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    Cat eyes.JPG

    Sonicrocksmysocks (A.K.A. Kylee N. Henke) born on March 8, 1989, is yet another whiny little weeaboo shit on DeviantART, akin to Snapesnogger except without all the gay fetish porn. Possibly the biggest animu artist on the site, she is, of course, popular as fuck and a selfish, talentless whore at that. She also looks like a fat female Rodney Dangerfield or Emma Stone. She currently living somewhere in Lake Tapps, Washington.


    File:SakuraCon More Hugs by Raidenator4.jpg
    Lay off the ramen, you fat bitch.
    Even Google ads thinks she's a fat cunt

    Usually I would have just used pencil, but I quickly markered this because the teach said she wanted to see this in color :]The result is kind of messy, but hey, most professional storyboards are barely even scribbles.


    —Sonicrocksmysocks, on how she's actually better than pro animators.

    Her horrendous gallery consists of fanart of her self-insert character, Kylee (moar like KILLME amirite?), accompanied by some hype anime characters. Whenever someone with half a brain comes along and tells her that they're sick of seeing Kylee in her pictures, she bitches at the person, gets all depressed, and writes a long journal entry on the subject.

    Her gallery doesn't only consist of fanart; it also contains multiple flash animations, songs that she attempts to sing (some of which include her Japanese "skillz"), and her camwhore adventures.

    Despite the obvious fact that half of her drawings are sketches, have no color or value, lack proper anatomy, and get drawn on LINED FUCKING PAPER, she still receives at least 100 comments, over 500 favorites and THOUSANDS of views per drawing. The only thing she's good at is consistency, since she draws the same picture a million fucking times, but her god awful lack of originality cancels that out ten times over.

    And to think this girl has over 2,300,000 pageviews and has over 6,000 people and counting watching her, which outdoes some artists on the site who actually have some fucking talent by way too much.

    In her past, Kylee was in love and in the most saddest fucking way possible. Being in love, she made her own club, File:Deviantart-favicon.png KyleeXLuTeng, pure proof that Kylee is insane! This guy so call himself the king of cruelty. He was said to be one of Kylee's first friends on deviantart and was considered as Kylee's first love. Another series of facepalms of making a club for herself about loving a guy and not having the guts to tell him. For further proof, you can search her email on deviantart and you'll see three accounts associated with her email. First is her main account, her second account File:Deviantart-favicon.png SRMS and this club. The club was banned since it was spamming all over deviantart (she did so in order to get popular) but you can still read the activity here and read the artists comments on this picture.



    She claimed she has Asperger's Syndrome, along with half of the rest of the internets. FUCKING DELETED to cover up for her faggotry.


    If she DID have AS, then she would have symptoms such as having a fascination with abnormal subjects or objects, have trouble talking or understanding humor, but not exactly enjoying it (see her "funny" comics and horrible singing voice), and more. For more information and calling on her bullshit, read here.

    After writing this, AS USUAL, she got over 100 favs and comments from her retarded fans saying, "OMG THAT'S SO DEEP KYLEE I HAVE ASSBURGERS TOO" or "WE LOVE U UR SO INSPIRING". While these saps were sucking her clit, others told her to stop whining like a little emo bitch. They mentioned that people with AS live normal lives and don't get all depressed over the fact that they're an aspie and treat it as if it was cancer (which she did). But then again being a retard ASPIE, she has to cope with her pathetic life somehow.

    My brother, who has aspergers, was quite a big fan of SonicRocksMySocks. Then she posted that picture about having a disease called 'aspergers' which featured her character crying and bleeding, nude in a towel or something and he became very confused.

    Every time she comes up on a web page or in conversation he comments: 'she did that picture, didn't she? She is... very strange'. Coming from a guy who phones and leaves chicken noises and squeaks on the answerphone? Yeah, I guess she must be.


    —Anonymous, bringing the lulz.

    Way to go to for treating it like a fad, Kylee! To those who are actually diagnosed with the real disability, you are truly one sick bitch.


    File:Facial expressions.png
    Facial expressions?! Kylee only needs one!

