. But after taking too much amphetamines (see: L. Ron Hubbard) he turned his mind into mush (see: L. Ron Hubbard) and lost the war of unification. But not to worry the cause was promptly resumed by French and German industrialist elites, their governments, and the bilderbergers. They understood that while Hitler was very socialist, he wasn't communist enough to subdue the populace into cattledom for a lasting period in time. So slowly and sneakily they grew their free trade agreement (irony) into a bureaucratic superstate centralized in Brussels.

Just as the soviets wanted to create a new perfect man, eurobeaurofucks want to create a new perfect European. The perfect European is meek, leftist, totally politically correct, doesn't believe in the holocaust, and was born in the Magreb. Incidentally the ulterior stage of the European Union, is to become part of the Magreb (Islamia of the west) so that the industrialist-governmental elite can do business with their overlords in Riyad.

To achieve this purposes the government is euthanising the native population (whitey) with socialized medicine that causes sterility and subsidized XTC, while at the same time going out of their way to bring hordes of sandniggers upon which to force a police state.

EU porn

This is an actual EU advertisement from their official youtube channel.

The Big Picture

This is the European Union. When America sees it, it'll shit bricks.

The EU is basically a union Europeanz decided to create because they think World Peace is actually possible. However, it is widely known by scientists and historians alike that our sad little planet has never had world peace in all its years of existence and world peace is actually completely impossible to achieve. (Actually, it's possible, starting by bombing Islam and its sand nigger brainwashing facilities.)

So after that crash course on gullibility, let's look at the even bigger picture: The EU is a basically a new version of the Soviet Union where faceless unellected beaurocrats will try to mold the perfect "European" by destroying all previous institutions, inviting millions of muslims, and blend them together forming the new Social-Democrat baby, the Master Race.

Cultural Imperialism

The EU is slowly turning the world gay. This can be viewed by looking at Canada. It is also the leader of world electric plug design.

Other Superpowers

Texas, China, and sometimes Russia are superpowers as well. While these nations have been strong for a while, with some setbacks, the EU was only created last thursday, and will likely dissolve back to dictatorships or bureaucracies warring with each other over religion, communism, colonies, and other things.