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Star Wars Kid

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The Star Wars Kid, losing his balance while playing with that Lightsaber he pulled out of his ass.
Production was stopped on an animated "Star Wars Kid" when the two drunk guys realized they didn't have enough paper.
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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Similar in some ways to Numa Numa (only even unfunnier), the Star Wars Kid phenomena also features a obese lad doing embarrassing things in front of a camera.

However, instead of purposely recording himself to be put on the Internet, a boy from Canada named Ghyslain Raza became an Internet celebrity almost overnight, due to his hilarious antics with a golf-ball collector and a video camera.


On November 8, 2002 a young BigAl2k6 had made a video of himself acting like the Star Wars character Darth Maul, using a golf ball retriever to represent his lightsaber. It was filmed at the studio of his high school (Séminaire St-Joseph). On April 19, 2003 one of his friends stumbled on the tape and uploaded it to the Kazaa peer-to-peer file sharing network as a prank.

The video file spread across the Internets extremely rapidly; within mere weeks it had been downloaded OVER 9,000 times. Within days, artists all over the world began making modifications such as adding music, visual effects and sounds, combining it with other well-known videos or scenes from films, etc. for comic effect. Among the many renditions is a Matrix video, with BigAl2k6 as Neo.

It has been rumored that the Star Wars Kid was in fact Slashpanda (aka BigAl2k6).


There were news reports that the Star Wars Kid's mom filed a CA $351,000 (USD $0.86) lawsuit against the kids who uploaded the video, citing the "harassment and derision" suffered by Raza as the prank had turned him into a global Internet cause célèbre. In 2006, Raza and his tormentors, Michaël Caron, Jean-Michel Rheault and the aptly named Jérôme Laflamme, reached an out-of-court settlement for an unknown sum. Raza finished his school year at the Pavillon Arc-en-ciel ("Rainbow Ward" in English) child psychiatry ward at the Trois-Rivières Regional Hospital Centre.

Just remember the basics:

  • Step 1: Tape yourself acting like a douchebag.
  • Step 2: Leave the tape out so your hilarious friends can upload the video on the internets.
  • Step 3: ?????
  • Step 4: PROFIT

Double-bladed Lightsaber Action

We can tell he is a Jedi Sentinel

Teh Pwnage

He didn't saw it coming.

A Challenger Appears!

Star Wars Kid's days are numbered.

Kids React to Star Wars Kid

Awww!! :3

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