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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
    Cat eyes.JPG
    Cute as hell.

    SteAndKel is an extremely cute duet from Manchester, UK, who one day decided to march aggressively into the internets, armed with loads of homemade videos featuring such witty lines as "Hey, YouTube." As success eluded them over and over again in such sites as Truveo, Stickam, Everyzing, Killerfrog, Flixya, Metcafe, Popdup, web2announcer, Xfep, Jowhar, Mefeedia and of course, MySpace, just to name a few, they finally found their audience on YouTube (where else?), where they have achieved a certain popularity. This is mostly thanks to the furtards, gooks, virgins, noobs, and basement-dwellers that constitute their fandom. But fame went over SteAndKel's heads, to the point that SteAndKel think of themselves as powerful people.

    Love their accents!

    Who the hell are they?

    File:YouTube of course.jpg
    SteAndKel, only in YouTube.

    Steven and Kelly want e-fame. A lot. They are your typical high school pals, masters of the dubious art of video blogging. Steven is a wannabe actor who is also a Zac Efron and Twilight fagboy (or it's his accent?). Kelly is a wannabe something who is fat. SteAndKel is further evidence that you need internets as a cure for your depression, and that God is dead. Sponsored by YMCA, SteAndKel has helped millions of people so far, making them laugh, and making YouTube suck more.


    Kel's mom (well, looks like her)

    Suicide statistics have tripled since SteAndKel's first video appeared on YT, and the war in Iraq rages on. Blatant evidence of how many lives SteAndKel have touched through blogging on youtube.

    However, two users called JoshAndBeth, created an cutting parody of SteAndKel, throwing the YT community into mild disturbance for a couple of days. A war of words and nothing more was begun by ste, who had little better to do with his time. Due to this, SteAndKel's fanbase of almost 7000 sheep, started a counter-attack on the video which many youtubers have flagged as "bullying". Hundreds of loyal fans commented the video in disgrace, which btw has been saved for future generations, just in case. The concept that this reaction is exactly what JoshAndBeth were after, is beyond you average SteAndKel fan's intelligence.

    The war

    Crazed fan
    • "... first off... name is "kelly" and she is not "fat" or a "bitch" -.-" -PokeFan06
    • "then sencond... after watching only some seconds... it already sucks... and if you dare make a piece of shit as an response to a great and funny video... i will kill you!" -Spinfusor
    • "LOL....this if soooo funny!!" -bettyboopplayinshoop
    • "What? Was that supposed to be somehow funny? Outside of your small circle of friends? Josh: Did your stupid haircut accidentally flop into a tin of turps while you were painting your grandma's fence? Beth: I hope a gypsy rips off your ridiculous earrings and sells them for scrap metal." -bettyboopplayinshoop
    Unfunny fan responses to SteAndKel
    • "Rite U 2. We go2 college with Kel. U have no idea what u dun have u! It just bullying No Joke U 2 have no rite to say anything about her u dnt knw her and if u did u would realise that she is one of the nicest people u could wish to meet U are too bullies with nothing better to do with ur life than to make hate videos ur pathetic and we have reported you to you tube! coz its not funny its not a joke and its not clever A joke is wen people laugh NOT WHEN PEOPLE GET HURT UR JUST CHILDISH BULLIES" -LonerStarlight
    • "That was FUCKING HILARIOUS. Fuck all these steandkel bummers. This impression is absolutely fntastic. People are so pissed off because its so close to the truth. This is great. Great impressions and oh this pisstake is so true. LMAOO. 'lets eat!'" -HarryPotterpenis
    • "Kelly is cuter than Beth!" -gersing
    • "Have you guys ever considered suing your brains for non-support? Because it doesn't seem like not much is going on in there." -PicleMike
    • "Im sorry, but you are two of the nastiest people i have ever seen on this website. If you think this is a "joke" then you have a lot to learn about humour. Blatantly bullying someone like his is NOT a "joke". We've reported this video to the youtube staff. Have a nice day." -Steven (SteAndKel)
    Fuck you, JoshAndBeth!

    As a result of this, Steven sent out an e-mail to Josh, defending his friend Kelly, to which they viciously attacked without reason. Nobody knows what happened after that powerful email was sent, but Josh is believed to have been killed. Food, water and baby diapers were delivered to his family, who were inside the family box during the standoff.

    As for January 29, 2008, JoshAndBeth have been almost silenced by SteAndKel fans, and have been branded by many users to be "the most hated channel on youtube". But still SteAndKel felt so unhappy, that a couple of days later JewTube decided to make them YouTube partners, that is, SteAndKel could share in ad revenue from videos tha meet YT's qualifications.

    SteAndKel song

    File:Suspicion confirmed.jpg
    Suspicions confirmed: they're gay

    Wake Up, Put on your clothes and your shoes, Drink Coffee and watch the news, And open up your laptop and surf to youtube (youtube, youtube)! And then you're in their spell, SteAndKel! And everything's swell with SteAndKel! They make you feel well when you are down and out, There's never any reason to pout! So yell, SteAndKel! Find someone to tell about SteAndKel! Just watch them raise hell,You'll scream with great surprise, Until your laptop battery dies! They make you feel swell, SteAndKel! Download on your cell, SteAndKel! Come out of your shell for SteAndKel! Alexander Graham Bell... SteAndKel!
    Enjoy the song in its full glory.

    The "Ah, prick" movement

    More recently Ste particularly has received criticism by a large (and growing) number of youtubers who have realized that the SteAndKel channel's popularity was only achieved by spamming friend requests and that the videos themselves are not of a particularly high standard. In a moment described as on the borderline between genius and madness (but in this writer's view, on the genius side) one fan turned unsubscriber left the following comment on SteAndKel's profile: "Ahhh, prick".

    Little did they know that this would start a movement, with waves of "Ah, prick" comments flooding the SteAndKel sites across the world wide web. Snapvine especially has been focused upon as the people want Ste to hear their voice as they reach that moment of epiphany at which point they understand just how much of a prick he is. There appears to be no stopping the movement, and a spokesperson has been quoted as saying "The end will only be in sight when Ste vows never to return to the internet."

    Some call this group bullies, some haters, some call them freedom fighters, fighting for the freedom of every youtuber not to be horribly annoyed by seeing this man on the front page of youtube every again.


    On May 23, 2009, while Kelly was eating a whole cake all by herself, and Steve was having fun, a fine young man hacked SteandKel's account on YT. Almost 40 of their videos were deleted, and immediately they called on their fanboys and gals to spread the word and save their "hardwork" and "achievements" from the past three years. They also want them to email YT for help.

    To make it more dramatic, they sent the following message, in glorious ALL CAPS and with a very civil request:



    Their fans answered at once, in a equally civilian way:

    • "man that suxs my fans and i will hunt this person down and get your account back up!" -sillygliz
    • "I have a shovel in the back of my car if u need to hide some bodies!!!" -Robert
    • "OMG! im so mad. y would someone do such a asshole thinggggg, ugh im deff sending hate mail. dont worry guys your delted videos are in my memoryy,,,hah corney, i knowXP ily's" -Rachael

    Fabulously hacked!

    SteAndKel's pet peeve

    Whenever they type "SteandKel" in Google and it generates this very article.

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