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    Stile Project

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    A long time ago, on a website in the tubes far far away... there was a Jew. A Jew with a plan. A plan to make a site dedicated to showing the internets the sickest shit he could find such as scat, fetish pr0n, gore & hentai like homeless hooked on heroin. This man was stile, a self admitted basement dwelling nigra whose internet vice dealing has destroyed the innocence of many. There were many lulz to be had back in the day. The site was a cross between Rotten and Ebaumsworld, updating once every two months as a gigantic porn ad and the cornerstone of an entire internets porn factory. The site was sold in 2010 and is now dead and just a generic craphole.

    Long before the days of 4chan, people got their fix from stile, who started the site as a blog before the word blog was even used.

    Internets History Of The Internets

    stile was a major pioneer of the internets, way back in the dial-up days, introducing all the most disgusting (then unknown) shit out of the shadows and into the mainstream. He wanted to teach us things about Japan, bukkake, war, suicide, drugs, and life as a chronic masturbator. stile is responsible for the creation of the first webcam camportal, ensuring that camwhores and sluts with internet connections will be able to have their wishlists filled without delay, and making sure that the porn will flow.

    stile is more renowned for introducing us to such then-unknown lulzworthy gems as Goatse, Tubgirl, Budd Dwyer, RIKI-OH, Sexy Losers and Brass Eye. The site is also known for helping old memes such as All Your Base get off the ground. No one is quite sure if he should be loved or hated for that.



    The pages of stile start off with a TL;DR rant by Stile usually involving him getting the shit beat out of him by midget cocks, and his latest ***INSERT RANDOM PORN PLUG HERE***. There is usually a gallery which is a specific ratio of gore, porn, sick shit, medical horrors, and knives through dicks. Other content includes:

    • Mystery Video theater (Mostly foreign fetish porn)
    • Weekend Wank Fest (a whole bunch of pronz on the weekend)
    • Flash Fun (Recycled from Ebaumsworld)
    • Submissions of how people lost their virginity.
    • Stile Sux part: XMCCCIVVXXCVI (pictures of various fugly sluts and camwhores writing "Stile Sux" on their tits)


    Used to update once a month with massive amounts of fapworthy content, but due to the shortening attention span of the internet basement dwellers, this was not enough. Much drama followed, with late updates resulting in hate mail from fucktards who need their latest scat fix. Stile's response? He would list offenders' email addresses with the title of "No update this week. You can thank these people for this". Much lulz ensued.


    Stile runs over 9000 porn sites as a part of his "STILE-NET," ensuring constant income so he can remain in the basement for the rest of his miserable life. For a while he employed babyfur artist Cave Deli aka Dave Kelly to do various ad-work for his sites along with "STILE SUX: THE COMIC". Eventually Cave had to quit due to severe butthurt from the nightly rapings as payment. The comic ran until 2009.


    Nearly 10 years ago, Stile faked his own death on webcam, sparking the whole idea of faking your death on the internets for fun or profit. This apparently made his site more popular, but it was still a shithole. Nowadays thanks to imageboards like 4chan's /b/, Stile and his sites have been rendered obsolete and has become an old meme in itself.

    Death of the Irc Server

    Info non-talk.png This article is just fine the way it is you cockgobbling asshole. leave it alone.


    As of January, 17 2009 the old irc server, while sometimes working, has been proclaimed officially dead by the chatters. Due to intermittent connectivity, most of the old crew has moved on to greener pastures.

    guys guys. I've figured it out. kevin and stile have only kept irc up as long as they have so argent could have some interaction. now that he's afk they don't feel teh need to keep it going


    —Aaron while on the new server



    —Wax chimes in

    Meanwhile, at the old, dying server...this is all that echoes out into the cold night...

    [11:42] * Joins: Laslow ([email protected])
    [11:42] <MrWee> NEW SERVER!!!! irc.irc4lyf.com
    [12:07] <Schmeckatr0n> has joined #spf
    [2:43] * Joins: Gnar ([email protected])
    [2:43] <MrWee> NEW SERVER!!!! irc.irc4lyf.com
    [2:43] * Parts: Gnar ([email protected])
    [3:43] * Joins: Laslow ([email protected])
    [3:43] <MrWee> NEW SERVER!!!! irc.irc4lyf.com

    What Happened Before




    On January 6, 2009 Kevin, the administrator for the website posted a thread detailing the end of an era for many spf forum members. The IRC server was going to be taken down for good. While this did not bother most of the members of the forum because of their lack of understanding and general malaise about just about everything, it did send a shockwave through the small (but very hardcore) group of irc users that populate that forum. Realizing what was up right away, those irc users began to question the sanity of the action. Also, a lot of grumbling about advertising revenue and Spam was heard.

