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    SuperMemo is a teaching machine to nevar forget the garbage you learn on the internets. It has been in development since the times of Soviet Poland, but only became popular outside Polish tea parties after eternal September.

    SuperMemo SadoMaso

    Example of learning material

    Thanks to the wisdom of the crowds, the internets helps you learn very productive things and develop a healthy mentality. Here is but an example of what you can retain with SuperMemo, in SuperMemo's active-rehearsal format, with simple questions and answers. Insert these facts into your SuperMemo, and you'll predict most of the content of the internets.

    Things the internets teaches you
    Question Answer
    What is the most important thing in life? Sex.
    Is the cow girl position contraceptive? Yes. Gravity prevents cum from entering the jizz receptacle.
    Am I pregnant? No. Just keep having sex with your BF. Contraception nevar fails. Nevar!
    Are feti human? No. They are just masses of cells.
    Who can solve all the problems in your life? Psychiatrists.
    Which is the most educational TV program? Pokemon.
    Which is the tastiest fish? Mudskipper.
    Does AdSense make you rich? Yes. Filthy-rich.
    Is the internets part of the Universe? No. The internets is virtual.
    Is it true that the internets gives away info for free? Yes. People are always good.
    Do user-generated content (UGC) and the new media empower the people? Yes. Long live the revolution.
    Why do people give software for free? Because they are good people and care about humanity.
    Is good sleep good for learning? No. Ask Larry Sanger. He knows.
    What is the most important statistic in life? How many times you have sex per time unit.
    Is abstinence good? No. This is just a neocon lie. You should have lots of sex, whenever possible.
    Who did 9/11? Jews.
    Is it true that most porn is made by Jews? No. This is just a neo-Nazi lie.
    When was the Earth created? Just the other day, actually.
    Did the Holocaust happen? No. This is a Jewish lie to tax the Germans for WW2 reparations.
    Do 4chan/MySpace/LiveJournal/Blogger help you make friends? Yes. Your best friends.
    Who controls the media? The Jews.
    Is Wikipedia an encyclopedia? Yes, of course. Why wouldn't it be?
    Who is Wikipedia for? The child in Africa.
    Is Siberian a language? Yes, of course. It's just that Moscovites are imperialists who supress the trooth.
    Where was Barbara Schwarz born? In an underwater building in the Great Salk Lake.
    Where's the spaceship on which humans will leave Earth? Behind Comet Hale-Bopp.
    Is it true that stars evolve, and that mountains and fluvial plains erode? No. This is just a liberal lie invented by God-hating faggots.
    When did the dinos exist? In the times of Jesus.
    Where do all languages come from? From Babel.
    Is gossip good for society? Yes.

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