    Most likely the uncrowned queen of self-insertion Mary Sues, Kylee is Sonicrocksmysocks' animu alter ego. It seems that she's unable to draw any fanart (or pictures at all) without adding her buttfuckingly ugly character to make the picture even worse with her blazing, retarded grin. Seriously. This girl does NOTHING but grin and be kawaii desu ^_^ with the hawt bishies and female side-characters. I'm sure if all those anime characters she draws with her Mary Sue met her IRL, they'd kick her ass for being so annoying and "inspirational to others".

    Kylee's the most unimaginative creation since the PSP. No, wait, I was lying. It actually takes a rocket scientist to create a blond anime girl with a green T-shirt and blue jeans and just one expression. And, naturally, with this brilliant character design, she fits into ANY series imaginable! Shit, they could even put her in the middle of a Star Trek episode and nobody would notice a thing wrong with her outfit. Of course, Kirk would end up falling in love with her, too, and she'd befriend all the female crew members.

    Then again, Mary Sue + Animu + Shitty Flashes = INSTANT POPULARITY!!1

    People Kylee Has Banged

    Needless to say Kylee has AIDS.

    It is also easy to tell that Kylee is into beastiality, as Sonic and Impmon are animals. Maybe Inuyasha too, considering he's half-dog.


    What the hell was she doing with L? Banging him?




    ...as if we didn't already know by her love of Ash, Yugi, Link, Rock Lee, and Near (being carried by Kylee in the above). But being the big fat whore she is, she loves animu bishie boys no matter the age. This means all males, animu or irl, must stay at least 100 miles away from her. If not, they'll be sucked into her vagina since she is too lonely, fat, and ugly to get one male (good-looking or ugly) to even look her straight in the eye. As so, she can only go to her aspie world thinking that boys love her Mary Sue self. IRL, Kylee is a fat cunt desperately trying to make it into the real world with her shitty voice and terrible art.

    (People, come on, that can't be real. It's a different facial expression, and we all know she can only draw one, because of her excess skillz, amirite?)

    Vocal Talent

    In addition to her numerous SheezyArt submissions featuring her vocal mastery, you can now listen to Kylee sing about her favorite things with her wonderful voice on video. Thanks YouTube!

    Her beautiful voice in action. Your ears may very well bleed upon listening to this bullshit. Dear God... someone shut this fat bitch up.

    Anime Conventions

    SMRS attends animu conventions yearly to meet cosplayers, and also goes there to meet her deviantART fans.

    In a journal proceeding just such an occasion, she states that during Anime Expo 2008 she will wear "some cheesy clip-in white streaks" so that she will be easily recognized, thus further proving that Kylee is just an idealized self-insert of her fail self.

    A certain source tells ED that she was approached by Anti-SRMS activist[1] (also under the DA account [2]) who told that her "artwork" was shit, and that "Its truly hard to believe no one ever made fun of her IRL." Perhaps this was part of the "failtastic shenanigans" she refers to in her journal.

    Also, let it be known that she admits to "screwing [her]self over at an open mic event." It's so sad because we all expected you to succeed and wow us with your wonderful voice! She been going a anime convention of Washington State call Sakura-Con where her fan get to meet in the art alley and sell shitty artwork, pleasing her work and bullcrap of her great kawaii desu artwork and shit, being wonderful for some fuck up reason, and oz.. be sure to visit to her when you see her on Sakuracon.

    The Fanbase

    So you admit you submit fanart because it was the easiest way to be popular?

    While her fanbase on DeviantART is enormous, she has also developed a larger (but by no means smarter) community of fantards on the DeviantART ripoff SheezyArt. It's quite strange the amount of fans she's accumulated in ratio to the quality of her art, but alas, the DeviantART paradox strikes again.

    When someone points out flaws and tries to help her get better, YOU'RE JUST MEAN. Kylee is obviously the most mature one here by acting like a smart ass.

    Her fantards are mindless DevianTARTlets, and will try to cheer her up and tell everyone how mature they are, despite them being no more than 14 years old. They continue to draw her wonderful fanart and include her in their shitty cartoons. Her mom also commented on her page just to cheer her up.

    This cunt is spoiled as hell, and yet doesn't thank a SINGLE one of these people for the support and sympathy they give her. Most people would be nothing without their fans and often thank them if they're not too busy. However, Kylee is not one of these people. The only thing she does is whine for moar popularity that she doesn't deserve.

    She also pulled a Snapesnogger, claiming she hates every single one of her fans and wishes to shoot them all.

