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With Jews, fake news!

He is a secret leaf in disguise
He is a degenerate who needs to be sent to the oven

Steven Crowder is a stand-up comedian 'journalist' and the host of the Louder with Crowder show. He is also a faggot who loves Nazis because he hates the liberals and mooslims.


Before dabbling unsuccessfully in the world of stand-up comedy, Crowder was voicing a character on Arthur. The character was named Alan 'The Brain' Powers, which is pretty ironic when it comes to Crowder, as he has no fucking brain, and even less powers.

Stand-up comedy

Believe it or not, but this hack actually tries to convince people that he is a YouTube Favicon.png stand-up comedian. His jokes are of the variety "LIBERALS ARE STUPID, AMIRITE GUIS?" And that is because he has improved.

Microsoft Sam could do better impersonations

Shoving An Old Union Worker Who Then Kicks His Ass

Crowder pretends to be this tough guy, who likes to bully people, when he thinks he can get away with it. So during a union meeting, because Steven could not defend his shitty position so this neanderthal shoved an innocent man, and then proceeded to getting his ass kicked.

Tony, we know who you are, come forward. I am offering you an ultimatum right now. You come forward, I press charges, you will go to jail. Or — since you like to sucker punch people — I will allow you to face me in the people’s octagon, in a legal, sanctioned mixed martial arts bout, where we can settle it man-to-man, one-on-one. And all of the money that’s been raised to find you, I will match it if you beat me and give it to a union of your choice. It’s your choice: jail or face me like a man. Send your answer on Twitter.



But of course it turned out that when the unedited video was aired, (Like a real Andrew Breitbart prodigy his video was fake), that the guy was acting in self-defense, so Crowder got his ass handed to him fair and square. What a fucking wimp.

(Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III) said today the first video his office reviewed had been edited. After reviewing an unedited clip, he decided to not pursue the case.

“It’s pretty clear the person that they wanted to charge was acting in self-defense,” Dunnings said of the union member who apparently slugged Crowder.


Dunnings questioned why Crowder didn’t initially provide that original footage to Dunnings’ office.

“I’m not holding that against him, but why would they provide the edited video? The longer video clearly shows the guy got pushed down and came up swinging,” Dunnings said., Oops

And Crowder even admitted it

I’ve been very honest about this, the fact that as they started ransacking the tent, yeah, me and some men went out there … and we didn’t get violent with them but we did try to push them off the tent. That is true. We tried to push them off the tent. Liar

So Crowder decided to just let this one go, because he started it, and still lost. And this manchild thinks he has the rights to call anyone else a weakling.

<in his basement>

People like Bill Maher only say things from the safety of their stages surrounded by their entourages, where you knoooow what would happen if they this to someone in real life.

<outside his mom's house>
-Pretending to be Bill Maher (probably, his impersonations are bad):
You know your eh your wife there is really an inbred moron, but I'd sure love to ***CENSORED*** her ***CENSORED***

-Pretending to be his followers. (Uneducated, violent and unable to take a joke):
What did you say?

-Pretending to be Bill Maher:
What I said was

<The uneducated man beats up Bill Maher for saying mean words>

<Back in his basement being Crowder>

You see Maher wouldn't last 4 seconds with any moderately athletic human being on the planet, Sarah Palin included.



—Crowder admitting his only response is violence

And on that note

Breitbart Period

Before getting shit-canned from Fox News for shit-talking Sean Hannity, Crowder had a regular column over at Breitbart, that consisted of nothing but linking his shitty videos. Seriously.

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So easy even a monkey can destroy him
Destroy by another monkey

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