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    ED CLEANER 2.jpg This article needs a serious clean up

    Somebody should do something about it.

    Police.gif Warning- Giant fucking faggot ahead, Sunglasses advised.
    art so awesome it can only be rivaled by DrMusic2's.

    See that delicious cake over there? Have a bite, tastes good right? Now add a bumblefuck of AIDS, shit, and drama to it, and you have the dicksack of an asspirate that is Smokeyburr. Smokey A.K.A. Taylor Bertoncini is a 28-year-old Furfag living in Nevada City, CA, and like many furfags, he feeds off of drama, embracing its arrival like the sweet dick he's so fond of sucking. What makes Smokey special, however, is that he only shows his face in the dark little corner that is his Counter-Strike: Source server.

    General luls

    Smokeyburr likes to think he's a bear, which should give you foresight how much of a faggot he is. He lives alone in a cave, attacking anyone that comes near him, assuming that they've come to steal his precious food. When he's not making sweet love to his right hand, he's usually god modding his pets, trying to the best of his ability to manipulate them into being his sex slaves. some of these prepubescent behaviors include-

    • crying on mic
    • sucking dick on mic
    • sucking dick in chat
    • raging in chat
    • raging at his admins
    • trying to get rid of other furries
    • having them remove others from their friends list
    • trying to pass himself off as a suedo-intellectual by explaining the universe
    • telling people how much better he is than them
    • thinking of reasons to ban you
    • because no one will be in his kinky family [1]

    Female Alter ego's

    like many a furfag, smokey enjoys portraying his faggotry in the opposite sex

    Smokey often tries to portray himself as the opposite sex in an attempt to escape the fact of how much he looks like you. He believes that, with the addition of tits, the other furfags will accept him into their orgy rps. Of course, when he found out that he couldn't ban the people that didn't like is god-modding ways, he promptly ragequit, and retreated back to his cave.

    Clairburr is mainly a Creation of Smokey's Ex, Reno, in order to deal with the fact that he has had sexual thoughts and experiences with a fat hairy pot-head. Although only meant as a coping mechanism, Smokey has taken a liking to it, and often uses it to try and soften the amount of faggotry he dishes out daily.

    If you're gonna be an asshole, you should be on top of things!


    —Claire Burrtoncini

    Alyssa is a 19 year old mute with daddy problems, or smokey had people think. she was, in fact, another one of smokey's alter ego's that was used for money, attention, and general faggotry. using his creation, he asked for donations for a server he doesn't pay for, money for games, and even went as far as to use her for relationships. when called out for its faggotry, smokey had alyssa ragequit and tried to make her disappear. thankfully, she'll live on in the memories of trolls everywhere. we hate you alyssa, do a better job next time smokey.

    Smokey's alter ego, because he truly desires to be an angsty 16 year old girl.


    In his spare time, Smokey loves eating some sweet, black bitch pussy. His ho Aeva, a female miniature schnauzer, has been subject to numerous sexual acts, but Smokey knowing her better than anyone else, interprets her muttered cries and whimper to words of love and kindness. Its also a worthy note that amongst all the things here, THIS was the first thing Smokey tried to delete.

    Here we see smokey (fat pedo in the blue hoodie) with his fuck buddy, Aeva (small gray dog). Do not be fooled by his "girlfriend", if one looks closely, it is obviously a man.

    With this in mind, it is also no surprise that smokey owns a number of animal cock dildos from Zeta, and enjoys ramming them up his ass on a daily basis.


    Faggotry... so cash bro

    Smokey likes to think his server is the safe haven of the internet, free from drama and all the bad people. When however someone opens their eyes for 5 seconds and realizes that this server is for playing a fast paced action oriented game, not pretending that this is second life, Smokey gets a little mad. This in Turn has resulted in some of the most Dick-twisting Hypocritical Bigotry that has been witnessed by Humanity.

