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    Starcade was a luser on ISCABBS who was arrested in May 1998 for stalking Debbie Gibson, who he refers to as "Deborah."


    Starcade caused occasional drama in Usenet newsgroup rec.music.artists.debbie-gibson after becoming irate at Gibson's nonchaste behavior; less than two weeks before his arrest in May 1998, he posted the following rape-related comment.

    [email protected] wrote:
    > Perhaps Deborah *NEEDS* the rapist to nail her to be forced to grow up and
    > actually confront what the sexuality does to people.


    By May 2002, Starcade had gotten out of jail and was claiming that, while suicide was still on the table, murder was no longer an option:

    From: [email protected] (Michael Falkner)
    Newsgroups: rec.music.artists.debbie-gibson
    Subject: [NEWS]  Deborah to play Velma in "Chicago" Oct 29-Nov 17
    Date: 16 May 2002 12:29:41 -0700
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>
    Thanks to my "friends" *spit* [whom I will address in a moment] over
    at Talkin' Broadway, we have learned that Deborah Gibson will be
    playing the role of Velma in a regional production of "Chicago" Oct.
    29-Nov.17 in the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts.
    No, I will not be attending, but I am very happy for her, and, IMHO
    [since you all know my fetish kinda matches Bob Fosse's choereography
    anyway], she does have the look for it.  A promo splash for the play
    has Deb in her "Shock Your Mama" dominatrix look with the caption
    "Good Girl Gone Bad!"
    Now that I have dispensed with the news, and since the people over at
    talkinbroadway.com read my posts, I wish to publicly tell them I do
    the same for them, knowing that any mention of Deborah over there will
    quickly be followed by a mention of myself.  They didn't fail to
    If we want to talk about scary, let's understand, ladies and gentlemen
    like Ann [the one over at talkinbroadway.com, not Ms. Skirvin -- and
    I'm using the term "ladies and gentlemen" quite gingerly], the facts
    that I have presented here.  Paul all but admitted I was correct in
    stating that murder before suicide had been the belief for many many
    months, and a mid-nineties post you can find on Google directly
    references that one person actually openly stated murder before
    suicide -- several _years_ before your sorry asses ever got involved.
    That [murder before suicide] will not happen.  _HOWEVER_, I do caution
    you one thing:  Unless you plan to take action for the sake of
    yourselves, Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball.  In 1998, I at least felt I
    had some sanity left.  Now I embrace all options -- including those
    once felt unthinkable -- with the only exception that I will not harm
    Deborah again.  I believe we live in a world where our President has
    sold us out to energy lobbies and openly killed thousands of Americans
    in New York City and beyond in an effort to decapitate this country to
    consolidate power.
    I died that night.  I live [in bodily form] now against my will.  I
    don't know if I should ever be allowed to set foot in NYC again.
    Trust me, I am not long for this world.  Whether that is 5 minutes or
    5 years, I do not know.  But I am now open to a _MUCH_ larger scope of
    belief than I was back in 1998.  I don't know if I could legally set
    foot in another Broadway theatre, and better, frankly, that that be
    handled in the courts too.

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