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    Sonic X Bloopers

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    File:Sonic X Bloopers.GIF
    Don't watch them, they're awful

    What They are

    They're a bad branch-off of Speakonia based videos that dragged on for over 9000 episodes because it took them that long to realized that they sucked.

    How they Started

    FireGoron made a video called Sonic X Blooper: Chris Thorndyke BALEETED which did not get any views, but it inspired the creation of a second one BALEETED which has over 9000 views because something singing about how black person they are, is SOOOO fucking hilarious. The series finally gained super popularity when ZenkaiKenny0 made a third episode, which quickly climbed to the most viewed of the three (duh). When DBZsonic made the 4th, the four of them became known as the Original Sonic X Bloopers team. O lawd T_T
    Just when FireGoron promised that blooper 19 would be the last of them, he went on and made blooper 20, the worst yet most favored by the team.

    People even made "fan bloopers"

    They even made it to Google video...

    So what did the Sonic fans have to say about the videos?

    I knew someone would eventually find a way to make Sonic X worse. You owe me five dollars, MoA.



    What the hell was that crap?



    I swear this shit is made by the people of the Clock Crew Organization.



    I just searched for them on YouTube. Yes, they're shit, but it leads one to question; how the fuck did any of them get 4 stars? They aren't even remotely funny.



    End of the Sonic X Bloopers

    Awww boohoo. Apparently FireGoron and ZenkaiKenny0 were in an argument, and everyone took Kenny's side due to his popularity. DBZsonic happened to be one of those people, and he fought back by deleting all of his Sonic X Bloopers. This caused FireGoron to close his account and tell everyone that he was leaving youtube. He then posted a message on DBZsonic's account that he hacked into that told everyone how he was gang raped by all of his friends.

    See Also

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