    The best way to experience this is by simply playing in his server. Your first thoughts may be "gee, those guys from ED are fags, this place is pretty sweet!" But soon you'll notice a feces like taste in your mouth, and begin to see people getting banned for not following the smallest of rules, while others frolic about displaying their faggotry for all to see. The latter remain simply because they have sucked smokeys cock one too many times.

    Then you'll begin to question what the fuck is going on, thats when the shit starts getting smeared across your screen. you begin to ask questions like "why was he banned when the guy next to him is breaking the rules, why is he allowed to talk over everyone and he gets muted, why do you allow banned people to come back." but before you can even finish your question, you have been banned yourself. just remember, you were banned because Smokey is a faggot. we're here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on.

    The Server

    Furry Logic

    If you have read through this completely, it is highly likely you are in this article. The structure of the rules as well as the facefuck manner its presented in is probably one of the most perfect examples of why furries are hated. But fear not, young patron, for i have wasted a small portion of my life to decrypting this cluster fuck of logical infallibility.


    • 1) Don't jump too much, it makes you a better player and thats not fair.
    • 2) Camping isn't fair, try not to stand still for more than 15 seconds, you might offend someone.
    • 4) Due to major cases of butthurt, please understand that gay means stupid and calling people a faggot is too close to the truth, so try to find alternatives.

    EX's- педал, peder, buzna, bøsse, flikker, Bündel, אתה, педик

    • 5) Pointless fucking rule, please disregard.
    • 6) Furryfaggot sprays are allowed, of course anything else might repulse the underageb&'s, so keep it real kiddies.
    • 7) Use exploits, it gives Admins something to bitch about.
    • 8) No duke Nukem :(
    • 9) Play the game.
    • 10) Don't play the game, this is an internet furry lounge. We don't want to play this game, we want you to talk to use because we are lonely, and if you don't, we can easily accuse you of breaking one of the above rules.
    • Special) Stay off the forums, Reno is a GIANT fucking faggot and loves to abuse his power in his little corner of the internet.
    • Propaganda) This server is free, but you should believe i pay for it regardless.
    • Other) Smokey trying to say thank you, which is why its so small.


    Smokey employs other furfags to god-mod for him, being so lazy he can't even push a button to ban you himself. While this makes a small amount of sense at first, what generates the most lulz is when he barges into his server and proceeds to rage at his admins for not doing what he couldn't do in 2 seconds himself, which usually results in butthurt and crying. To keep his admins, he throws around false promises of pay and gifts, and never stops ranting about how he just couldn't live without them. When asked how much he truly values the hard work of these talented heroes, he is unable to stop talking about how much he appreciates their important work.

    Such appreciation could never be said with better words.

    Chat Logs

    Smokey often forgets that we LOVE talking to him, and often save his intellectual and insightful words to out harddrives for safe keeping.

