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Staredog is what you are staring at.

Staredog is a lightly forced, ultimately failed 4chan meme that was popular on /b/ for a couple of weeks circa August, 2007. The meme consists of a picture of what appears to be a dog, apparently rigid and dead. There's really no proper or sensible way to use the Staredog image, just throw it in at random moments. Additionally, it makes a good unrelated pic.

Staredog recently re-entered the meme scene as the central feature of the Depression Dog image macro.


The Staredog image was just another of the endless stream of bizarre pictures that are spawned daily by this series of tubes (this time apparently a bad taxidermy job), but for some reason, Anon took particular interest in this pic and proceeded to spam it at every given opportunity. Being the observant individuals they are, the channers noticed that Staredog had a sunken chin, much like their beloved Chin-chan, which led them to deduce that Staredog must belong to her. Of course, it didn't take long for the imaginative, perverted minds of /b/ to call Rule 34 on the pair; surprisingly, the call was answered, giving birth to one the oddest 34s in recent memory.

Like many memes before him, Staredog appears to have started his life on /b/, where he is occasionally the topic of debate. The first issue surrounding Staredog is determining whether he is actually a certifiable meme. Since the Staredog image has spawned numerous threads and been subjected to at least 100 reposts and shoops (including a 34), one can assume that he is, in fact, a 4chan meme.

The Name

The second issue concerning Staredog is his name. While he has been referred to primarily as Staredog since his birth, it is sufficiently clear that this name is both uncreative and unfunny. The naming debate of Staredog has been compared to that of Grinman vs. Cockmongler. In fact, one potential contender for the name is Cockmongrel. Others include Stare Mongrel and Nugle Dog. However, until another name has gained widespread use or agreement among /b/tards, Staredog shall remain Staredog.


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