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    Soldat is a 2D online multiplayer shooter made by some Polock by the name of Michal Marcinkowski. The game is like Worms, but not turned-based. In that respect, the game is a piece of shit.


    Basically all the player does is have their little stickman character run around the map blowing things away. The player will have a wide assortment of weapons too from chainsaws to grenade launchers to the bow and arrow from Rambo. Using these weapons will allow the player to rip apart other enemies and create a pixel bloodbath. Sadly though, the player will meet up with some people that use uber leet hacks and ruin the game for everyone.

    BattleEye and Cheating

    Just like PunkBuster or any other piece of shit that fails at stopping cheating in video games, the games anti-cheat system, BattleEye, fails horrifically. BattleEye performs extremely well at not banning the cheaters, but instead will ban the people that play the game in a fair matter. For example, a person may have the game crash on them, which happens a lot, and will automatically be banned from the server for a client problem. Thus, the player will never be able to go on that server ever again.

    Before installation of the game, the player will find this in the agreement message:

    [...] Please remember that this is a small shareware game made by one man. If you try to break the game protection you

    make harm to yourself because I can stop making the game if I'm without money and with overload of work making new anti-hack and anti-cheat systems all the time. If you want to hack something please concentrate on big company's like EA Games. Hacking a big commercial title will prove that you are good, please leave Soldat alone.


    —Lol wut.


    The music files within the game are in ".xm" and ".it" formats. Many people wanted to listen to these crappy songs outside of the game but could not since no one could convert it to MP3. So, the creator of the game gave out a shitty file converter program called "ModPlug Tracker" to solve this problem. All this hassle to get about 3-4 songs.

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