    IRC is pretty much dying. Even the biggest networks like QuakeNet and EFNet are losing users pretty rapidly.

    So, with that in mind I'm going to slowly phase out the IRC services we offer.


    —Kevin, site administrator for the spf.

    Was he being told to say this???

    Needless to say, several members of the community were shocked and the scramble was on to try and stop Kevin from ruining something truly beautiful. Their pleas fell on deaf ears. The server was going to be shut down and replaced with a flashchat page that could be more easily managed by kevin. Also, stile could then smother this new part of stilenet with his usual crop of porn advertisements and stileNET spam.


    People are moving on from IRC because it's a pain to use, hard to police and is a DoS magnet for administrators. The only attacks we get on our servers at all anymore are aimed at the IRC servers, which isn't worth the hassle for the 60 or so of you still using it. On top of that, getting a new user to figure our IRC is just about impossible these days, so it's just not gaining new users the way it used to.

    The newer web based systems allow instant login without installing anything, which is a problem even for some of you hardcore users who wanna chat from work.


    —Kevin explaining the facts as he sees them.

    The newest version of mIRC chatting type software.

    But don't let this article's opinion sway you. FLASHCHAT is absolutely awesome! The new chat thing is entirely browser based. It's not IRC, but it works without having to install anything, mess with ports, figure out what identd is and why your firewall won't let it through, and all that other fun. You click, and you're online using your forum username as your name on there.

    You can create your own rooms. You can send private messages or public chat. There's some limited file exchanging. You've got a bajillion options for colors, themes and sounds.

    OOOoooOOooooOOOOHHHH Colors!

    Don't take my word for it, sign up on the forum and then give FLASHCHAT A TRY!!!

    One last note must be mentioned concerning the FLASHCHAT page. On any channel or room, the forum's moderators are also granted instant OP status no matter where they go. What this means to the random noob is that there is no escape from the wrath of an irked moderator. What this means to the normal trolls who populate the forum is that guys like Venom, Shen, Hughnon, Mr. Wee, and fire will ruin your internet-life.

    It's better than nothing, okay?


    —Kevin's final words on the subject

    spf For Sale

    Viral advertising is one of stile's strong points.
    this is no bullshit, i havent pulled a prank in years, i dont even post blog posts on my site anymore. kevin wants out, and i dont want to do it without him. there's too much crap and code and servers and hardware that it would be a nightmare to get someone else to take over. 10 years was a good run, it's time to move on.


    —LOL stile...just LOL.

    I think it is a joke just because with having jew blood, he wouldn't start the bidding lower than 10 mil since pirate bay got almost 8


    —#spf, which is no longer affiliated with the spf, has much to say about this new development.

    Stile has announced that he is sick and tired of all the Jew jokes so he decided to up and sell stilenet and all of its affiliated sites, including the forum. The joke would have worked out fine if he hadn't added the 2 million dollar price tag at the end and added the little blurb about hiring him back on to keep working on the site. Nobody in their right mind would ever pay 2 million dollars for all that Web 1.0 bullshit, his meager traffic, and all the whiney faggots who populate his forum. Also, if you just got done spending that kinda money on a failing site, would you hire the failure who made the site a failure back on?

    Stile's Money Motives...as if you didn't know

    Stile explains his motives in a weblog post on his front page. He also manages to link to this article for the lulz.

    Here's the deal... I love money. Lots and lots of money. I want to throw it up in the air and roll around in a pile of money while I'm naked, tap dancing with my 60 year old cleaning lady blowing me. So, if you have a lot of money, give it to me and I'll give you this website. After I take a week vacation in Thailand (don't ask) I will come work for you and we'll turn this site into the biggest freakshow on Earth... and we'll make more money than Bernie Madoff. But legally.


    —hire me!

    Forum Halo


    As if to strengthen his boasts and bolster his drama factor, Stile has shut down the forum and changed the URL. Right now, his users and old friends are trying to go to the site, but all they are greeted with is a silly Favicon of a little halo...signifying something has died. Probably the site. On his main page, he is telling his viewers that there are "big things" afloat, but nobody knows what is really going on except the basement dwelling, mustard covered retard himself.

    Other users are reporting the default error Favicon (a triangle with an exclamation point) as the Favicon shown, but whatever the case none of that matters. What matters is that stile has managed to piss off some of his loyal users once again, driving more and more people away. This is nothing new, but seeing as how stile wants to sell the site, devaluing it might be an unwise choice.

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