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    Snapesnogger/Comment Logs

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    Read only if you're a drama addicted loser with nothing better to do.

    A catalog of Snapesnogger lulz, this section is dedicated to the brave luzologists who toil endlessly to archive her drama llama ways or even managed to get a word in before Snogger blocked them from her page, had them banned from the site (usually her fans' doing), or kicked them from her chatrooms. Feel free to add your own lulz!

    Snapesnogger vs Stacey English

    One day Snoggy was moaning in her journal (now deleted) about an art thief who stole some of her art and posted it on Elfwood, posing as her, and sicced her fan horde upon them. While this is acceptable in and of itself, she never gave a crap when "Stacey English" was stealing other people's artwork or posing as them; but no, if you fuck with Snapesnogger you get your ass tickled. At least the commercial vehicle will be insured! [1].

    deviantARTist Kez-ler-tron decided to call her on this.

    Kez-ler-tron: (Snapesnogger quote from the journal) i have never joined it and have never posted art

    How lucky Elfwood are.

    Secondly, you are no different from any other artist this person has scammed, and you have no further power than the others. You're not different. You have no power to stop this person, so stop saying she won't get away with it. Just because you have a huge fanbase of ass-kissers dosen't mean that art thieves will not treat you the same as any artist.

    Snapesnogger:you can piss off :D

    i have every right to be angry, and OH! it seems shes being removed...

    seems it worked

    Kez-ler-tron: Yes, i could piss off, but i don't.

    You do have right to be angry, but the fact that you send your "minions" after this person just because they went after you is what i was referring to. You didn't do anything before they did it to you.

    Oh, and i never questioned that it wouldn't work.

    Snapesnogger: i was sending my "minions" after her. i was warning more people about her, so hopefully she will stop her stupid sharade. (No need to tell me what i already know Snoggy)

    Kez-ler-tron: Of course you were.

    Snapesnogger: yeh, you sound soooo convinced. stop trying your best to find the worst in me, cos seriously, the worst i can do is overreact to some things. you dont like me, so fuck off.

    Kez-ler-tron: No thanks.

    Snapesnogger: then you are now blocked. (And she blocked me. Haha.)

    Snapesnogger vs kellywormtongue

    File:SNIGGER RAGE.jpg
    How Gemma responds to criticism.
    File:Why Snape is Grumpy x1 by snapesnogger.jpg
    As you can see, Snapesnogger clearly tries very hard to make her art the best it can be.

    Some people who take to reading Snoggy's main page may know that she claims frequently to have outgrown her moodiness and that all her whining and bitching occurred over 2 years ago.

    Snogger, allow us to correct you on that point...yet again...

    The following occurred when an innocent DeviantArtist tried to give Snoggy some worthwhile advice and in doing so, sparked a lulzworthy reaction.

    Kellywormtongue, seeing this -- and at the time being a naive Snogger sympathizer -- took to defending her and offering her some advice. She was blocked shortly after, but not before seeing the light -- that Snogger is a whiny little bitch -- and adding herself to the ever growing list of people who DON'T see her as the Naga / Manga Goddess that her fantards proclaim her to be.

    The original conversation can be found in the following links:




    However since those conversations will most likely be hidden by the Snogger in due time, please feel free to enjoy it here:

    Random artist: you know, it would be good if you learned to accept crit and tried to improve

    Snapesnogger: I DO FUCKING TRY. GO AWAY

    Kellywormtongue: Woah. Kind of flew off the handle there.

    Snogger, as soon as you stop replying and getting angry, the sooner they will lose interest and leave you alone. The reason why they pick at you is because you react badly. They want to see you get upset.

    Snapesnogger: i know T_T

    Kellywormtongue: ...Why do you keep reacting badly then?

    I seriously think it'd be easier on you (and the people you chew out) if you tried putting less emphasis on the internet. The internet is not serious business and the people who flame you are just doing it to see your reaction and you react, believe you me.