    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: wow
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: asshat
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: w/e
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: seeya
    *****: and a reserved slot
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: fuck you
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: bye
    *****: LOL
    *****: what did i do?
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: donated to *****
    *****: so?
    *****: ive donated to a few servers
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: goodbye
    *****: ok, way to be mature =P
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: piece of shit nigger
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: im sick of you nigger bitches
    ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: wow you are stupid
    Friday, October 15, 2010
    10:17 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Hmm? Sorry steam chat is messing up on me :/
    10:18 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: yea
    10:18 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: but you joined arcs hate group
    10:18 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: and you play in the hate server?
    10:18 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: why is that
    10:19 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Idk cuz i got invited there by some friends, and i was bored
    10:20 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: well can you leave the so called smokeyburrs fan lobby
    10:20 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: it is just a hate group by arc
    10:21 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Oh its a hate group? lol
    10:21 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: yea
    10:21 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: not funny hun
    10:22 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Im sorry but i dont see a lot of hate in my groups
    10:22 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: your groups?
    10:23 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: The groups that i join* sorry kinda tired
    10:23 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONg day tofay
    10:23 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: today*
    10:23 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: well if you click the "fansite" link on the smokeyburrs fan lobby
    10:24 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: you will clearly see it is arcs little ED page
    10:24 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Ed?
    10:24 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: What the fuck is that?
    10:24 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: encyclopedia dramatica
    10:24 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Whats that?
    10:24 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: why dont you click it and find out
    10:24 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Kay
    10:28 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Thats you?
    10:28 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: are you enjoying the hate?
    10:28 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: I really dont care about fur drama
    10:28 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: so why are you in that group
    10:29 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: I just join things i get
    10:29 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: so are you gonna leave it?
    10:30 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Why i got no beef with you or anyone
    10:30 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: so why are you in a hate group
    10:30 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Just living ,y life as a furry
    10:30 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: my*
    10:30 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: so why stay in a group of hate
    10:30 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: I dont hate
    10:30 PM - smokeyburr/nєwєαrthαrmч: so why stay in that group
    10:31 PM - [=w=] ๖ۣۜÅtlas Rysios: Idk, and not cool kicking me man. Immature
    Taylor Burrtoncini: im sorry im done talking to you
    Taylor Burrtoncini: rawr
    Taylor Burrtoncini: sorry
    Taylor Burrtoncini: what a cunt youa re
    Taylor Burrtoncini: bye
    Taylor Burrtoncini: you're a cunt
    Taylor Burrtoncini: fuck you hun
    Taylor Burrtoncini: bye
    Datskittle: im not even talking
    3:56 PM - ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: nigger
    3:56 PM - Skittles •ⱳᵅᶃ (nosound): wut..
    3:56 PM - Skittles •ⱳᵅᶃ (nosound): >.<
    3:56 PM - Skittles •ⱳᵅᶃ (nosound): whats your problem?
    4:00 PM - Skittles •ⱳᵅᶃ (nosound): im so black bro :P
    4:01 PM - ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: look up the word nigger in an older dictionary liek one from the ninties
    4:01 PM - ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: you will find a defiition that has nothign to do with your skin color you dumb fuck
    4:01 PM - ^6smokeyburr^7|^2neweartharmy: as i said you sir are a nigger
    4:09 PM - Skittles •ⱳᵅᶃ (nosound): why are you so mad?

    Past Drama

    Spring 2010- A group called love and war was a small clan that had only 50 or so members that at the time owned a pub that was always half full. Smokey invited them to his server and gave them admin as long as he could have admin of their server as well. It did not take more then 2 weeks for smokey to rage quit on his agreement. He informed their clan that he was their new clan boss. In smokey's reality because he sheltered some strangers he is now there cracker master. Smokey considered these new members to the Lounge as niggers with no rights. Smokey argued with there clan leaders and they were all banned from his lounge. A few months go by and they are allowed to play, but are not allowed to talk to people in the server unless spoken to.

    Winter 2010-The Lizard Jeff Chronicles. Lizard Jeff not mentioned in the knights table was a gentleman caller that licked Smokey's butt hole. He was and still is one of his special sleepover buddies. In return to physical affection. Lizard Jeff is allowed to say whatever he wants regardless of how racist it is. For Smokey to preach a safe environment for the children to play Lizard is temp banned hear and there to show his kids hes a good man getting rid of bad people. What people don't realize though is that LizardJeff just played along as Smokey's wingman to pick up underage kids. He's the guy that drives the white van as smokey drives by schools snatching kids during lunch.

    Fall 2009-This was the season of changing servers. The server provider kept changing this season, as Smokey debated actually paying for the server with donation money or not. He was able to con people out of a lot of money asking for up towards $700 a month to maintain the server. That is why his forums still say there is no goal for amount needed to maintain the server. Luckily for him someone was willing to provide him the server for free. I know what you maybe thinking, we heard most of this in another section, but what is not said was during this time Smokey came up with the concept to start raffles so other players could benefit from a community pool of money. What he did not mention are winners are determined by how willing they are to skype. You are automatically disqualified from the raffle if you have a job or appear to have parents that could buy you shit. So if you were willing to lie (as most have done) and give up your goodies to a creepy person online go ahead.