    However, as with any fanbase, she also has a bunch of haters, not to mention a hate club. The haters are mostly made up of people who can actually draw, aren't retarded, know REAL vocal talent, know that her sue is pure shit, and stand up for true justice. The haters usually point out to her fans how crappy her art is and how much fail Kylee put into it. The fans usually defend Kylee because they can't even draw, more than likely because they're too fat to lift a pencil. The fans have no intellectual ability to know a single fact of how anatomy is supposed to work, and think that SRMS' art is fucking flawless. Her fans usually praise Kylee's shitstorm and wish that they could draw as good as her. Her haters critique her artwork, but Kylee bitches at them, refuses to take the advice, gets depressed, and avoids them. Fat cunt. She treats her fanbase horrible, as well. Whenever she logs on to MSN, she gets over 9000 pop-ups from her fucktards.

    With all the people calling her a stuck-up bitch and with this article, she actually is in love with her own article.

    Honest To God Comments From Her DevianTART Profile Page

    Insanity and The NaruCracker it was so funny/awsome. (Keep up the excellent work.)"


    http://phantom-ichigo.deviantart.com/ Phantom-ichigo], just another suck-up




    streamer566666, insane kiss-ass wannabe fantard who rightfully gets ignored by the great anime god that is SRMS

    Oh my word. Your singing is amazing!!!!!


    Sukai-yume, who should look into getting hearing AIDS

    They say drawing is good for you. You must one HEALTHY person, Kylee.


    selenathehedgehog, obviously not seeing the fat rolls and comprehending the MENTAL DUHSEEZES

    Good morning, Kylee!

    How are you today?

    I'm in a relatively good mood today because today be my Dad and Mom's 29th anniversary! And I thought you'd like to join in the mirth, if only in spirit.

    Oh, and I wanted to show you some stuff...

    First of all, I included you as one of my 100 Themes Challenge, and I think it's the first time that I included you with my Sonic fanfic chars Harmony and Melody: link

    And this second one is how I feel... link

    Well, I'll let you get back to your day. God bless ya.


    dboywheeler, showing off his stalking

    love your artwork,it's so well drawn. you draw people WAAAAAY better than i do. and you draw sonic better than i do.


    khboy, who must be drawing stick figures

    Hi there. I know I've only really just shown up, but I just love your art style. And I see you like Sonic the Hedgehog as well. I love the little guy as well.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to watch you.


    crash-bash, because asking if you can watch somebody when all you have to do is click the button is SO POLITE

    Dude, you're getting better and better! Plus, your singing is still soothing! You have done quite a few calm songs. What's next? "Together Again" by mink?


    unknownhedgehog, not only oblivious to the truth, but also fags up a classic meme

    This kind of crap just goes on and on and on and on...

    Examples of Her and Her Fanbase's Faggotry About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Super Kawaii Art Desu Ne!

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Kylee's Camwhoring Adventures

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Kylee Ignores Trolls

    File:GalPals by SonicRocksMySocks.PNG
    And it goes on and on and on!

    Numerous people have trolled Kylee's dA page over the months, but she often doesn't bother to hide the comments, even the ones that lag and crash your browser. It's okay though, it's fun to look back and laugh at some of the comments!

    Disregard that she fails at attempting to lol at them.

    Fan Art

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Have more fan art? Add moar!

    Did You Know...

    • ...she was a GameMaster at the very short-lived SheezyArt RagnarokOnline server? (As expected of Kylee, she fucked that up too.)
    • ...she's going to try out for American Idol? (She said she gave up because college, but we all know she went and failed)
    • ...Evidently the 'King of Cruelty' she started that Club for doesn't much care for her faggotry?
    • ...This person is considered herself evil - who will fuck you up on devianTART & sheezyART and other website completely bad, the drama queen wll fuck you up apart, it is her true color (don't mess with this fat ass whore).
    • ...This whore doesn't watch people on devianTART, sheezyART, or any other website shit who doesn't give a fuck about it she only just add favorite and shit, this chick who never watch nobody nor fucking anything which why she's lame.
    • ...As of 2015, yea right that she live in a damned successful life these days who can make a lot of money that way (to become the richest bitch in the world) to get by as a freelance artist, what pest. It means that she is popular and successful outside of the interwebs. O RLY. NOPE. She doesn't have a fucking successful life. OH LOL she planning to make a shitty web comic series, ya hear, she suck already.

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