    People who make constructive critisism are just trying to help you. They see you have potential as an artist and want to help you improve. You don't have to take their advice, it's just not a good idea to freak out at them like you do.

    I'm not trying to flame you. I'm hoping you take my words to heart that I do see you flourishing as an artist. You'd become so much better if you did accept critisism and let the negative crits roll off your back. Your style is very unique and not everyone is going to like your artwork. I know that your artwork isn't my cup of tea, but I still most certainly see that you have potential.

    Snapesnogger: for goodness sake this stuff really hurts. i try everyday to be a better artist and i take critisism! for goodness sake cant you see that ive improved at all? has all my hard work been for nothing?!

    and no wonder none of my art is in your faves...

    Kellywormtongue: Woah woah woah. Either you didn't read my comment or you're deciding to take it out of context.

    "goodness sake cant you see that ive improved at all?"

    I'm not saying that you haven't. You have over the past few years, I'm saying is that accepting criticism will speed up the process.

    "has all my hard work been for nothing?!" ...You're acting childish. I actually had hopes that you might have given a mature answer. No. It hasn't. I can see in a few years (if you mature a bit more in your artwork and emotionally) that you can become a really great artist.

    "and no wonder none of my art is in your faves..." And what's wrong with that? I'm not saying you're a bad artist. I'm just not a fan of your work. Sorry, you can't expect all of us to run after you, praising your mediocre work as though it was crafted by the hands of God. You're not omnipotent, ArtTard. It's time to understand this.

    Sorry to have bothered you. I thought that maybe you would have been able to take my words to heart to help yourself improve your artwork and be able to ignore the rude comments you always get. I guess I was wrong.

    Snapesnogger: HAHA mediocre? well screw you.

    Kellywormtongue: No, thanks. Yeah. I can see why everyone hates you. You need to grow up quite alot, kid.

    Snapesnogger: and you need to stop being a hypocrit.

    Kellywormtongue Please tell me how I'm being a hypocrit. I honestly want to know.

    I defended you when people were acting like assholes to you. I'm sorry I did. I thought you were actually worth defending. Nope. You're too busy playing "victim". "PLEEEEEASE FAAVOURITE MY ARTWORK! IF YOU DON'T, I'LL HATE YOU FOREVER!" Someone call the Waaaaahhh-bulance.

    Snapesnogger: im just annoyed at hearing the same thing over and over again like a broken record player. "improve, you think your gods gift, your art is bad, you art is mediocre, you dont listen to crits" etc etc etc. the thing is none of that is true, i do listen to crits now, i DO NOT think im above everyone and itry my best to improve everyday. people want to TELL me that i am all these things. and it gets really fucking boring trying to prove them wrong...gah you aint even going to take anything i said in...forget it.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Snapesnogger has proven once and for all that she will never be more than an immature, egotistical little lolcow who does not know the meaning of the word ‘hypocrite’ (yes Gemma – ‘hypocrite’ has an E in there!) whilst being one herself.

    Snapesnogger vs MangaPunkSai

    If you've been trailing Snapesnogger drama long enough, you may be aware of the long standing rivalry between her and former deviantART mod, MangaPunkSai.

    The Beginning

    It all started during one of Snoogy's patented pity party journals (now deleted), wherein she whined about no one liking her, how 'trolls' (which weren't actually trolls so much as critics) were cruel, and how worthless she felt as an artist because of it. At the time, Snogger was posting one of these at least once per week and -- every single time -- it made it to the deviantART Today Page (due to her idiot fanbase). Sai -- who was sick of seeing the front page bombarded with Snogger's endless faggotry -- replied with some sound advice on how she needed to grow up, stop drama llamaing, and take artistic critiques like a man, to which Snog retorted by making lame excuses for why she was such a whiny little cow. While this was not Sai's first conversation with Snogger, it's (probably) the first 'mean' one.

    Seeing that Sai was obviously not a fan (nor stupid enough to feel sorry for her) was enough to seed a deep-rooted hatred in Snog's deformed psyche for at least the next 100 years.

