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"Hey mate, got a smoke??"

$orry Day is a day invented to apologize to butthurt Abbos for raeping them At least 100 years ago. "$orry Day"'s main political function is to provide a (temporary) distraction from more pressing issues, such as why Aborigines' lives never improve despite endless billions in government funding.

$orry Day is hyped as a significant day in Australian history, a first step in repairing the broken bond with indigenous Australians, and "closing the gap" (sure) between black and non-black Australia. However, despite all the platitudes and speeches by Leftards, Aborigines stubbornly refuse to stop being as Cro-Mag-as-they-wanna-be.

$orry Day is thought to be driving a gradually rising desire amongst white Australians who would rather just (re)sell them into slavery - to the meanest, hungriest, black Africans possible.

In the beginning

A long time ago, white Australians (the Devil's spawn), lost their patience with the Aboriginal people. Tired of seeing them wandering aimlessly in the desert, raping their children and wasting the countries most precious commodities at the time (Alcohol & Winnie Blues), they decided to help them assimilate into white society by giving Aboriginal children a good and proper upbringing. These children, unlike their ancestors, are now moderately productive citizens and were dubbed 'The Stolen Generation'.

Reasons for stealing the Aboriginal children then were based on the theory that Aboriginal people were unable to sustain themselves and were doomed to extinction. Of course, it is now clear to see that this theory is indeed truth.

Since Aboriginal Australians have no respect for the sacrifices of the White, they instantly transformed this kind act into 'blatant discrimination' and now every White Australian is born into a sticky petrol-smelling pile of guilt.

We weren't stolen; our family was there. It was a good system. Or a better system than now. At least my generation learnt to read and write properly.


—An Abbo admits the truth.

The solution

File:Howard mah boiii.PNG
Whatever Ruddkips says, goes.

A clear and simple way to resolve all the race issues in Australia would be to elect Pauline Hanson as Minster of immigration and mulicultural affairs, however as Pauline has suffered much butthurtz over apparently racist comments concerning the immediate death of all non-whites, this has been considered a controversial move, and as such will be exercised under extreme caution.

Sorry day was insanely popular with the latte sipping lefties: tears flowed like rain down their hypocritical white faces. Leftards wrote poems like this one:


We are Australian,
We're black & we're white.
We have back our unity
The future looks bright.

For now we're together,
United as one.
We stand - brother & sister 
In the Land of the Sun.

We go forward together,
Understand and respect.
We close the gap slowly,
As fast can't expect.

Now Australia is one,
Our people are whole
Thank everyone always,
Australia has soul!

Give a man an inch and he will take a mile. Give an Aboriginal an apology and he will get drunk and Run around the streets naked screaming "discrimination" and demanding more compo.

It doesn't matter how much we give the Aboriginal People, the idea will never leave their heads that we owe them more.

John Howard said upon his defeat that it would be offensive to direct blame at the Australian public for these problems. Unlike his other ways of dealing with these problems (throwing money at them and turning his back), he was sadly right.

It is only right to recognize the problems we may have caused and put them behind us. But Australians have been forced to live in guilt of this shit since the Aboriginal lost its status as an animal.

Today's Australians weren't directly involved: why is it fair that we must apologize? Today's Aboriginals weren't directly discriminated against: why is it fair that they must be apologized to?

The truth is: it isn't fair. And this is why the problem of discrimination exists. The simple act of admitting that there are differences between people, injects the idea that it is fair to flaunt the supposed differences and receive benefits.

The Aboriginal Flag.

But alas, Kevin 07 brings up the idea that Aboriginals were discriminated against, especially when white cunts won't give them a smoke. And in come all the compo claims, like an opening pub in Aboriginal.

Will the Aboriginal people ever stop bitching? Probably not. Sorry Day won't do shit. It will just encourage Abos to leave their run down houses and pubs and to line up at their local Centrelink to check if there are any new benefits for being an Aboriginal.

The only way to stop this shit, is to stop giving them benefits. Only then they will realize that they are no more disadvantaged than Whitey and make a living for themselves. Something that even over 9000 tent embassies couldn't do.

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