    Summer 2009-It was that time a year again as more kids are out of school and pretend to be loyal regulars. So obviously these people were given admin. These obviously responsible 8 to 14 year olds decided to have an admin "rawr not war" (sometimes the furry concept is just too stupid) They opted to have these admin power battles in lieu of attracting others. How long could this have gone on really? The whole summer, because Smokey was stupid enough to think these middle school kids were grow up.

    New Developments

    finding the luls more than worthy, the ED bomb was launched and hit home. smokey, loving his subjects so much, decides to suck his local phone service provider's dick and get everyone's phone number to call them. recollection's and recordings brought a fuckton of luls.

    <video type="youtube" id="_adqfCzZwGM" width="480" height="385" desc=" luls." frame="true" position="center"/>

    upon reading the article, many admins rage-quit, although there are still a few around who are too fucking retarded to realize whats going on.

    Efforts Rewarded

    some 3 weeks after the initial creation of this article, as well as the efforts of the all but exhausted trolls, it finally seems like shits coming together. if you couldn't see it from miles away, smokey's just plain running out of people that like him, especially in the admin department.

    of course, smokey's server remains full, but instead of being filled with the usual furfaggotry, its being filled with the scourge and shit players that the internet usually holds. once again, smokey is too outright ignorant to notice this, and sticks to asking people to do things for him in exchange for nothing. once again, if your too fucking stupid to realize that smokey is a worthless faggot, you need to kill yourself effective immediately.


    perfect example. did i mention smokey is alyssa?

    In light of everyone finding out that smokey's a fat piece of shit with a taste for underage pussy, the new little army of shitheads stupid enough to continue playing with the promise of admin have started really pushing the whole idea of donating to smokey.

    what no one seems to realize is that his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. his server is free. HIS SERVER IS FUCKING FREE, so all of your money will either go to game subscriptions, food, rent, or to help support his dire need for jailbait. although a positive outlook on the aspect of donating to the sick fuck is the possibility of him buying some diet pills for bunny, so she can actually manage to get off her fat ass and go find a nice anime.

    smokey's new donation site, with its whopping 2 supporters. gotta love that community.

    okay then, i want anyone with any intelligence left to watch this post here. if noone pays, the server will die, and no one ever donates, so the server should die, right? WRONG, BECAUSE THE SERVER IS FREE. please understand that smokey is a lying cunt who's too poor to afford cheetos to stuff his fat face with.


    Of aids? perhaps? as the weeks drag on, it noticeable that the his shitstain server is, well, dying. don't believe me? check the numbers.

    since smokey changed his ip from lack of donations, his already dying server is choking on smokey's cum, barley managing to average 16 players in a week. even with butters tempting offer of failure straight from his pockets, it seems the dumbfuck server player base have smartened up and gotten the fuck out.

    along with this, there seems to be an influx of fucktards acting as admins. this can mainly be acquainted to smokey giving out admin privileges to pretty much every bumfuck regular the server has. be sure to check out the lulsy comments screencap'd for your pleasure.

    The Boogs

    Latest shit to hit the fan, more when i start to care.

    Needs a New Computer Again

    I was confused by a recent development when Smokey began telling us that he doesn't have a gaming computer. He is forced to use a laptop? I read this post [2] After talking to this stupid kid, he actually donated $50 for smokey to get a new computer. I found this hard to believe. When Devil and Jersey Faggot admins were on they made the kid that donated cry, when they told him that smokey is running on a custom gaming rig donated to him that year with a Nvidia 9800 and not some shitty laptop. Here is the pics of smokeys fag colored desktop [3] . The stupidest thing about his photobucket ablum is that he deserved to have recieved that computer from the people on the server. Smokey defused the situation by comming in later and saying that their fibbers when the kid left he asked for more money for getting a better graphics card for the gaming system he just told a kid that he didn't have. You don't need a better card than the one thats on it now.