    Signature Faggotry

    Recently, Mangapunksai posted an amusing Harry Potter spoiler picture to deviantART for the lulz, acknowledging that Snape's death had to be one of the most retarded-looking things in history and knowing that most other Pottertards were treating it as very serious business.

    Sai's reply to an innocent comment on the image was enough invoke the lulzy wrath of everyone's favorite attention whore.


    There's no fear of that being hidden anytime soon! But just in case, we have reposted (most of it) here for your perusal:

    Rainbow-Walrus: ...i... i am laughing at myself, because i thought snapesnogger drew this for some reason at first. i read the description and i was like "wait what this sounds nothing like snapesnogger at all" so i go back up to look at the art and name and well... god im an idiot. u_u and need to go to bed. anyway. this picture makes me laugh. the colors are appealing and i really like the texture on the snake. :3

    MangaPunkSai: " i read the description and i was like "wait what this sounds nothing like snapesnogger at all""

    lol Lemme guess, it dawned on you when you got to the "and no whining" part?

    I highly doubt Snogger would take Snape!deth this lightly. lol Of course its worrying that my drawing in a different style could confuse people so much.

    Snapesnogger: stfu ):<

    MangaPunkSai: D: Whaaaaaat? You would take it lightly?

    Object2bdestroyd: LOL FICTIONAL CHARACTER

    Comment is surprisingly unrelated, a response to some spaming troll.
    File:Sai LolSnogSig.jpg
    As you can see, Mangapunksai was severely butthurt over the ordeal.

    In a fit of rage over the injustice that had been wrought upon her by the evil PunkSai, Snapesnogger made her righteous stand for truth and respect with a very poignant and dignified comment signature (see left) utilizing Sai's deviantART emoticon.

    The signature was quickly changed upon realizing that it made her look fucktarded, petty, and batshit -- but not before Sai had the opportunity to make her rebuttal via her deviantART webcam (see right).

    So WATCH OUT, deviants! The next time you say she's serious, you may just get sig pwned by the ever witty, ever vengeful, ever CRAZY Snapesnogger!

    Snapesnogger vs. Zelda164

    On November 25, 2007, File:Deviantart-favicon.png Zelda164, a troll in disguise, decided to troll Ms. Snigger's deviantART page. However, this troll would be very different from the trolls Snapesnogger was used to. It all started with a comment critiquing her artwork, and how she should move on to other art styles

    Zelda164: Hey. I was searching for some Harry Potter artwork, and on my search for Snape, I cam across your artwork. I must say, your artwork is very cute. However, looking at your artwork from 2004 and comparing it to your work from now, I have to say I don't see much change. No offense, but I don't like it when people draw the same way for years and years with little improvement. I see your potential as a great artist, but there is room for improvement. My advice is that you start trying to draw new styles. Try cubism, try impressionism, try realism. Who knows? Maybe you are really good in those styles. You're a good manga artist, but if you want to be better, you're going to have to try and draw new styles. It's not that I don't like your art, it's just that manga gets boring after a while. Sometimes people want more than that. If you want more fans outside of DA, you're going to have to.

    Snapesnogger: well the most important thing now is i know i have improved. so i dont really understand where you are coming from :/ bye.

    Zelda164: Excuse me, I was just offering critique. And I said "I don't see much of a change." I didn't say you haven't improved, you HAVE, just not that much. What's the problem?

    Snapesnogger: i think ive improved alot, and not in the sense of an ego, but for crying out loud! jus cos i dont actually enjoy drawing realism, means that i havent improved? get off my back please?

    Zelda164: I never stated that not enjoying realism means you haven't improved. I'm just saying if you would try more styles, you would be more popular on places outside deviantART.

    Snapesnogger: i have been trying new styles. jus cos you cant see it doesnt mean i havent been. anyway, i dont want to be in a bad mood...

