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    What? This article does not need any more Sparkledog pics, not at all.
    You can help by not adding anything, especially not Sparkledog pics.

    Sparkledogs are the most recent and popular fad sweeping the preteen population of devianTART. The Sparkledogs have taken the Lapist "fursona" and added arm warmers. They've gained their nickname from their horrendously mismatched color schemes, ridiculous hyooman hairstyles, and useless accessories so numerous you'd wonder how the fucking thing would be able to move at all (How does a dog put on headphones? it is a *~mystery~*). Creators of sparkle bitches tend to get a little fucking INSANE when it comes to "copyrights" and owning every single color under the spectrum. When they aren't circle jerking in their little high school-esque cliques they're screaming "MINEMINEMINE DON'T STEAL TAKE THAT DOWN NOW!!1" at each other instead.

    VanillaKitsune is their goddess and they gank her already ripped style to no end. In fact, the easiest way to identify a sparklefag is to simply judge by her front page(because all the kiddies usually associated with these atrocities are bisexual 16 year-olds).

    NOTE: Everyone wants internet fame for coining the term Sparkledog. Since everyone is too pathetic to find another way to feel special, don't believe anyone.

    File:With my hair BLINDING MY EYES by IceandSnow.jpg
    If only all of them knew they're ugly...

    Telltale signs

    File:Don't Need Anatomy.jpg
    4chan weighs in on sparkledogs.

    Does the artist:

    A) Conceal their shitty grasp of anatomy under piles of poofy fluff?

    B) Plaster annoying watermarks over art no one would have the mind to steal?

    C) Have a sparkly pixelated Technicolor puppy for an icon?


    E) Have a vaguely VanillaKitsune/Disney-like style?

    F) Go batshitfuckingnuts whenever you use a color that was previously used on one of their characters?

    G) Draw "art" that looks like it was shat all over by a spastic retarded clown?

    H) Make a comic with lots of stereotypical wolf characters that no one gives a shit about?

    I) Act like you listen and take honest critque but really just keep drawings the same shit over and over?

    J) Say that you love your haters?


    If so, it's likely that you've spotted one of these socially inept bitches around. 4 out of 5 EDiot doctors recommend dousing your eyes with some prescribed eyebleach after viewing such retina-damaging material, then proceeding to laugh at/troll these crazy kids to hell and back. Every one of them's fair game.

    These blindness-inducing manifestations from the psyches of bratty 13-year-old scene furries are enough to send any sane reader's head driving into the nearest brick wall. What's sad is that these kids actually think drawing this shit makes them an artist. They also can't take constructive critique worth shit - if you want to piss one of them off, that's the easiest way to do it.

    It's also worth pointing out that most Sparkledog characters are born and die in just a single ref-sheet. Or at least this is what happens in their creator's gallery, since the sole purpose of over 99% of these characters is getting fanart of them. And since every Sparkledog looks anatomically the fucking same, a brilliant tactic to gets loads of attention with very little effort consists in drawing so-called "adoptables". This is, the artist draws a single doggy lineart, and colors it over nine thousand times in MS Paint, with the rainbow colors and senseless marking of all their Sparklebuddies creations and adding wings, horns, and faggotry like that when it corresponds.

    However, keep in mind that not all sparkleartists are unaware of how much of a disease this trend is. Some are so knowledgeable they keep contributing to it!



    Sparkledogs in all their Technicolor Glory

    What? This article does not need any more Sparkledog pics, not at all.
    You can help by not adding anything, especially not Sparkledog pics.

    Sunglasses are Recommended About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    As the name suggests, instead of shitting rainbows these creatures see the dark abyss that is life. They also buy their collars from Hot Topic. Admittedly, gloomdogs are not always easily distinguished from sparkledogs, as they will most likely have a rainbow-colored garment on them, which is no surprise.

    What? This article does not need any more Gloomdog pics, not at all.
    You can help by not adding anything, especially not Gloomdog pics.

    Crawling in my fur ... About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    IRL Sparkledogs

    Animal Cruelty 101 About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    And as if Technicolor dogs weren't bad enough, now the SPARKLY SENSATION is slowly spreading out to contaminate other innocent animals as well. Will this sickening virus ever be stopped?! Not as long as there are 16 year old girls with access to prismacolors out there...

    Sparkleanimals About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    K guize, here's the idea: We r gonna take pre-existing human and aneemal characters n real ppl and turn them into dawgs, k?

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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