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    Social networking sites

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    One of the earliest Social Networking Sites.
    MySpace: A place for Fail.
    File:Skaven art.jpg
    Social Networking in action.

    Social networking sites are a Web 2.0 method of allowing nobodies to feel like somebodies. Since the best way to get click-throughs and page views is to convince your reader that they are important/worth their time, social networking technology has managed to harness the latent attention-whore tendencies of even the most innocuous internets users for massive profit. Always use these sites very carefully, or else you will be turned into a fag beyond recovery.


    Moar info: Answerbag.

    Answerbag allows dumb niggas to ask questions to other dumb niggas about dumb nigga shit.


    Moar info: Bebo.

    Bebo was created by a leftard as a refuge for emos. In reality, it was all part of his elaborate plan to exterminate the emo population. He knew their enemies, (everyone) would find out about this site and tell them how emo they were. This would send them into a further depression and increase the chance of an emo ACTUALLY COMMITTING SUICIDE FOR ONCE. However, the layout of the site was so utterly retarded that Bebo instead attracted a tier lower on the Darwin scale (British chavs) who flocked from the shithole of Faceparty. Then, they ironically went off and killed themselves, so one thing in the original design went right. Emo cunts stayed within the relative safety of Myspace and Stickam, unimpressed by Bebo's circa 1997 layout which prevented them putting their Gerard Way avatars everywhere and the non-emo pedophiles on it opposed to the emo pedophiles of Myspace. Bebo likes to rip off Facebook applications, and they were shit to start with...

    ... apart from the Leekspin application which is exclusively available on Bebo and the only good thing about it.


    Moar info: Del.icio.us.

    File:Del.icio.us - 3.gif Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking web service for idiots who don’t know how to work the bookmark button on their internet browser or even copy a link down and perhaps paste it into notepad (they still put notepad on Vista?). The site was conceived and shat out upon the internet in 2003 by ubergeek Joshua Schachter. Schachter eventually sold the whole mess for a cool 15 million bucks, proving that even fat, unibrow losers can make it sometimes without having to spend money stolen out of their mother’s pocketbooks on the lottery.


    Moar info: Facebook.

    Facebook is usually abbreviated as fb, which is also pedocode for "fucking boys".

    Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard drop-out and creator of the college social networking website, Facebook. Facebook is a great place for stalkers, teens, druggies, and people conceited enough to think anyone gives a shit about their pathetic social lives. We all know you have no friends.

    Despite Facebook's fame with young faggots, this website is plagued with butt lusting pedos and other bestial rapists, including Bill Gates. This website provides a fair amount of lulz if you can find an ugly enough bitch and laugh at her for hours on end. Apart from that, Facebook is total shit.


    Moar info: Habbo.

    Oddly enough, Habbo is indeed qualified as a Social Networking site, but targeted at children who have parents that are attempting to protect them from the real world and themselves under the guise of pedophilia. What started as a visual chatroom has become something far larger, with it's own social cliques. Invented by someone in Finland, but nobody cares about that bit. All that can be said for sure about Habbo is, the pool is closed, no matter who you ask.


    Moar info: MySpace.

    Rupert Murdoch was the first to discover the secret Jewish operation. Once the internet was created he countered the Jewish threat by allowing good god fearing Christians easy access. They were thus able to set up political groups and complain about the Jews. This effectively caused the Jews to complain about these groups and thus Myspace politics was born.


    Moar info: Piczo.

    Piczo is basically Myspace for high school freshmen but with more emphasis on pictures, broken HTML and overlapping images & text. At first glance you'd think you were looking at a geoshitties site from 1997, however it's assuring that a decade later the new generation of kids are doing exactly the same.


    Some shitty site for Chinese people. Use a translator and write about: 自由西藏, 台独, 你姐姐是个变性人, 你妈妈有一个阴茎, 法轮功


    Moar info: Stickam.

    Stickam was a gigantic camwhore community where 16 year old girls get chat rooms full of 13 year old boys to masturbate at them on camera by being big teases. However the real lulz is the fact that both the boys and girls were all video recordings being played by pedophiles.


    Moar info: TagWorld.

    Tagworld is a site that sucks as much as all the rest. They like to boast about amazing features but don't realize no one gives a fuck. No one uses their site because no one else uses their site.


    Moar info: Xanga.

    Xanga was set up by an anonymous hobo living in South America so that all South Americans could talk about how poor they are. Most of its members have actually come around to realizing just how sucky the site is.


    Moar info: Wikia.

    Originally a place where you could make your own wiki for free, it is slowly trying to become a social network of it's own because apparently it is the superior web service.


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