    Zelda164: Well where are they, then? Why won't you show them to us? Are you so egotistical that you won't show us that you CAN do different styles?

    Decieving: How amusing, a grown "mature" woman cannot even handle a slightest critique from a couple of teenagers on deviantart. You have to hide from everything don't you? You can't even seem to get that ED article off the web, which should be your top priority instead of complaining your whiny ass off about a few suggestions to improve your art. I'm glad you're not improving as a person, or an artist. You'll never get anywhere in this world with that nasty attitude of yours. Don't get too cocky. 8 million pageviews on deviantart is worth virtually nothing in the realworld.

    Snapesnogger: shut the fucking fuck up.

    Zelda164: You bitch. You've proved everything your ED article says: your a whiny shit who curls up into a ball whenever someone tells you that you need improvement. Too bad I'm a troll, or I wouldn't have had the balls to screencap these events. These will be put on ED, providing even more proof of who you really are. You cause all the drama to levitate toward you then you blame other people. You shit all over your fans, but they keep crawling back to kiss your ass because they don't know any better. Do us a favor and get off the internet, it would save us the trouble of having to hear from a whiny diva.

    Snapesnogger: so fucking what. immature little asswipe. do us all a favour and stop being alive.

    And so, just to prove how mature she really is, Snapesnogger hid File:Deviantart-favicon.png Zelda164's, File:Deviantart-favicon.png RedCrayonAristocrat's and File:Deviantart-favicon.png Decieving's comments, and blocked them all (Despite the latter two not having anything to do with the trolling). Well done, boys, we salute you.

    Mirson - An Hero

    Recently, self-proclaimed up-and-coming troll, Mirson, decided to skip over to Snogger's page in aspiration of creating his very own Snapesnogger-Listen drama. Mirson stated that he hoped his comment would "induce lulz and/or suicide."


    (Currently) The comment and its replies are still visible if you click the link, however they have all mysteriously vanished from Snogger's page (not even hidden). But whatever the fuck may ultimately happen to it, we have reposted it here for your perusal:

    Mirson: Why hallo thar, Ms. Snappesnogger. Consider me a /b/tard and active member of Encyclopedia Dramatica. My reason for messaging you here today is to elaborate on why all of us at the ED picked on you out of all the other Deviantards on this god-forsaken website of weeaboos and emos. I will not flame, and I will not spam for the lulz; I just want to fill you in on an inconvenient truth (for you, anyway). So listen closely.

    Allow me to start with your art. I'll admit, you have some adequacy in the department (needs moar noses), but the subjects of your work are just so fucking stupid. I dont know if they teach you this in middle-school, but men cannot be pregnant. Not even gay buttsex can have a man create a baby, although I bet you personally would be standing there watching, jacking off if they tried ("but wominz don hav weenerz!!1"). It may simply be your inability to draw proper lower bodies, but even creepy-ass snake men cant have children together. And if they could, it would make them gay, which means Jack Thompson would be on their asses. LOL SNAKESKIN BOOTS.

    The only thing more disturbing than your "male pregnancy" fetish is your obsession with the character of Snape. Even your username, "Snape-snogger" (which effectively means "to eat butthole") reeks of fangirlism and teenage fickleness, which garners virtually no respect from anyone who doesnt want a commission. Even the Sonicphiles laugh at you. You then proceed to continue your unholy rampage with a coloured pencil, making a fanfic around Snape and Hermione getting turned into rabbits or something. Not surpisingly, it ends with lots and lots of sex. That's disgusting, and makes Snape a pervy old man. Which turns you on, undoubtedly.

    But that wasnt the biggest reason; we dont honestly give a shit about your drawings. By far the biggest reason us /b/tards picked on you is because of your whiny, brown-nosing fanbase who kiss your ass every time you bend over. Hell, I bet they cried more than you did when we phished your password and posted Tubgirl on your front page (which is an image of a tubby lardbag shitting a fountain into her own mouth in a bathtub, as if you dont know). These little bastards provide us with the most lulz, and the very fact they get upset over a little trolling makes the raid on your fat ass a FLAWLESS VICTORY. What's even more funny...is that you have referred to this little gaggle as "sheep" on more than one occassion. And if you dont believe me, I have links. O, thine ego!

