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    Snapesnogger/Deleted Journals

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    Read only if you're a drama addicted loser with nothing better to do!

    Utilizing the Way Back Machine!, we present to you a collection of classic Snoggerisms from her many many many many deleted journal entries, archived forever where she can never delete them, because the internet never forgets.

    All are encouraged to scour through old journals on her various accounts and find some lulz gold (then upload it here); but for now, here are some choice samples:

    my first journal entry

    Journal Entry: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 6:15 AM

    well i have posted 15 pictures and am waiting for comments. *twiddles thumbs* and i realise it take along time to be noticed.

    anyway, my facination with severus deepens. i feel that every thing created is exsistent in their own plain. i feel that fiction is real but not right here, in our version of the universe.

    of course i have nothing to back that theory up.

    so i think that severus and all the characters ever written about exsist...somewhere out there. i also feel a conection between the both of us. it sounds really crazy but i feel so close to him. he's my comfort i suppose.

    okay, i have proven myself officially insane.

    Oh my god, she's even crazier than we thought.

    Baby's First Drama!


    File:Snogger LUUUUUUUURRRRRRRVESleatherboundsnape.jpg
    the picture responsible for Snapesnogger's very first deviantART drama

    Journal Entry: Tue Jun 8, 2004, 7:04 PM

    i got my first flame yesterday. and it HURT! the picture of severus wrapped in black ribbons (oposite) was said to look like a women and not like snape at all. i think snape looks like that when hes feeling kinda raunchy, and my males always have a slight feminty that i find makes them attractive cos they acutually give a damn about what they look like. siiiiiiiiigh! poor snape cant get a break whereever he goes. even if he's inviting you for sex...


    Tell us something we don't know

    severus and leather ribbons deleted

    Journal Entry: Wed Jun 9, 2004, 11:11 PM

    i deleted severus and leather ribbons. i just feel that im such a shit artist. i just wanna cry. some girl said she had alot of critism for that pciture but she didnt put them down cos she didnt want to hurt my feelings.

    im only 16 and i cant handle harsh stuff. i hate my work. i dont enjoy drawing anymore cos it just aint good enough. i was so cocky about my skill, but now i realise its just not worth it.

    Only 400 pageviews at the time and already she's pulling this shit. If only she meant it!

    HAte the school the teachers are retards

    Journal Entry: Thu Nov 24, 2005, 9:43 PM

    i didnt get an art award at the graduation ceremonie. appranatly i didnt deserve one. not even a reference after all the things i did for the school:

    1. designed the cover for the year book 2. desgined the cover for the school diary 3. painted a mural voluntarily for the tech block 4. ran an anime class in my own time every week fro 3 terms 5. designed numerous graphics for the official school documentary 6. designed an art club poster 7. i desinged the ticket for the year 12 ball of 2005

    and got an 'A' in art class...and apparantly i didnt deserve an award

    the award instead went to the schools popular pretty blonde, who painted (and im not being at all biased) a sloppy wave on a boogie board...not only did she win the art award, she won the prize at the exhibition. shes nothing speical, she doesnt even want to do art...its not fucking fair

    my mum was so upset that she sent a letter to the school. they replied saying that i did not measure in comparrison to the award winner, im not being big headed, but BULL FUCKING SHIT!!! >_<

    I wonder if by "designed" she means they let her scribble on things with crayons. And sure, Snoggy, they just let the girl win cause she's popular and blonde. Not because someone in the world is possibly a better artist than you. Or maybe the school didn't think Snape in bondage gear whipping a pregnant male snake was appropriate for the new logo.


    Posted on 2005-07-17 @ 12:38 AM (not a deleted entry but still a fun find)

    dont read this if you havent read the 6th bok and you want to find everything out for yourself.

    snape kills dumbledore with the unforgivable curse. HES ACTING ALL EVIL!! SNAPE> I LOVE YOU DONT BREAK MY HEART!!!!!

    HOSHI- SPOILERS!!11 Since Snogger believes that Snape is actually real in some alternate universe (see first entry), I guess it doesn't work if you mention he's not actually real huh?

    2 for 1 Special!

    the disgusting picture in question

    oh for gods...!!

    Journal Entry: Wed Jun 28, 2006, 8:57 PM

    ok, there is this one deviant BITCH that has been being a complete asshole to me for ages now on and i tell her to fuck off and she reports me DX!!!! ill prolly be gone soon. its been fun. but if i have to put up with this and say nothing i might as well give up. im tired and stretchedand DA makes me spill too many tears. at least she cant bother me on Y! gallery anymore since she was banned for posting that disgusting mercury picture up...why do people hate me so so much? of course i dont want to leave, but if i get banned ill have no choice

    Obviously Snogger does not understand deviantART politics: If you're popular, we'll suck your dick!

    i cant get away...

    Posted on 2006-06-29 @ 1:11 AM

    im being bullied by a certain artist whos name i wont mention and she abuses me everywhere i go and theres no way of banning her cos shes carefull about what she says. shes also reported me at DA and if they listen they will ban me perminantly...i feel so hated i dont kno why people have to enjoy making me suffer so much im in so my emotional pain and theres nothing i can do about it. its like i cant enjoy anything, like gos hates me...

    She talkin' 'bout ZUR lul.


    Journal Entry: Sun Aug 20, 2006, 1:31 AM

    no this isnt about the nudes in DD's (which has died down alot) this is about another thing

    "Yeah, pregnancy is beautiful but it's slutty, disturbing, freakishly demented women like you that make it disgusting to think about." from some loser.

    i draw pregnancy. alot. i enjoy it, it makes me feel happy and fuzzy, but IT DOES NOT, make me feel AROUSED!! it does not make my knickers damp and it doesnt make me want to touch myself. that is what a fetish does, and pregnancy is NOT a fetish to me. just because someone draws something alot, does that make it a kind of kink? does the guy who made spiderman get an erection everytime he draws spidey? does a car engineer get al flushed everytime they design a car? the list goes on.

    the reason i draw pregancy alot IS COS IM A GIRL!!!! i have a womb! i have ovaries! i want babies and i can't help that! I've just come to that biological time in my life that i want to be a mother. :( nothing weird about it, and since im an artist (perse) i tend to represent what i feel on paper. get used to it!

    it only becomes a fetish when sick fuckers twist into something sexual, as everything is, and that is hardly my fault. pregnancy is not a turn on for me, im soooo sorry if thats a dissapointment to you, you sick little fuckers -_- (ps, this isnt to everyone, only to a select immature few)

    Why you guys gotta go thinking she's all full of fetish? :(

    XD ho man

    Journal Entry: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 10:22 PM


    sorry for shouting, but i just looked through my gallery and its all so "bleh!"

    i wanna make something truely amazing, super duper, XOMG SHE DID THAT?

    i dont wanna be a shining example of what a popular deviant SHOULDNT be, but rather what one SHOULD be. seriously, kicking myself up my ass right now ;D expect better art.

    If only that were true...Maybe she was drunk again.

    It looks as though Snoggy has deleted all of her DeviantART journals leading up the horrifying "You've Been Snogger'd" entry in an attempt to erase the drama. Apparently she is unaware of how the Way Back Machine works!