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Destiny in a nutshell
At least he's honest

DestinyFedora icon.png (Powerword: Steven Bonnell II, also referred to as DesTINY, Sweatsiny, Incestiny, and other hilarious monikers) is a pseudo-intellectual internet tough guy that makes streams about gaming and politics where he tries talking about ethics and morality, but ultimately struggles to keep focused at all due to him being preoccupied with shitty games like LoL. This fact isn't helped after the realization that he can't actually play any of these games. His streams mainly consist of him debating random faggots on the internet while machine-gunning out sentences explaining basic debate concepts at 500 words per minute in an attempt to gish gallop his opponents, which is ironically unnecessary as he never talks to intelligent people.

N00dz leaked

On the 25 August 2012 a thread was released on Reddit detailing a falling out between Destiny and his ex-girlfriend after she found out he cheated on her, released her nudes and called her the ArchiveToday-favicon.png"Real life reincarnation of Shrek" because of her butterface. Of course she did not take this well and hacked his Gmail account releasing his nudes to everyone he knew. It's fine though because "she only showed the good ones because she's so nice". ArchiveToday-favicon.pngHere's the thread for all to read. Destiny, of course, tried to damage control his way out of the shit he stirred justifying his decisions by saying ArchiveToday-favicon.png"(he) only showed it to two people" as if that makes it in any way better.
His fans, being the retards they are, saw Steven and came to him in his time of need wanting to help him, and what better way of helping someone with their n00dz leaked than releasing n00dz of your own! ArchiveToday-favicon.png(No srsly, one user even posted his disgusting bleeding dick on imgur).

Drama with JonTron

In March 2017, Destiny got into an internet sissy fight with popular YouTuber and nazi JonTron, which sparked massive lulz, even resulting in JonTron getting banhammered by the development team of Yooka-Laylee.

The debate
The aftermath (with Sky Williams)

Alt-rightstiny arc

After years of arguing with dumbfuck conservatives online, Destiny eventually swung in the opposite direction and started arguing with dumbfuck lefties, with the drama starting with him "accidentally" saying the nigger word.

It's clearly only a matter of time until he goes onto PragerU and The Rubin Report.

Loss of His Twitch Partnership

Destiny had his twitch account banned more times than Joe Biden gave shoulder rubs. In Sept 2020 he finally had his Twitch partnership removed by their legal team for being an autistic faggot. It seems to be permanent this time. The world laughed as he lost his "job" of being a professional, self destructive piece of shit. He responded by not changing his behavior at all.

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