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    Social Autopsy

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    The founder. Inspiring, innit?
    Adding autistic lard to Social Autopsy.

    Social Autopsy is an upcoming website that will create a database of trolls as well as their victims, connecting everyone's comments to their irl dox. The project was founded by a team of women who are neither tech nor social media savvy. Inspires confidence, doesn't it?

    The Creator

    Candace Owens is the brainchild, emphasis on child not on brain, is a nigger who once felt threatened by 14 year olds, to the point where she actually sued them, and ended up walking away with 37,500 USD. In a lawsuit that cost 62,500 USD. It began when she and a guy named Evan Kopek had a shouting match, and the school only decided to suspend him, but not the poor innocent woman, who dindu nuffin. TOTALLY INNOCENTS GUYS. That Candace later were arrested on harassment is just the system knocking women down.

    They cited other "niggers" who had died before me, like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks


    http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/local/article/An-open-letter-from-Candace-Owens-6872591.php, Candace Owens

    One would think that a nigger knew that a nigger hero like Rosa Parks actually died a natural death, right? This incident carried out by 4 young boys, 3 of whom she didn't even fucking know, scarred this dumb bitch to the point she moved from Connecticut and developed an eating disorder, just so she could appear in Vogue Magazine. Nothing to do with being an attention whore, at all.

    She is the one looking the most like a horse involved in a traffic accident.

    For the last year, I have worked on creating a website, SocialAutospy.com [Sic], that will stop online bullying by outing the bullies. I created a searchable database of people who spew hate online. I hope it will make people think twice before they exercise their First Amendment rights online as a means to hurt others.

    And this wouldn't be fun without a public challenge to Gov. Malloy to contact me. To look me in the eye for the first time and stand with me as a leader in the fight against online bullying. I am once again so happy to be a part of Connecticut, my home state, and one that I believe will be a part of a real solution. Not just another perpetuator of divisive arguments.


    http://archive.is/g6wAy, Totally not revenge by Candace Owens


    Social Autopsy purports to work by allowing users to submit screenshots of bullying and hate speech to the site, available for public denigration so long as said individual does not "re-offend" in their database for one year. The site's founders are currently pretending that screencaps are not easily editable, and they seem blissfully unaware of what a spectacularly bad idea this is. Regardless of whether they intend to still go forward with some incarnation of their project, the story here could be how a group set up by women of color was harassed by two privileged white chicks running a competing service, and using anonymous threats and emotional manipulation attempted to shut down their company. Some EDiots predict a lolsuit may result from this incompetent and likely illegal scheme.

    Competition from Crash Override

    Naturally, such a venture would create competition for Quinn and Harper's golden goose, Crash Override. Quinn responded to this threat to her victimbux by dogpiling the creator's Twitter. After this uncomfortable fact was exposed, Quinn deleted renamed one of her dozens of Twitter accounts, @primeape which totally doesn't make her look guilty. Harper responded by composing an angry blog post at Medium.com admitting that she and Quinn colluded in an ill-advised and probably illegal scheme to get Social Autopsy's Kickstarter shut down.

    Old media gangs up on SocialAutopsy founder Candace Owens

    Candace Owens, exploring the internet for the first time
    File:Candace owens social autopsy encyclopedia dramatica 1.png
    Internet expert Candace Owens explains how it's not normal for your IP address to be visible on the web

    Corrupt "journalist" Jesse Singal reached out to Owens claiming he would write a neutral piece for New York Magazine, a formerly respectable magazine, now desperately trying to hang on to some degree of relevance. Turns out he is BFFs with Quinn and Harper, even participating in the harassment received by Owens, and he instead penned a hitpiece on Owens. True to his journalistic integrity, he publicly mocked her on Twitter.

    I'm deleting some of the tweets where i was adversarial


    —Jesse Singal, because deleting evidence of your harassment never draws attention to it

    Maybe he still suffers from PTSD when he got mugged by ArchiveToday-favicon.pngsome niggers or when Breitbart wrote about him

    Because of the exposure generated by Singal's hitpiece, Owens had been contacted by several venture capitalists and other large investors, hoping to invest in her project. Having already been burned by Jesse Singal, Owens was cautious when Caitlyn Dewey, a "reporter" for the Washington Post reached out and attempted to socially engineer the names of Social Autopsy's investors, hoping to sabotage Social Autopsy's funding. By this time, Owens had grown suspicious, and began bcc'ing all replies to Dewey to her editor in chief, David Malitz. After careful consideration, Malitz told Owen:

    Candace – I've decided to kill this story. Frankly, I do not think your company is viable or newsworthy enough to merit coverage at this point


    —David Malitz, not being condescending at all

    Hi-Jacking Incident

    Around the 26th of April, the twitter handle was vacated by Candace and taken over by some other dumbfuck to rant about GamerGate.[1]

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