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    Atomic.gif Warning!

    Stoner-chan is a camwhore. She appeared on 7chan's /b/ in a post discussing cookies and getting high on horse-cum. Many cries of "Tits or GTFO" (as she had predicted) followed her initial post. With proasting, /b/ saw her face, tits, and a picture with face AND tits. They dubbed her Stoner-chan, since "Horsecum-chan" wasn't very appealing.

    Stoner-chan tells us she is Buddhist, which one would not be able to tell from the posting of tits and her requests for good raep or submission porn.

    Frankly, it's a miracle that 420chan didn't get to her first.

    What to name the camwhore?

    There is currently a minor debate on 7chan over Stoner-chan's true "-chan" name. Proposed names included "Porn-chan", "Horsecum-chan" or "Jade-chan" (for the Buddha pendant around her neck). However, these were all shit, and Stoner-chan remained.

    There was, however, the discovery of another camwhore known as Stoner-chan. A naked fattie (MAN THE HARPOONS!) cleverly censored by a bong was claimed by one to be the "original" Stoner-chan. Fans of the newer (and therefore better) camwhore dismissed this, continuing to call their beloved by the name they'd chosen for her.

    If all else fails, however, the /b/tards have recommended "Cookie-chan" as a new name. Have fun with that, 7chan.

    Her original post

    Anonymous 07/01/14(Sun)14:21 No.530744
    So /b/, As of lately I've been feeling very horny stoned.(im a girl, in before tits etc.) 
    I had smoked before, eated a cookie, and then starting downloading some pron to keep myself
    in check. While it was downloading, I rolled an additional joint and stepped outside into 
    the foggy, grim night to smoke.
    I came back and my pron was bluntly there on the monitor, gleaming ominously at me. 
    My mother came up the dungeon stairs a couple of minutes later and declared "What is this 
    horse cum shot I see on your computer?!" I looked back and babbled some shit, trying not to 
    give away my awkward sober facade. And so, she departed, leaving me perplexed, amused, and 
    slightly alarmed.
    Oh, humbug and horse crackers.



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