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    Stichting BREIN

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    The plan, as outlined by /i/nsurgents?

    Stichting BREIN is a Dutch company somewhat akin to the RIAA that apparently thinks it can just censored the need for porno.

    In July 2009, they successfully managed to persuade a judge to let ISPs (in the Netherlands) block your el33t data source. The organizers of the Pirate Bay were given 10 days to block traffic to and from the Masters of Cheese, or face stiff fines.

    /b/, of course, after the recent AT&T spectacle, was immediately up in its moralfaggotry. By using advanced scripting techniques BREIN's website morphed to sweet cyberspace oblivion.

    BREIN has a history with this sort of censorship. Popular BitTorrent tracker site OiNK was shut down within five days of being reported to the company. The CEO of BREIN, Tim Kuik, is currently under attack by friendly neighborhood hackers.

    BREIN has the legal status of a citizen.

    The history

    The Pirate Bay bro-fists its homie Brein.

    Stichting BREIN was founded over 9000 years ago, during a meeting with a pissed-off record exec and some other guys. They were poor so they needed money for hookers and blow. BREIN was raised and the money kept rolling in. Whores all over Sweden rejoiced as there main source of income had not been cut off. BREIN is in fact the sockpuppet of some international record companies and some business model. BREIN burns 20 million euro's each and every year, just because they can.

    The legal status of BREIN is known, but the legal status of the company that reels in the copyright money is not (they tend to be as large as they can... but its like an ant threatening to kill you). So if you're short on money; you might lobby yourself here and also be burning cash at the end of the year.

    Now that Tim is a multi-billionaire, he felt confident enough to tell everyone he did it for the lulz. Being TIM is a status now!

    Some HAET to BREIN

    For all people who think BREIN should be shut down, a special non-privacy-sensitive page is on /i/nsurgency w/i/ki.

    Downloading music in NL

    In NL there are no restrictions on downloading Music and Movies. Sharing either will get you assraped though.

    Here is some explanation in moonspeak.

    The meaning of BREIN

    Brein is an Acronym of:

    • B Bescherming (protection)
    • R Rechten (rights)
    • E Entertainment (boringness)
    • I Industrie (industry)
    • N Norway (España)


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