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    SubSeven, aka Sub7 (as TOW insists on calling it) was the A.I. precursor to the Internet Hate Machine. In a genius effort at social engineering, a group calling itself The SubSeven Crew and headed by mobman made a trojan so ridiculously easy to use that it could turn a literal retard into a hacker capable of causing massive damage. While SubSeven is now a footnote in the history of internet security, it still remains a problem for people too stupid to understand how a computer functions.

    Anatomy of the Beast

    Hello newfag. Thanks for downloading myfreewebcam.exe.

    SubSeven was so newb friendly that it was iced over with a delicious GUI, each collapsible menu ready to unveil a new spectrum of rape to the giddy user. Euphemistically labeled a "Remote Administration Tool" by its creators, it allowed a "host" computer to do the following things, and more, to a "server" or "victim" computer:

    World's Best Easter Egg

    If a user decided to be nice to his "victim," the SubSeven experience could best be described as a "drunken fondling from an uncle." This quickly shifted into "full blown zombie anal sex with one's dead relatives" for one particularly lucky son-of-a-bitch named Sean Hamilton, ICQ #7889118. If Sean or someone with his ICQ account information stored on his/her computer managed to get the virus on their computer, the virus would proceed to erase the computer's entire hard drive using Hard Drive Killer Pro. This also means that if you are running a computer infected with SubSeven and happen to add information to the registry that lists possession of ICQ UIN #7789118, it will instantly bomb your hard drive into everloving oblivion, something not unnoticed by some malicious fucks.

    Universal Password

    One of the chief complaints of those infected with the virus by their friends was that if the person running the host computer didn't change the password to access SubSeven to something other than the original master password of "14438136782715101980," anybody running a port scan could identify that a machine was running SubSeven and take control of it.

    I've Been Infected, What Should I Do?

    Upgrade to something besides Windows 98, you fucktard.

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