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    Come one, come all! Come see some person write in one tremendously large post all that makes Snapesnogger that person we love to hate! Come see Snogger's ridiculous - though nonetheless expected - reply!

    The original comment and all replies to it have since been hidden, but we have taken the liberty of reposting them here for YOUR amusement!

    Observe! A random deviant account entitled snapesnogger-listen (now banned) marched up to her journal, looked that whiny little cow in the eye, and spilled the beans!

    Here’s what happened!

    snapesnogger-listen: Since you deleted your journal, I am guessing you either arrogantly ignored my last post, or simply overlooked it, so I post it again here, in hopes to get through to you. I can't post this on the front page for some reason, but when I can, I will, and if you refuse to take the advice given, I ask that anyone who reads this that can, please post this up on the ED page, since undoubtly she'll ever do anything to try and get it removed.

    Snapesnogger, I express unto you, my very straight forward, and honest rebuke. This will be the harsh truth. You can either accept it, or fart on it like you do with all the other help that you get. I don't care if this account gets banned, but I am not doing this for harassment purposes. I am doing it in hopes that you will stop and read this and maybe (Probably not) realize what you've been doing wrong, as I have a message to share with you that many others have not already done so, or if they have, hadn't expressed their thoughts in the way that I will now.

    Can you please, for the LOVE OF GOD just STOP and look at what you are doing? Do you have any concept as to how selfish of a person you are? You have over 5 MILLION page views! You have people who COMMENT EVERY SINGLE TIME you post something up, and when you don't get 30850385 comments like you normally would, and possibly less than 40, you freak out, and wine and bitch and post up whiney journals in hopes that people will only squander and waste more of their PERSONAL time on you trying to cheer you up. You run people in circles on purpose with your pity parties of "I'm a horrible person and I need a mentor because I think my art sucks blah blah" Just to milk others of comments and their pity, because at this point they feel obligated to try and convince you otherwise, because they care about you. You take these people for granted. You're a manipulating bitch and you know EXACTLY What you are doing to get this sort of negative attention because you LOVE to make others miserable, and LOVE negative attention and are too arrogant and prideful to admit otherwise because you think you are right and everyone else is wrong, yet EVERYONE is singing the same tune to you, and still you do not open your ears to listen. You thrive off of it. You are not in the LEAST grateful for the talents that you ALREADY have, and the HUGE number of page counts, or the vast number of comments that you DO get. Who the FUCK cares if they are one word OMG DESU KAWAII! Comments!? They're comments nonetheless and someone took the time to POST THEM! That's something WAY More than what other artists normally get on this site, or any other art site. GOD YOU ARE JUST SO UNGRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a great pretender!!!! A Charlatan!!!!

    You fail to comprehend or eve CARE that there are people out there, hungry for, and actually NEED the sort of positive attention that you DO get in the art world and overlook because you don't really care about it, yet they can't get this sort of attention because unlike you, it's harder for them to get to that point of glory. You were BORN with a silver spoon in your mouth in the art world Gemma, yet you take that for granted. You're so horribly ungrateful for what you have, you're just like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, who have it all, and just waist what they have on themselves instead of helping others. They aren't grateful. You are JUST like them with their selfish squandering, and you will ALWAYS be like them if you continue to have this horribly selfish, ignorant and arrogant attitude.

    Gemma, you're nothing but a selfish joke. You wine and bitch, and are NEVER grateful or satisfied. All you care about is your self. Why, there are people out there, that would probably kill to have what you do, and once they had it, treasure it every single day for the rest of their lives and never take for granted what they have. You always take what you have for granted. You never will be happy, or satisfied with having it all. You will always want more. You are that type of person, where if you had a car, and wrecked it, instead of going to go pay to have it fixed, you would just go out and buy another one if you had the means. You wouldn't be grateful for what you had, and try to fix it, knowing that it will effect others economically to go out and buy another one. You don't care how it effects others, as long as YOUR problem is solved.

    You don't care that there are people on this site that need artistic attention for their talents, both in the literature and visual art sense. They need it far more than you, and it sickens and appalls me that you're so daft and conceited that you always want more and never will be happy with what you already have.

    Mudkip's reaction to the snapesnogger-listen incident

    You think that you need a mentor? THEN PAY FOR FUCKING ART COLLEGE YOU CONCIETED IGNORANT BITCH AND STAY IN IT! Don't wine about how you need a mentor, when you ALREADY teach art classes! FOR FUCK SAKE! You need to ALSO learn to take constructive criticism when someone tries to help you with your ATTIDUTE problem, not just your artistic problems that you are claiming to already be accepting this criticism for (Not). You don't. you're so daft and high horsed that you don't seem to stop to see even the double standard and things you have so blindly missed even in this ENTIRE conversation here!

