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Starecat with his human and awards

Starecat aka Grafics cat aka Helia aka Shooper Cat is the latest cat flavor of the week on the internet. Expect a thousand horrible shoops of the image over the next five days before it fades into obscurity with the other twelve billion cat pix on the Internet and its eventual demise when the faggots at LOLcats get hold of it.

Every week there are threads allowing people to show of their poorly executed MS Paint versions, you will see him with a hat, you will see him in your pants, he will watch you masturbate until you post him. Originally It was just a plain crappy reaction picture for /v/ after a month or so, some Anon created loads of different copies of Starecat with un-noticeable differences so It can pass through m00ts shitty spam filter.


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Starecat's father.
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Starecat's mother.
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Starecat's ho, Kay Peppercats after a long night of Starecat boning.

Starecat's IRL name is Helia Peppercats, a "British Shorthair" with chinchilla shading and is an International Champion for something cat related.

This pedigree kitty is from a long line of British nobility -the Peppercats- who were vacationing in Moscow with Czar Nicholas II of Russia in 1917 when the Russian Revolution permab& the Emperor and left the Peppercats Shanghaied in the newly founded USSR. After hiding out with White Russians loyal to the monarchy, the Peppercats changed their names to the Borschtcats and lived in relative obscurity until Vladimir Putin restored the honour of Russia's Czarist past after the USSR fell in 1991.

Free from the yoke of Communist collectivism, they changed their names back and became rich and famous for popping out award-winning kittens.

Starecat is from a litter produced by the stud father Greendale Sergeant Pepper and his ho, Petunia Snow Queen. Although Starecat's parents are as white as driven snow, Starecat is a fucking ginger due to a regressive gene.

If you would like your very own pedigree Starecat, the Russians are holding him hostage and are breeding him with a lady Starecat called Kay Peppercats. Go here to free these poor little bastards from their evil Commie overlords. Starecat already has three kids, Starecat Jr, Starecat Jr. Jr. and Christoph Fancy Prince Peppercats.


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