    Noteworthy Players


    Kali Chaz

    This anal licker is just as bad. This servant of Gordon Freeman licks the hairyest and smelliest part of the king. He backs up this faggot by being the royal informant to smokey on all things that might disrupt the "pleasant atmosphere". What kind of fag describes that place as such?


    All the quiet admins are bad. Obviously these are the underage admins. If they are over 18 they can get a mic for $10 at walmart/radio shack. Another act of his pedo army. CONFIRMED under age admin, has tried to revert this information. nice try, fag.


    The coolest kid on the block, this indifferent wolf loves to pretend that he can counter troll anything that comes towards smokey. of course, the fact that he's a 15 year old boy living in his parents basement gives him the liberty to act like the internet badass he is.

    Jersey Shore a.k.a. The Situation

    With a name from the New Jersey fad, This guy talks like he has a dick jammed into the side of his mouth. What qualifies him for this section is his reaction to when girls join. Any chance to talk to a person that sounds like a girl (thats right he talked to a boy that had a girly voice then rage banned him for having a girly voice) he gets puppy love.


    One of Smokey's more valiant faggots, butters finds it in his responsibility to keep the peace. Some fun facts on butters: he loves talking about miscellaneous aspects of a sexual nature, presumably in a sad attempt to convince everyone that he's something more than a basement dwelling virgin. He was also trolled into thinking one of Smokey's 16 year old girls an heroed, when she actually only ragequit. He responded with extreme butthurt and crying to Smokey about his emo faggotry.
    He also finds it necessary to delete any and everything he deems as drama, only leaving his posts around to convince others of his pure intentions.

    This suggests an immature and insecure state of mind, which he could easily solve by ceasing to suck his own cock. His jewish nature also explains why hes so cheap and won't change his crappy mic. The Germans should have wiped Butters ancestors out and turned them into soap so we wouldn't have to deal with his kind.

    Of course butters, being the loyal admin that he is, likes to defy Smokey by simply logging on to his alternate account, and playing with all of the bad people that hurt poor old Mr. Burr, the christians. A jew in wolf's fur pretending there is a god. his Christian Clan

    UPDATE: The rumors as of August 17th have been true. Butter's is no longer admin on the server. No longer will our trolling efforts be denied. Being one of the smarter admins he's managed to keep the luls to a minimum, but was foiled when he was caught with his dick out while pretending to be a girl, Apparently because all he does is troll and not add to the conversation. Following in his footsteps, the rest of smokey's whores are thinking about quitting not to follow Butters, but take it as "If butters was so tolerant of all the crap and he finally gave up then maybe its time for us to go - anonymous British Admin"

    after said events, butters is rarely seen. if you do see him moping around, do say hi for us.

    UPDATE: Well shit, it looks as if the retard managed to shove enough of smokey's cock down his throat that not only has he been accepted back into the group, he got his god powers back. with some investigation, his strategy for coming back is pretty fucking apparent:

    the desperation is apparent if he's willing to part with his money for the fuck wits of smokeys server. Alas, if anyone had a bit of COMMON. FUCKING. SENSE. they would quickly realize that a "raffle" held by smokey, who last time we checked is about as reliable as a fucking turd scraped off the road, isn't going anywhere. be expecting some luls killing action in the future from this lolcow.


