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    Sora Del Corazon

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    "If you look closely, you can see the drool."

    Sora_Del_Corazon (Christina Yameera Gizelle), at first the humble furfag and local retard of a Sonic forum, took her extreme dumbassery to a whole new level. She called herself SmartGirl, but needed the reassurance of having the local idiots suck her cock. She probably also sucks many cocks herself. And being the Sonic fan that she is, she has a perpetual boner that is sprung from her love for Tails. She lives in Florida and is also racist.

    Band Member

    Sora is the lead singer of Knouge, a gay band that consists of her and her equally smart sister (keyboard), and her three imaginary fuckbuddies (DJ, Drummer, Tambourine).

    According to Sora, keyboard + drums = amazing rock band. When she isn't busy being a furfag she comes up with this amazing shit.

    But in typical attention whore fashion, there is no band. There is an IRC confession to prove that it never existed. Thank God.

    [13:04] <Christina> It was all false. I never made anything. I'm not in a band or anything. I lied to get attention. [13:04] <Christina> For real. I just wanted to be a somebody.

    Poor Sora. :'( She just wanted to be somebody!

    Musical Career

    Among all her fucktarded pastimes, Sora loves writing shit on paper and calling it a song. When asked for a sample out of morbid curiosity, she quickly raped the forum with this fresh piece of aids: "I Love Him a Lot, like I hate Santa Claus".

    After creaming her pants over the fact no one shot her down, Sora immediately showed the world her awesome rap skills. Being the fag that she is, it was all based on Sonic characters. She demonstrated her fucktarded lyrical abilities by rhyming "Tails" with "Tails".

    Chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos Chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos Chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos Chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos Chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos.

    Chaos Control!! What?! No emeralds?!

    "Feeling typically felt when reading anything by Sora."

    My name is Tails.

    I have two tails.

    once I saw two albino whales.

    They were white and they were perfect.

    Oh wait! I'm getting off the subject.

    I am Miles,

    Miles Prower.

    I fly 100 miles per hour,

    and truly sometimes you must believe it!

    Uh...Once I ran into a snake in a big pit.

    Because you failed my task,

    you'll feel Rouge the Bat's wrath.

    For now I shall realease

    "Quite possibly her other band members"

    my robot masterpiece.

    I bury that echidna,

    In the love that I would've give 'em

    and It's because,

    I love him al lot!

    Yes! I love him al lot!

    I Love Him A Looooooot!!

    Hi my name is chris.

    I was brought to this.

    When I punch I never ever never ever miss.

    "Best Friend"

    I am in a world with trfees that curl and

    Sonic brought me this!

    Hi my name is chris.

    I was brought to this.

    When I punch I never ever never ever miss.

    I am in a world with trfees that curl and

    Sonic brought me this!

    I will take one small step at a time.

    I'm just trying to make all these words rhyme.

    "Recommended course of action after reading"

    I will help him fight the Meterex.

    And then help them retrieve the Planet Eggs!

    Hi my name is chris.

    I was brought to this.

    When I punch I never ever never ever miss.

    I am in a world with trfees that curl and

    Sonic brought me this!

    "Source:Sora's Front Yard"

    A cute little guy,

    his tails let him fly.

    Sonic's best pal 'till the day they die.

    He'll follow him to the ends of the Earth.

    He's been the spunkiest sidekick since the day of his birth.

    A quick bolt of lighting- That's Sonic's name.

    Helping the needy- That's Sonic's Game.

    Speed is his glory, it's what he does best.

    He's the fastest North, South, East and West.

    There's no hiding from Amy, so pink and up-beat.

    Such a tought cookie, but Oh, so sweet!

    She thinks that Sonic is mighty neat.

    Her cheerful spirit keeps that boy on his feet.

    On Angel Island, up high in the air.

    Guarding the emerald, He's stubborn but fair.

    Decended from a noble worrior clan,

    "Best friend in the world/Lover"

    when theres buisiness to be done,

    "Sora's Dad"

    Knuckles is your man.

