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    What? This article needs moar fucking everything.
    You can help by adding moar fucking everything.

    Supercutefurri is the furfag behind "The Night of Goatse," being the double-takedown of Furtopia's forums. He explains it best:

    1) 99.9% of the entire attaxx and database zipzip happened the Night of Goatse. this was BEFORE the very first that LOLFurries ever heard of it. it was already GREAT SUCCESS before *anyone* could do a thing about it. well that's not exactly true, since it was a FIVE-YEAR-OLD SECURITY FLAW with FIVE-YEAR-OLD PUBLISHED PATCHES AND UPDATES running on a server COMPLETELY WIDE OPEN WITH NO PROPER OS ACCOUNT OR DATABASE RESTRICTIONS. lol you guys yall c'mon now it wasn't even a good hax0r. asking for it, perhaps? you should be glad it wasn't someone who actually hated you :P.

    2) nothing happened during the "second" attaxx in the middle of the week. the haxx had already been over since the first night. what really happened was that your beloved admins brought the board back up WITHOUT FIXING THE OBVIOUS FIVE-YEAR-OLD SPLOIT THAT HAD ALREADY BEEN ASSPLOITED TO DEATH. yeah, you heard me right. all it needed was a total of two lines added to the board code . GOOGLE MOTHERFUCKERS CAN YOU USE IT??? so it was decided that it would be used to make all the forum members admins, because you earned it. that's all that happened, plus one necessary account hijax that was fixed on the spot. could've all been fixed EASILY, including the sploit. somehow, this was translated to "the hacker destroyed the site again" and the whole board was ditched. the end. this also wasn't posted to LOL until after it was done, not that it matters since hardly fuckall happened.




    http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/317234 http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/336598


    http://pastebin.com/f4701f7ef http://upload2.net/page/download/wk4xtXkJNW5hfRD/furtopialol.txt.html

    happy nao?



    3) apparently, some dumbass(es) somehow got the idea that another (second? third?) haxx happened during the following weekend and went apeshit over it. well it was over nothing, because NOTHING HAPPENED that weekend. haxx had already been over for days, as described in 2). PROTIP: things have to come back up before they go down again.

    4) as loldramatastically delishus as this whole episode with them might have been and despite the hilariously retarded butthurt bs that's been thrown around by some of them (namely this way), i can honestly tell you that EPIC HAXX did not happen in any way FOR or BECAUSE OF LOLFurries. EVERYTHING happened before they knew about it. see 1) and 2). anyone saying a word of it wouldn't have changed a damn thing, because the whole haxx was ALREADY DONE, ALL OF IT, 'cept some putting shit together, again, before they even knew about it. LOL was icing on top of already delishus cake. and i'd eat my cake without icing. hell it hardly even matters, cuz if it weren't LOLFurries then it might have been, oh i dunno, Anonymous instead maybe? or both? i dunno, which do u liek best? point is: they did zilch (it was almost disappointing). and if they had come out with the story, i can pretty much guarantee it would have led to l33t h4x0r butthurt INTERNET RAGE which would have then led to publishin' ur stuffs to far less forgiving places, not to mention nothing being prevented at all. in some twisted way, you should be thanking them. some of them were even concerned for you. pussies :P.





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