    Butters once gorged on too much of the koolaid, however he is no longer part of Smokey's little circus due to his Ban Hammer of October 2010. He lost said admin when he opted to play Supreme Commander 2 and Borderlands instead of playing in Smokey's server to watch over the 12 yr old admins. When Butters saw he had been given the boot, he rage quit from the community and felt lost without a succulent juicy dick to suck. According to Smokey, Butters lost his admin because he was VAC banned and was not donating enough to his FREE server. {JERSEY SHORE} SITUATION thought butters was a dick, but agrees that players that have no mics are most likely little under age boys or girls and are not fun to play with (regardless of the fun Smokey has with the youngins via skype to get admin). Zman, one of Smokey's youngest admins, thinks Butters loss has resulted in constant butt hurt smokey drama in the server. Other admins have rumored that Smokey is saying the server needs more money due to Butters stealing money from the server so that JJ's can run. Last seen in the terrorist server The Fox Hole.


    As of 12/9, Smokey has now asked one of his regulars to change his name to butters. This butters fake is telling people on the server his mic is broken and will no longer talk. Smokey interacts with this version of butters in the server via in game chat only. This version only answers questions via radio commands. Some big differences this butters has no admin, has no personality, has a different avatar and a different profile page. The people that go there are not as retarded as smokey and do not believe this butters that is on to be real. Mostly because they just pm him when hes on another server. Smokey has failed yet again.



    An ex-boyfriend of Smokey's, reno (also known as Giant cock soul ,no seriously) has the innate ability to actually hold intelligent conversations with bears. although rarely found in the server, he is active on Smokey's forums, as well as his furaffinity account. While not in a relationship with him anymore, he continues to draw art for Smokey, which he considers to be of the highest tier of quality.
    It is also worth noting that soon after the creation of the group [FUCKSMOKEY'sSHIT], a troll group with the intention of trolling Smokey for some luls, he made it his duty to gather the rest of Smokey's furfags and report the group to Valve.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    <video type="youtube" id="Ig9PgTfXQSo" width="400" height="300" desc=" Another montage of awesome art. Feel free to report for the lulz." frame="true" position="center"/>

    go right ahead and file a lawlsuit mr. power trip.

    (KING FAGGOT) Gordon Freeman

    A.K.A. Wesley Avret (as in gayvret), A 22 year old furfaggot residing in Borger, Texas. In a nutshell, another smokey with a superiority complex who likes to think that hes important. He enjoys announcing shit noone cares about, crying about getting banned for being a faggot, and tricking himself into thinking hes a talented artist and writer.

    His birthday wasn't important enough, so he decided to announce it

    He also suffers from a MAJOR case of CAN"T SHUT THE FUCK UP. this faggot will go on for a good 30 minutes talking to himself about shit noone cares about. A more annoying feature would be that he will bend and use the rules to make up for how fucking terrible of a player he is, considering that he can't hit the broad side of a barn. If your not standing out in the open theres a good chance you'll be banned for some bumfuck reason.

    Another quick note would be that [[mr. gayvret likes to think hes hot shit by boasting about what a hardcore 4chaner he is in private, of course he keeps this information away from smokey for fear of losing his god modding faggotry.

    This is just Cute. Gordan thinks he'll be mr. rebellious and support the trolls, when in fact the same day he put this out, he threatened to ban someone for not giving him hate logs about smokey. Really cute. Upon seeing this, he immediately claimed that he had "forgotten" about it and it wasn't meant to be posted.


    16 Year Old Girls


    In a nutshell, a drug addicted attention whore with daddy problems. Although she claims she's 22, sucking smokey's E-cock and parading around that she's supposedly a girl on the internet puts her in the range of the 16 year old girl. This sad performer proclaims that her account was hacked and stolen by someone, pretending that Smokey was responsible for her suicide and the FBI required everyone to tell them information in regards to his whereabouts. Her defense was that she was in prison the whole time, yet she was in the faggy server the days she was in jail. but of course, she managed to find the time to update her other druggy friends on facefail.