    [1] You should really go back and read over this Kellywormtongue, anyone else would have taken your advice believe me. You make perfect Sense. Gemma is just a self thriving bitch. She doesn't care about anything except her own opinions. This is why she will NEVER get anywhere in the art world, and her stories will always suck and have 2 dimensional storylines with 2 dimensional characters.

    Gemma, You're so immature and ignorant that you don't care at all about what they put up on that ED page. Instead of whining and bitching "Omg, I need more or I'm going to wreak havoc!" you should instead FOCUS on trying to get that page removed, because in the long run, it's only going to damper you 10 years down the road. You will always have it hanging over you, if you DON'T do something about it. Now I don't mean just go and bitch to the mods on the site about it, I mean take LEGAL action to have it removed, and continue to do that. Unlesss it's public domain, then you can't persue legal action. Instead, only a CHANGE in your attitude will undoubtly remove it. You need to change, in order for others to stop. The world isn't going to stop for you Gemma, you must stop for the world.

    Then again, maybe you want that sort of negative banter, because you THRIVE off of negative attention. You're never going to be grateful for the positive attention that you have received time and time again. You're always going to want more, and you manipulate people to give you more. Selfish, you're a loathing dog Gemma. Instead of being so selfish and arrogant, I wish that you would take your talents and try to help people instead.

    Either stop with art all together, or stop whining that you will never be good enough, because everyone is sick of hearing it. You want to be good enough for your own eyes? Write a journal asking people what they think you could d o to improve on both with your attitude, and artistic abilities, and make sure to point out that you want it to be constructive, and helpful, not a bash snapsnogger journal. For those that will undoubtly bash you in that journal, overlook these comments, and focus ONLY on the good comments. Then again, you also need to learn to pick out what these types of comments are. You need to understand the difference between constructive criticism, and negative criticism, and before you can even do that Gemma Wilson, you need to grow up, because you're an adult now, and these are sorts of obstacles that ADULTS face in the REAL world every damn day of their lives. You can also start by actually REPLYING to the positive comments that you receive, and actually READ them, instead of skimming over them just to find the negative comments. Then you would really see how many positive comments you get, and stop focusing on so much that you WANT negative attention.

    File:SNIGGER RAGE.jpg
    How Gemma responds to criticism.

    Grow up Gemma. Everyone has to, it's time you did so also.


    snapesnogger-listen: "FUUUUUCCCCKKK OOFFFFFFFFF" -Snapesnogger

    Well played,

    Can't you even respond with something intelligent or perhaps a hint that you understand what I've tried to convey unto you? Are you that Looney!? What the fuck is your problem!? You completely stagger me. You're a maniac and should be locked up for your mental problems. You know what Snape, you are the Paris Hilton of Deviantart, and all other artistes of which you have posted. Nobody of interest or quality taste likes you, and those who do, are exactly like you, and they are very few and far between in number. Those who think they might like you, that are intelligent and gentle hearted, soon learn the truth once they get to know you, that you are a raving pandemic pox of self-diplomacy and soon forget you, or make excuses to avoid you. Misery loves company, and you are the epitome of disarray. You've proven time and time again that you are as unintelligent as a box of rocks.

    NO ONE is ever going to get through to you. It's entirely pointless and I apprehend that now. Fuck your self Snape, I tried to help, and you fail at life. Everyone fails to help you, because you are a poignant enigma of baffling enormity.

    For everyone else, stop trying to facilitate her. She only cares for her self, and in the long run, it is people like her who are bringing the downfall of mankind. People must move forward as a kaleidoscope moves with its colors in turning harmonic patterns. For those colors who are selfish, and move out of place, they screw up the entire pattern, and only cause problems for everyone else. She is one of those selfish insane colors that moves out of place, and doesn't care that she screws up the bigger picture.

    I'm done here.

    Snapesnogger: yes kelly you can go away now.

    If more drama unfolds from this - be certain that it shall be posted here!

    For those unaware, "Kelly" refers to Deviantartist Kellywormtongue, whom Snogger had semi-recently had a dramatic altercation with before blocking her from her deviantART page (that conversation can be read here).

    We sought out Kellywormtongue to see if she was in fact this anonymous poster:

    Kellywormtongue: Heh...that's news to me. Nope, after I said my bit to Snogger; she blocked me and I didn't see the point in continuing my retort (by that, I mean creating a new account and continue to comment). She was obviously too dense to listen to me anyway after I saw her first reply to my comment.

    There you have it, Snogger! There is more than one person out there who thinks you're special.