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    Steve MacIsaac

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    This arcticle is about faggotry. Leave now if you want your heterosexuality to remain intact.
    File:Steve MacIsaac Charlie Brown.jpg
    Steve MacIsaac and the worst Charlie Brown cosplay of all time.

    Steve MacIsaac was born like many Canadian boys, slightly retarded and with a vestigial tail, but as Steve approached adolescence the trouble started. A friend of Steve's taught him the phrase "bros before hoes" and Steve took it a little too seriously. He began involving exclusively men in all aspects of his life, including work, play and especially sex.

    But one day the sex was not enough. No matter how many assholes Steve rammed, the buttsecks reality never lived up to his buttsecks fantasy. Frustrated and dejected, Steve packed up his things and embarked on a gay spirit quest. He travelled to San Francisco, U-R-Gay and finally the Internets, where he came upon the great and powerful Goatse.

    From the depths of Goatse spurt forth The Shits of Knowledge and in an instant Steve was granted knowledge of The Arts, through which his most frightening and fagaliscious fantasies could be granted life using pen and paper alone.

    Steve immediately set pen to paper and such a torrent of faggotry flowed from his hands that the dongs of Heaven tolled, the sky turned prolapse red and Fagnarok engulfed the Earth. The Gay Titans broke free of their thousand-year prison of frozen santorum and buttsecksed the Earth and everything in it to death, or even worse, gaiety.

    File:Gay Giant.gif
    What really sunk the Titanic? A pink torpedo!

    Well actually, Steve just drew a macrophilic picture of a bear about to fuck a boat, along with various other faggy webcomics and books, but it was still pretty bad.


    That Adobe® Illustrator® sure is a great artist!

    Every storyline in Steve's webcomic, Roughs, follows the same basic plot:

    1. A bear gets bored.
    2. The bear fucks a random street-fag to relieve said boredom.
    3. The bear gets GAIDS (duh).
    4. The bear spends the rest of his disease ridden life trying to indoctrinate poor defenceless children into the shameful cycle of buggery and GAIDS.

    As for his art style, Steve uses these basic steps in creating his webcomic:

    1. Draws a rough picture in pencil.
    2. Lets Adobe® Illustrator® do all the inking for him.
    3. Uses the paintbucket tool to fill in the colours.
    4. Has one of his gay-sex slaves upload it to the internets, while he goes and eats another lard sandwich (*LOL*, because he's fat *LOL*).

    The horrifying thing is, that despite having horrible art and conveying a disturbing pro-fag propaganda message, his webcomic still has quite a large cult following.

    But instead of drinking poisoned Kool-Aid, these cultists drink poisoned semen. Poisoned ANIMAL SEMEN!

    IRL Name = IRL Fame?

    Steve MacIsaac has decided to forego using an alias and instead use his powerword as his screen name.

    His reasoning behind this is that it will enable his internets notoriety to trickle over into IRL.

    In actuality, it will probably just enable /b/tards to track him down, knock on his door and request buttsecks, which he will no doubt provide with gusto. Twelve weeks later, the buttbabies, that will fill future ranks of Anonymous, are born and the circle of retardedness is complete.

    PROTIP: IRL name = IRL shame!

    A Published Author

    Beware its innocuous cover!
    File:Sticky Cover.jpg
    Beware its nocuous cover!

    Steve MacIsaac has published at least three evil sodomy manuals, or as the gays call them "fag rags". The titles of these "fag rags" are "Sticky", "Shirtlifter" and "Shirtlifter 2: The Bloodening".

    Priced at $5 and under, these "fag rags" are less about making money than they are about encouraging adults and especially children to engage in illicit buttsecks.

    All freedom loving individuals must kill these books with fire, lest our glorious nation be embroiled in buggery.

    It's Not Just Faggotry, It's Award-Winning Faggotry!

    Steve MacIsaac has somehow used his evil homomancy to hypnotize the Xeric Foundation and Prism Comics into awarding him grants[1][2], because while under his spell, they believed that providing him with money to make more "fag rags" would be an epic win for mankind.

    Unfortunately, after the spell wore off and these poor fucks realized the dishonour they had caused themselves, they committed seppuku, leaving their wives and children to starve in the streets.


    Beware mortal, for the images contained herein will give you GAIDS!

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    Note: You are now gay.

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