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    Internet law in action on Sporcle

    Sporcle is a site where the masses of the internet can go to play quizzes and other online games testing their knowledge of facts about over 9000 different types of shit nobody cares about. It is kinda like an internet version of Family Fortunes (Family Feud for Americunts).


    The site is a great way to waste time, and lose your motivation in life to get on with whatever you were doing for about a day. It's also great if you are depressed, considering suicide or doing the next school shooting as its mind-expanding distractions might make you feel good about yourself, as you'll uncover hidden knowledge that you didn't know you even had. Either that, or you've been spending far too much time on Wikipedia so that you know all the answers to your specialist subjects anyway.

    The entire website is very US-centric. It also contains a bunch of whining Britfags who complain about this. As for the rest of the world, they either put up with it or nobody cares.

    Most of the people who use it are politically-correct liberal faggots who will bawwwww if you say something that is out of line in the comments, or make a joke that doesn't suck the cock of third world military regimes in one of the geography quizzes.

    How it works

    Basically, you type in the answers to the questions. It is commonly fucking annoying when you have the right answer but due to its pedantry, it won't accept your spelling. Also annoying is on the geography quizzes where all your answers clutter the screen and you can't even see which fucking ones you've answered and which you've not.

    There is a time limit, and at the end you can see how well others have done, and whether you have a nerdy level of knowledge of that subject or not. It is assumed that you're not going to cheat by using Wikipedia, because that would ruin the whole purpose of it (and Wikipedia ruins every educational curriculum, evar, even those of university PhD students).

    The comments section contains spoilers and people are always like "oh why did I not think of that first!!!!111oneoneone."

    In the future, Sporcle plans to let users create their own games. The day when there is a memes quiz is on the horizon, although due to the censorship (you can't even say fuck on Sporcle without them bowdlerizing it) there'll probably be no room for including goatse or 1guy1jar. Doubtless Boxxy, rickrolling and lolcats will be there though.

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