    Evil and mean, full of ego and greed.

    He lives for robots and other machines.

    Late at night night dreaming all tucked in his bed,

    his nemisis Sonic will fill him with dread.

    Miss Suzy had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell. miss suzy went to heaven, the steamboat went to hello oporator. Give me number 9. If you disconnect me, I'll kick you from behind the fridgerator there was a piece of glass, miss suzy sat upon it and cut her little ask me no more questions and tell me no more lies. The boys are in the bathroom zipping up their flies are in the garbage, the bees are in the park. Miss suzy and her boyfriend are kissing in the d a r k d a r k. Dark Dark Dark! Darker than the ocean, darker than the sea, darker than the underwear my mama put on me. My mother is Godzilla, my daddy is King Kong, my brother is the idiot who wrote this stupid song! Hey!


    Sora is an example of why retards should not breed. With what little she has of a brain, Sora managed to conjure possibly the most amazing shit known to man. Sora created her own series called Neomon.It's like Pokemon and Digimon, except totally not. It should also be noted how similar "Neomon" is to Neopets. Sora probably draws her characters getting assraped by Neopets all the time. In her Neomon universe is a hedgehog who runs faster than the speed of sound. Much butthurt is had when she is accused of plagiarism, and promptly runs to her room to masturbate as she calls her attackers "giant meanies". Little Ms. Dumbshit is obviously a prime example of a mature 16-year-old girl.

    "In some alternate universe, Sora isn't so goddamn stupid."

    UPDATE: Since Sora doesn't have the fucking brains to know trap when she sees one, she fell for a fake account claiming that Neomon is owned by Japanese Nintendo. She immediately gave the name up for the even shittier title "Animon". This girl doesn't seem to learn her fucking lesson.


    When searching for ways too make little shithead's life miserable, a glorious find was made. Sora had made a forum for discussing anime and her dumb Animon shit. The minute the hell hole was found, it was raided 4chan style.

    "Sora proves there's at least one idiot who will actually fall for this."

    Sadly, since Sora is very retarded, she kept trying to post after her second in command's account was deleted. There was no cyber sex from her boyfriend that night. On top of that, Sora showed a frightening lack of concern for the futinari/gangrape/bukakke in her main thread. The little faggot posted in it like it wasn't even there. Obviously Sora loves this kind of shit. Her forum was also raped with tentacle rape images, gay SpongeBob porn, Naruto characters getting fucked, Pokemon bestiality, babyfuck, shitting dick nipples, and other things that make queer internet fags wet their pants. It's obvious Sora dreams of gangrape.

    Suicide and Rebirth

    On July 5th, Sora found this article and committed e-suicide. Now realizing her existence was made of fail, she tried to vanish off the face of the internet. But shit had only begun to fly, for as soon as she was dead, someone new arrived to take her place as local fucktard and raging fag! But for some reason, this new person has the same email, same IP, and same location as Sora...

    Regardless, the new meat, ChaosixX, played her role with flying colors. She has an amazing agenda! A college student who majors in every fuckin' form of art known to man. ChaosixX is a goddamn genius if I ever saw one. But apparently her college doesn't allow her to show any of her art. Authorization from the "school board" comes in August, folks. Funny thing though, those colleges. Colleges don't have a fucking "school board". When questioned about her apparent failure to lie, she was unable to comment.

    ChaoixX is also a wannabe weeaboo. Pity cannot even be held for one who can't fake being a japanophile. Number one rule of being a big dick sucking weeaboo:

    Don't admit you can't fucking speak Japanese.

    After being called out on her lies which had holes in them bigger than the ass of goatse, she proclaimed that she went to Florida Metropolitan University in Orlando. Turns out though, it isn't an arts school at all. The college was, in fact, for small businessman and those going into criminal justice. After being questioned, YET AGAIN, it seems she had gotten confused by all the cock she was trying to suck and remembered that she went to Keiser-University. What was amazing was how she was taking classes in her area, in a college that was in another part of Florida. ChaosixX then transformed into even more of a lulzcow than she already was, and began denying her identity as Sora_Del_Corazon.