    Yet, it may be these people who have transformed you into the shithead you have transmogrified into today. I never knew you before your "fame", but if you've ever taken a look at yourself, you arent a model person. Despite the crappy artwork, you have become a moronic, self-centered, self-loathing, whiny bitch. Whether it is the attention or the false praise, the fact still stands: you suck. Kill yourself.

    And with that, I put on my robe and wizard hat for the incoming flames.



    Unfortunuately -- while a valiant effort -- the comment lacks any ultimate lulz or pwnage. This is mostly because:

    • It was posted when Snogger hadn't recently produced any lulz. While spamming and flaming are good for any occasion, pwning really only works when there be drama afoot. For comparison, Snapesnogger-Listen made their move during Snapesnogger's mentor crisis.
    • As a self-respecting troll, the comment needed moar spam and memes and less direct copypasta from her ED article (because he was too lazy to create his own insults).
    • Most importantly, his shoddy reasoning as to why we believe Snapesnogger is such a lol-cow. We say this for the fact that most of his reasoning is either outdated or just flat out wrong.

    Also, he seems to possess little knowledge of ED -- as he broke two of the most important rules of the internet: Rules 1 and 2. WE'RE FROM EBAUMS FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

    This being the case, the intitial replies to Mirson's comment were insults from other trolls.

    Ultimately, this just goes to prove that newbie trolls need to LURK MOAR before trying to pwn a deviantART diva.

    As for Mirson, he continues to relentlessly pursue his passion for the lulz via MS Paint. [2] the diligent deviantART moderators decided he should dine in hell for later spamming Snogger's page with a wave of desu.

    Statistics state however that -- like any troll -- he will be back. Then banned again. But will eventually re-return.

    Fan Reactions

    Snapesnogger's fans are both intelligent and witty.

    While Snogger never responded to the comment herself, her fans -- as expected -- eagerly hopped at the chance to kiss her boo-boos and make her feel better and to validate themselves being obsessed with such fucktarded git:

    • Wow... that Mirson person's a real asshole. I don't see how anyone has the right to go on that kind of verbal rampage over someone else's art...Anyway, I just found your gallery last night and love your Snape artwork and style... that Mirson person comes across as sounding like he/she's never heard of 'artistic interpretation' and is one of those art Nazis who feels all art should follow the same kind or standard...Anyway, great work! :) -- Sapphirelioness
    • So, being a fan of something is illegal now, is it? And, yeah, her art it terrible, that's why she has 6 million page views. Her art is shit? Try ED is shit. Hm...ever hear the word fantasy? I don't think so. I love Snape too. Aw jeez, I guess I'm a moronic, self-centered, self-loathing, whiny bitch too? And btw, snog, is kiss in British. Good day to you. --Gingley
    • (In response to both Mirson and Gingley and in a particularly lulztastic display that only a typical Snapesnogger fan could provide) ik omg tere is no need for that /b/tard lik i agree wif gingley and her artz COOL!! Your just jelous cause shez amazing at wat she does and nobody can question that and another thing i have a point to make 1)itz deviants not deviantards!!! 2)this is a website for people to express themselves through art and poetry!!! and finally......3)deviantart is full of people with talents and do not like to be called weeaboos and emoz!!!!and u have no right!!!!! -- LazyPanda95
    • Somebody stuck a wand up their bloody arse today. *points at Mirson* Sheesh. Your art is nothing less than brilliant and never let such stupid users (whose arts are extremely pitiful) ever get to you! There is nothing wrong with your style and I believe that you're a terrific artist! Your art brightens me up each time I see it. ^_^ -- Envy2U (PROTIP: troll art is bad on purpose)