    Also note able that arc had romantic relations with her, and she planned to send him money for a passport and a bus ticket. after a wait that was put on multiple delays for gradually stupid reasons, she finally "sent" the money. when arc went to pick it up, tho, the teller promptly said that no transaction exists. bewildered, arc got back online and requested the sending receipt, claiming he lost it. Buttonz in turn said that she had in fact lost the receipt herself. After 3 days of more waiting, she finally came out and said that arc picked it up, which he promptly called bullshit on. she stuck to her story for a few days until she finally left arc for one of her drug addicted friends and fucked merrily for a week.

    last tuesday, arc stopped being fucking retarded and realised that to receive the money, arc would need to show his i.d., as well as provide a password and a phone number. putting the giant puzzle for special kids together, he realized that buttonz blatantly lied, and had never sent the money in the first place. seeing arc's new found intelligence, she crawled back and asked for arc to take her back, but was promptly rejected, and proceeded to baw to smokey who embraced her with his huge, hairy arms.

    This loser and wannabe singer has managed to get her admin back, while butters has been away. Apparently convincing Smokey that she was hacked by Butters who forced her in person to misbehave for the past several months. Funny how Butters mastered the shadow clone technique because all the times she was claiming stuff was happening with other people they were in another country. If you want to hear failboat singing from a man-bear-pig you should go in the server. Primary steam account


    Bunny on being a whiny attention whore.

    The universe stuttered a bit when bunny was born, as the addition of yet another whiny 16 year old girl caused god's servers to lag up a bit. She is, in the most literal sense, a whiny, attention-whoring weeaboo. She enjoys the usual weeaboo activities, as well as shlicking furiously to the thought of ichigo, although i doubt any anime character, or any man in general could stand to be in the same room with her. A word of caution, when playing with her, she will ban you for any reason she can get her grimy little paws on.

    She's also a fat cunt that lives off of her parents, surrounded by nothing but computers. The smell of her bloody rectum seems to draw emo kids to love her. This cow has got immunity primarily because she abuses the shit out her admin. One of their regulars CDef-Jodeja told me "This girl needs to take some medication. She keeps kicking people who are properly admining like Co Worker. On top of that she slays people that accidentally tk her regardless of the auto tk next round". In conclusion the ovarian cyst must be the same in her brain too.

    Test_hardware is obviously a cool map right? WRONG! Another blooper as Bunny blamed hackers and players in the server for the server crash. What ever happened to the so called democracy of voting. It apparently doesn't apply as she changes the map if she feels the conversation isn't about her. Of course its all about her. According to some of the people in the server on 9/21/2010 6:45AM PST, Bunny has admitted that she is only pretending to care about smokey because it amuses her that someone would be this stupid to give her full control, says Temex. According to Skittles, the server is less of a lounge and more like pre-school as Bunny's banter reminds us all that you should not do drugs while pregnant.

    Even though smokey is supposed lover on skype recently Bunny on a late night revealed to us that when on cam smokey refuses to show his junk unless she stuck a ruler in her to prove she is a virginal saving her self for him. She refused apparently joking that she would like to show him in person. It has nothing to do with the fact that at the end of august she admitted to only do certain cultures for their massive mules to stretch her out. Seems like the best time to get the real dirt is to talk to a drowzy bunny.

    UPDATE: apparently one of the people on the server has a saved dialogue with bunny that explains her reasons. As soon as PoundCub gets this from the admin that talked to her, he will be posting it. Should be juciy as she talks about how she hates butters for almost foiling her troll and the big one, how retarded smokey sounds on skype. UNFORTUNATELY this MIA admin was warned by the apostles of Smokey not to distribute this to me or lose his admin powers. Though Smokey denies this event from actually happening, Bunny answers "I don't know maybe I did say that stuff, but you love me Smokey right?" GAG!


