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    Soraged, named for the faggot members who consider suicide each time their e-peen is threatened, is a shitty forum, made by Ryan McAdams, owner of UOGamers and RunUO. Because fail trolls couldn't stop flaming in the old 'Starbucks' (non- UO discussion) forum, he created a new forum where the fags could flame as much as they want without any trolling skill. This is the generally accepted reason the already pathetic trolls there have grown fat and lazy, yet their e-peens are actually shriveled up and dead.

    Today, Soraged is mainly newfags, shitty trolls, and other various forms of total assfucks.


    1. Forum created around 08-02-2007.
    2. Members register.
    3. Faggots post cock porn. (Surprise?)
    4. No-cock-porn-rule instated by Zippy
    5. Captain Morgan decideds to post his face in every single post he makes
    6. Captain Morgan gets every post were his pictures appears in deleted his post count is set to 0
    7. Tribal gets banned by Punkers Slave for spamming.
    8. Forum goes to shit.
    9. Tribal has his ban lifted by Punkers Slave
    10. Forum fills with shitty posts again.
    11. Black Thunder is deemed the biggest faggot on Soraged.
    12. ????
    13. 404-Profit not found.

    The Now

    File:Machine washable.jpg
    'Machine_Washable', Official camwhore of Soraged

    Soraged is now pathetically trolled by utter newfags daily, including Tribal which is the only thing keeping soraged alive and Symptom which should be on everyone's ignore list, ect. Tough guy Cebrious Arcane is often emulated by thirteen year old boys. Other members such as Caz and Sir Elton John provide lulzy and/or informative posts and threads to keep people interested in important discussion on the forum. Machine Washable, a lie girl, camwhore and flirts with washed up wigger Hivajisa.

    Very little keeps Soraged lulzy, and only drama (generally caused by Black Thunder) brings any type of enjoyment to members of this 'cesspool of internet faggotry'. When srs discussion happens, derailed threads produce lulz.

    Occasionally, a new person will come with interesting views, but this person is usually just an alt account of one of the gay members.

    In truth, the forum is a whirlpool of of trollability. Anyone stupid enough to pass up on a lulz-farm like this, should immediately an hero.

    The Truth

    A confession by Tribal, a yet fail troll from Taiwan or something.

    Soraged is supposed to be non-moderated, but there are a few, strict rules and whenever you defy one of these, Countessa will take action and do something unnecessary. Soraged is also full of faggotary thanks to me. Theres actually nothing happening in Soraged. It's just a bunch of boring yet tries-to-be-funny people who Ryan wanted to kick off his butt (Editor: What the fuck?) (his neat and elite uogamers forums) and dump us somewhere else. I might've even played a part in this decision by annoying him in a political discussion. Oh well.




    i always found you rather attractive kio in a turkish kinda way



    No one gets raped, you idiots.


    —Black Thunder

    Some Nigerian prince emailed me and said if I wire him 10 grand, he'll repay me with 50 mil in less than a week. So I'll be rich soon.


    —Cebrious Arcane

    Why stab me if I don't bleed


    —Punkers Slave

    apparently you guys haven't lived through real intraweb funnies, fite or lulz.


    —Black Thunker

    Fight Club

    The Fight Club is the main forum designated for flaming. Generally, the latest idiot on the bandwagon will be repeatedly called a faggot by 98.33333 (repeating, of course) percent of the population of Soraged. Of course, this produces very little lulz, and the forum is almost entirely without massive drama anymore.


    Ryan McAdams publicly supports Pon Raul, and put up a banner next to the main Soraged banner during the 2007-2008 campaign. Needless to say, there were many threads about Ron Paul, though any opportunities to produce lulz from the event were wasted on yet another series of fail attempts to be funny.

    Though most attempts were wasted, the majority of the forum supports Ron Paul (mainly the members with an IQ over 80.) or does not support another candidate. Ron Paul banners are found in many signatures, as well as the occasional signature bashing another candidate for the lulz.

    Most intelligent members also believe the TRUTH ABOUT 9/11, the war in Iraq, ect. Retarded trolls try to argue the other way just to produce lulz and drama, but only ridiculous and unfunny arguments are generally had as a result of these.


    Unofficial multipurpose image of Soraged.

    Despite calls for a raid from a bitter ex-member of Soraged, no action has been taken, which is understandable because Anonymous is not your personal army, faggot. Anonymous should be aware that a raid against Soraged would have little to no effect, as any posts made in such an attempt would most likely be of a higher intellectual quality than those made by legitimate members.

    Anonymous should know that cock-porn will, as always, be warmly received and would therefore useless as a weapon.

    Soraged Brain Trust

    Due to the increasing amount of faggotry occuring on the Soraged board, a Trust was formed in order to keep the Soraged forums moving in a good direction. The founding members, Tribal (one of the most avid users of soraged.com) and Terron (a washed up, old janitor who works in a prison) needed 3 more members in order to keep things on Soraged funny. This is where the 3 other councilmen came in. Flipper, Punkers Slave, and Top Notch (who apparently has a huge dick and huge clown pants).

    This, of course, failed. The cancer that is killing /b/ seems to have been surgically implanted in Soraged. This is what happens when you make a forum with nearly no rules. It is blatantly similar to mixing nitroglycerin and large quantities of burnt shit together and detonating.

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