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What you can expect.

Snuff is a form of pr0nography requiring at least one involved participant to have either been abducted or be such a pathetically miserable and attention-starved camwhore that they willingly volunteer to become IRL b& for the viewing pleasure of others.

Common recurring themes of 'Snuff' include role-play, prolonged and systematic physical and psychological torture (often incorporating sexual threat and degradation), satanic or pagan ritual, light cannibalism and the employment of 'heavy metal' music as a soundtrack. Scenarios ultimately reach a climax with the delivery of a coup de grace however some auteurs will continue to capture proceedings long after the extinction of life is clearly obvious. Let's face it, using a bowie-knife to cut the throat of a retarded MySpace whore as you blast hot, sticky jets of cum up her ass and then going back to fuck her throat-wound fifteen minutes later is just about the lulziest thing anyone can do.

History of Snuff Films

At least 100 years ago, Benjamin Franklin secretly gathered together a cadre of the country's greatest artists in order for them to paint a picture of him choking a young child whom he had apprehended attempting to steal the key from his kite. History records the girl's last words being that she had just Jew. Ben laughed his ass off and proceeded to drill a hole in the girl's armpit so he could fuck it. Unfortunately, like all niggers, she possessed poor hygiene and the ragged orifice caused Franklin's dick to smell like a french gigilo's cheese board. Having learned his lesson, Ben invented the modern condom, FTW.

Modern Snuff

In today's world, Snuff is a multi-billion dollar industry, home-video sales of stupid sluts getting pwned in the face alone account for a figure somewhere in the region of 70 billion US dollars a year. In addition to this not insubstantial revenue, bodies are routinely ground up, canned and then sold for the best part of another 70 billion dollars clear profit. The resultant product is usually sold to third-world countries as "tobacco" which coincidentally is French for "inside-out vagina", the complex process is illustrated below.

This is how the Magic happens

As a result of the insane amounts of money involved in Snuff it must surely be obvious that the Jews are running the whole show.

Snuff = Urban Legend?

Seemingly a great many persons profess that the existence of "Snuff" is simply a unfounded rumour or "urban legend" with no solid basis in fact. Nothing could be further from the truth. The tangled web of misinformation and in some cases downright untruth, was finally picked apart last Thursday in a special double-length episode of Mythbusters during which they tackled the massively convoluted subject. The "myth" was confirmed to be true once and for all when Jamie raped Tori in the ass with a mitre-saw then uploaded the video to YouTube where it received lulz and positive comments from a large number of appreciative users.

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