    Looks like she's trolling for cash like smokey asking for $300 for a notebook fan when the cost in reality is much cheaper (20$ at bestbuy... for a good one). If she really needed money, she could use all the money that smokey is paying her for sucking his cock and keeping things all nice and orderly. oh wait. also, since she feels its time for a nickname change, i suppose i can manage.

    i would like to add that i think he's sexy, even if he is an anime


    — bunny on being an anime

    aside from the horrific grammar, this is a picture perfect example of how incoherent of a 16 year old girl bunny really is. she admits she's underage on a recorded message, and tries to cover up that she's a bisexual emo cunt with daddy problems. surely she was raped by every male in her family and lives in poverty, when in really she is sucking smokey's dick and is too embarrassed to confess that she liked it. but alas, she's totally not a weeaboo or a 16 year old girl. And the bit about sucking smokey's cock isn't bullshit, we can tell you've had a steady diet of bear cum judging from your use of the word broski at the end of your little rant about shit no one cares about.


    Residing in Ohio, Roni is yet another 16 year old girl who found herself whoring it out in smokeys server. She is not a furry, she is an anime kitty. She enjoys soaking up attention from the ronery regulars on the server, as well as talking about shit noone cares about.

    WARNING: from this point on randomness will ensue


    — XD OMG!

    Aside from being FUCKING ANNOYING, she in general comes on for solely the attention as she is a shit player and generaly stupid. The amount of weeaboo that reaks off of her is pretty gut renching all around, so generaly try to avoid this... thing.

    Mother Abby

    Fucking canadians eh?

    Mother Abby A.K.A. Abigail Salentra is a little more special than the other 16 year olds. She's a dragon, and Smokeys current love interest.

    Out of the server, she enjoys believing she's actually a decent artist and is your typical 16 year old teh random girl. In the server however, she enjoys abusing the fuck out of her admin and trying to make people care about her problems which include but are not limited to:

    • no one likes her dragon scribbles
    • she's a furry, but tries to disguise it with "scalie"
    • she has daddy issues
    • she knows no one is going to read the Shit book she's trying to wright
    Trying a little too hard




    Giant Soul COCK

    26 Oct : 11:39 dont fucking think ill let you cunts fuck w/ this forum, just cuz smokey isnt here doesnt mean i dont have the balls to bann your ass' for thinking your better then others, GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU TROLLING LOSERS!!!!!!!

    Once an admin of smokey, He has decided to try and show others the light about the faggot named smokey, Wolfy has gone a created a place for everyone to get away from smokeys shit. Smokey, Being the Hippocratic he is, yells at ANYONE and EVERYONE who joins wolfys server.


    This shadow, once under the hypnosis of the lounge, came to with a realization that he was catching shit for other peoples actions.. Itching to get out, worked with Wolfy to start anew... Also is responsible for exposing Bunny for being the fat horse cunt she really is.


    This proud man just likes to start drama. No rhyme or reason, its just fun. His motto is quiet is not as fun as chaos. He doesn't really have an opinion on racism or gays, words spoken are flipped like burgers. Primary steam account


    This hero of the anti-smokey movement, works in hiding. This guy is cool. He pretends to be someone he's not and then reports back to the LSU of what we should add to this site.


    This troll was recently part of a griefer circlejerk that proclaimed itself god and then died like jesus. He comes in whenever he can and disturbs the peace. Anti-fur sprays and obvious trolling are his specialty.


    like zeek, our 14 year old friend grew a braincell and bailed the fuck out of the cock fest. bringing stories of faggotry and truth, skittles has well earned a tier 1 spot. be on the lookout for some lulsy chat logs from this troll.


    This is a troll, highly dangerous, hates anyone and everyone. Currently MIA from the scene, probably because of a ban that has no meaning behind it. Also, its advised not to piss him off, he will find out everything about you and pass it to the people necessary to make life hell Primary steam account

    (Hivemind) Arc

    A.K.A whistleblower. primary editor for this article, lead troll against smokey. likes funny words, cookies, and child bearing hips. plays in Smokeys server every day, regardless of his consent.

    Primary steam account

    recently gained Valve's achievement, "To troll a troll" by becoming the member of the week for 5 weeks in smokey's own little community.

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