    Growing flustered with her rage, ChaossixX declared that she was "CHRISTINA! NOT FUCKING SORA!" and that she planned to murder this Sora character for stealing her identity.

    Since ChaosixX and Sora are both plainly the same faggot weeaboo, she finally saw that she was as trapped as Tom Cruise in his closet of self-denial. Sora finally confessed in IRC that she was, in fact, both Sora and ChaosixX. She also confessed to be "Sandy Satoule" and "Sandy Hedgehog", who were by now suppressed memories due the sheer level of faggotry committed at the time. Sora has an evident history of being a complete and total failure. I highly suggest getting to know her and berating the fuck out of her. You're guaranteed to feel better about yourself.

    EDIT: As of this writing, Sora has returned once again under moar alternate names, but she was called out on it faster than a virgin at a strip club.

    [13:18] * Sora_Del_Corazon has joined #---
    [13:19] <---> ...
    [13:19] <---> Wha?!
    [13:19] <Christina> What?!
    [13:19] <---> Oh geeze.
    [13:19] <Christina> Told you?!
    [13:19] <Sora_Del_Corazon> I am here to end the rumors
    [13:19] <Christina> I told you!
    [13:19] <Sora_Del_Corazon> I am not Christina
    [13:19] <Christina> I am Christina!
    [13:19] <Christina> Shut up Loser!
    [13:19] <Sora_Del_Corazon> I am Christina too

    The epic battle of identity theft!

    [13:26] <Sora_Del_Corazon> Can someone ban this puta? She stole my account and banned me
    [13:26] <Christina> 8alms Down*
    [13:26] <---> ...what?
    [13:26] <Christina> I did not! You Muda Fukin liar!
    [13:26] <Sora_Del_Corazon> Yes, she stole my account and email
    [13:26] <---> Insanity: Superior. Logic and counter insanity: Inferior.
    [13:26] <Christina> She Lied!
    [13:26] <Sora_Del_Corazon> You are the one who lied!
    [13:26] <Sora_Del_Corazon> Believe me Hyper!
    [13:26] <Christina> I AM ME! SHE IS NOTHING BUT AN ASS!
    [13:27] <---> Hmm
    [13:27] <Christina> Believe me Hyper!
    [13:27] <Christina> How could I ban her, when I am not a Mod or and Admin?
    [13:27] <Christina> huh?
    [13:28] <---> This is just a compelling arguement all around
    [13:28] <Christina> How can I WHEN I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU?!
    [13:28] <Christina> This is an OUTRAGE!
    [13:28] <Christina> Shut up and stay that way you moron!
    [13:28] <---> It's like a bad soap opera.
    [13:29] <---> There's a good soap opera?
    [13:29] <---> Point.
    [13:29] <Christina> If I had a gun...

    (Some names have been changed to protect the innocent. Except Sora. She's shit nobody cares about.)


    The shit that comes out of Sora's mouth.

    "UGH! I have 4 words for you. I and AM and NOT and RETARDED! "

    "Why do you think I am Smart Girl? I don't call myself that for the fun of it."

    "Great! Can you PM me so I can send you my Address? I like to keep my Address unseen."

    P.O. Box 41
    5001 Basswood RD.
    Bascom, IL 32423)

    "I'm far-sighted. I wear glasses (sometimes) and I can still see that the Xbox 360 and the Wii have the same graphics."

    "Just because I'm "Smart Girl", Doesn't mean I have to spell everything perfect. "

    "No, Hyperion. I am Christina. I just joined the forums and to think I was going to have a great time. This Sora girl will SUFFER! I WILL KILL HER for stealing my identity I SWEAR IT." (as ChaossixX)

    "<Christina> If I had a gun... <Christina> I will kill her, with my bare fists!"


    Sora at her greatest moments:


    Fur series.jpg

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