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State Flag

South Carolina or South Cacaklacy to the local residents with IQs below 80 (spoilers it's most of the state) is a state located south of its slightly less retarded Cousin North Carolina and north of the even more retarded Georgia. Known for many exciting things the state continues to be one of the most intelligent and progressive states in the Union. Oh Wait.


Like every state in the Union South Carolina has some history. One of the biggest importers of slaves in the Union South Carolina was deep into that slavery shit. So when Lincoln had some plans to shut it down they weren't too happy. In December of 1860 just a month after Abe was elected they became the first state to seceded from the Union and form the Confederacy.

Since President Buchanan had lost reelection he didn't give a shit since it wasn't about to be his problem anymore so he didn't do anything. By the time Lincoln took office in March of 1861 the Confederacy had already built up its forces and munitions to a sizeable stockpile since Buchanan had diddled himself in response to the build up. Their band of Freedom Fighters had amassed to include Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia, with Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and North Carolina coming a few months later. (As you can see we have a high IQ bunch of rebels).

The first shots in the war took place in South Carolina when the Rebels fired on Yankee Forces at Fort Sumter, located in the harbor off Charleston. The Confederates captured the Fort and declared their first victory of many to come.

Fast forward to 1865 and the Confederacy is in Shambles. General Sherman was done raping Georgia and had come up to South Carolina. The locals fled leaving the Black Residents to be Liberated and to burn down Charleston along with several local cities. Perhaps a prequel to the Post George Floyd Chimpout.

South Carolina continued to be a backward Confederate State into the 21st century. It took some bowl cut cracker going Jack Reacher on the Black Preacher in 2015 for the state to actually bother to remove the Confederate Flag from it's State Capital.

Dylann Roof

The Pride of South Carolina

The most famous resident in all of this shithole is Dylann Roof. Dylann, like most white residents, hated Black People. Finally deciding to do something about it in 2015 he brought a gun with him to a black church service in Charleston. Finding himself surrounded and outnumbered he whipped it out and killed 9 people. He then fled down on the interstate before getting nabbed by the Police. The Party Van took over the investigation and he was sentenced to death.

The incident sparked a large chimpout. Thousands of Basketball Americans rushed to the state courthouse and burned Confederate Flags. Soon the KKK came in and the protests turned into riots. as the coons and the white hats got into it Police had to step in. Eventually Nikki Haley, the Indian (Dot not Feather), Governor stepped in to remove the Confederate Flag from the state courthouse.

The Gamecocks

File:Usc grill.jpg
Maybe USC isn't that bad after all

Believe or not despite being a Sped as Shit state they actually have a University. USC (The University of Spoiled Children) or (University of South Carolina) is the pride and joy of the state. 99% of Residents are believed to Fap to USC highlights. It's not unusual to see a Over 9000 Residents wearing Gamecock gear at any given time on any street corner in South Carolina. USC is a large school with a lot of "traditions" and a love of its football team. This despite the fact they get rapped by Georgia on a regular basis.

Parts of South Carolina

The Beaches

If you're not from South Carolina then you're probably only familiar with the coastal regions. Hilton Head and Myrtal Beach are huge tourist traps. If you shell out a 5 digit sum you can stay on one of the many beach houses for a few days with your frat bros.

Inland South Carolina

Go into inland South Carolina and you'll run into the real part of South Carolina. Full with low IQ whites and blacks this place has At Least 100 Trailer Parks. The Trailer Parks are intermixed in the middle of large swampy forested areas.

Notable Residents

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